11 Curious Facts about the World`s Most Beautiful Libraries

Since Medieval historical period libraries have been the holy places of knowledge and science. The visitors were not just grass-roots, but the representatives of the top-drawer. They could read and examine a lot of highly intellectual publications.


Despite the fact the libraries were the buildings aimed for personal development and education; they considered as Continue reading

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Math Tutor in Athens, GA

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Will B. He lives in Athens, GA and specializes in math ranging from the common core, to high school calculus, to college courses including linear algebra, graph theory, and vector calculus on manifolds.


Will graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He was a member of the Math Club as well as volunteering at many organizations in the Athens and Atlanta areas. He began tutoring in August of 2010, after scoring in the mid 700’s on the Continue reading

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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want to Be a Successful tutor

Some mistakes are small and insignificant; others can cost us a lot. Simply avoid these common mistakes in order to be a successful tutor.


No one is protected from mistakes. Even famous people are not perfect too. But in some professions: engineering, medicine, teaching — mistakes “cost” a lot. Continue reading

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USMLE tutor Dr. Afshan highly appreciates TutorZ

Dr. Afshan, a graduate from Dow Medical College with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S) endorses TutorZ LLC in the following testimonial:

Dr. Afshan - USMLE tutor.

Continue reading

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Private Essay Writing tutor in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Meet our new Tutor Mrs. Marlene H. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL and specializes in English, essay writing, English language arts, interviewing skills, resume writing, time management.


Having the ability to understand and express the English language both orally and in writing, can definitely make a positive impact on communicating effectively. Continue reading

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4 Surprising Differences Between a Teacher and a Tutor

The profession of the tutor is the closest to the profession of a teacher. Both a teacher and a tutor are training their students, generously giving them their knowledge, skills, and education.


However, these related professions have some important differences. Continue reading

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Economists Say Bitcoin is Genuine Money

To be sure, not all economists would agree that bitcoin is money. But in this article we ignore all those politically motivated economists and focus on facts and invoke reason.


And it is good day to think about whether bitcoins are money because in this first week of 2017 the price for one bitcoin has rissen over $1000 exchange value. So, Happy New Year to all you bitcoin holders! Continue reading

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ACT and SAT Test Dates (2016-2017)

Looking for the ACT and SAT test dates? Look no further!


Check out the table below. It provides comprehensive information about the test dates, registration deadlines, and score release dates. Continue reading

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10 New Year`s Resolutions for College Students

Happy New Year to everyone! If you’re a college student, this article will give you some ideas to help you make your New Year’s resolutions. We hope this year will be more productive, positive, successful and enjoyable for you.


New year brings great hopes for change and growth. It presents the perfect time to set new goals. Check out this list of New Year’s resolutions for students and make your own variations: Continue reading

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! It`s a delightful time for all ages. Time for family reconciliations and reunions, for cherishing your friends and loved ones, time for making new great memories.

christmas tutoring

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with Continue reading

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