How to Stop Being Lazy and Procrastinating?

How to do something today without putting it off for tomorrow? How to stop sharpening pencils and start doing something useful already? How to collect your will into a fist, lift yourself off the couch and go to the gym? We know the answers to all these questions and are ready to give you the top tips.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Do you know the feeling when something needs to be done right now, but you don’t have the strength to complete the task? But the longer the project is put off, the worse it will be done or not done at all. The case hanging over us makes us worry and nervous, but in the interests of our fleeting desires, we procrastinate to feel good here and now. This is the reason for procrastination.

Putting aside some things for the future, we inspire ourselves with the idea that the task will be better done (or we will be more ready to carry it out) sometime later. But it turns out that tomorrow seems to be much more today than we think. Studies show that people are not given an affective prediction at all. This means that even we ourselves cannot predict our tomorrow’s mood. Reflections on the first step towards achieving the goal is a powerful force, you just need to use it correctly.

As soon as we started the assignment, our attitude towards it changes dramatically for the better. The case no longer seems the way we saw it at the beginning – tense, complex, and unpleasant. Try to think about how you last put off something for weeks. When you finally got down to work and finished it earlier than you thought – was it amazing when you dealt very quickly with what you put off so long? 

When work has begun, you change your mind about yourself. Why? Taking on something, not even finishing the job to the end, you take a big step forward, and even, perhaps, you feel a certain impulse inside. You became more confident, learned to control the situation, and due to this, perhaps, there have been steady changes in your approach to tasks, projects, and deadlines.

Pay attention to the steps you can take to get down to business that has been delayed for weeks or seemed too complicated. As you read these lines, try to think about a specific task that you would like to start as soon as possible.

Step One: Change Your Mind About Yourself

It is easier for each person to take the habit of putting off all things for later and continue to follow it. Instead, try changing your mind about yourself. Begin to consider yourself a person who takes up the task and performs it.

Remember a couple of points from the recent past, when you did not put things off for later. Was it healthy to feel helpful and complete the plan with minimal concern? An easy way to stop putting things off is to create the following template in your head: “I am a person who brings things to the end. I take up the task and do not expect that everything in my life will happen by itself. “If necessary, say this phrase out loud (you should probably wait until no one is around).

Step Two: Inspire Yourself that You Are not Facing Such a Difficult Task

Does a huge task await you? It is worth thinking about it and saying: “I am not going to do this task. I am going to complete only a small part of it. ” And let this small part be so tiny and trivial that all this seems ridiculous. Try, for example, to say: “I’m not going to go to the gym, I just put on my tracksuit.” Then put on this costume. Thus, by cunning, you will force yourself to take small steps that will help you achieve your main goal. It turns out that work on the deferred task will begin even before you realize it.

Or here’s another thought. Come up with a big task that you are NOT going to do. Then consider the tiny step you can take right now to get things moving. For example: “I will not write this work. But I will write the final sentence right now. ” Or: “I will not finish my expense report. But now I’ll spend two minutes brainstorming to remember my last big expenses and their causes. ” Make a promise to you to do a larger task later and now complete only a small part of it.

However, if you have been procrastinating for months and need an essay for tomorrow, you are obviously; no longer have enough time to complete it. In such a case, it is better to pay someone to write your essay; type ‘someone do my essay for me’, and find experts to write your paper.

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Summer learning tips

I’m sure your kids are looking forward to no school, relaxing lazy days at the pool and maybe a family vacation to Hawaii.

Problem is, I know if I don’t keep my kids academically engaged over the summer, they’ll go back to school having lost much of what they learned this year.

You need to find some proven ways to build daily habits like studying. And I can help you out with this as I did a small research on this topic. I am sharing this with you because  I understand the pressure you are under, Trust me.

Your kid is rebelling against learning??? But you as an adult realize how important to avoid summer slack is.  All you need to do is to read the following tips and apply them with your kids this summer.

I hope you will use these tips to find the way to create an effective balance between studying and relaxing.

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3 Reasons for Studying MCAT Yourself is Better Than Registering For a Course

Did you ever feel like the top-rated MCAT courses online was a complete hoax? Do you believe your MCAT teachers were not quite good help? If yes, you must know a few things before enrolling in academic institutions for such courses. You need to understand, every summer, millions of medical students from across the globe enroll in different places for the MCAT course. The shocking thing to note about this situation is, such students are worse off as compared to those who decide to study on their own.
So whether you have plans to sit for the MCAT test again or appear in the exam for the first time, we will help you in the best possible way. If you want to self-study and prepare for this test at home, we’re glad to have you here. We believe preparing for the MCAT test at home is the best choice you will make. Here are a few strong reasons for it:

The corridor of uncertainty: 2015

1. Costs Less
Let’s forget everything here and talk about money. Don’t forget, the MCAT test is expensive and costs over $230. When you add the extra charges and hidden expenses, the total figure can reach up to $500. A lot of people say it’s just a little price to become a doctor. However, if you have the same amount of money in your hand, you could have done several things with it. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the Princeton’s and the Kaplan’s courses where the staggering figures fall between $1500 to $2000. Sometimes this price can be as high as $8000, giving second thoughts about being a doctor. Furthermore, as you enter an institution, they will give you costly books and resources. Contrary to this, if you decide to study at home, not only will it cut several costs but will also enable you to spend your savings elsewhere for a better reason.

2. Tailored Curriculum
Just like you wear a dress according to your body, studying MCAT at home, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a big relief from stress. The moment you know, you aren’t being controlled by any management is anyways a privilege at home. For instance, if you are weaker in a few subjects, you can prepare for them beforehand instead of putting them for the last shots. In fact, students can devote 80% of their time to the subjects they’re weak in. However, if you’re preparing through an institution, you will have to adhere to their rules and regulations. Sometimes, the worst results come out of such centers when students are given tailor-made solutions to their problems. Keep in mind, MCAT is not an easy test, so you need to be mindful enough when choosing your preparation path.

3. Best Results
The bottom line is, you will get good results by preparing at home. Create a study plan for yourself instead of giving the responsibility to the other party. This way, you will have complete control over how you’re preparing and the time it takes to be ready. You can choose the resources you believe will be best for you. Furthermore, you can also set a time table for studying different subjects. Secondly, because MCAT entails a lot of hard work and effort, you need to eat well and take frequent breaks. No academic institution will allow you to apply the 20 minutes rule and take a walk in the park. However, when you’re studying your home, the planning is your own.

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Five Ways to Make Sure That University Goes Smoothly

When it comes to the transition between high school and university, students can often find themselves lost and not quite knowing what to do. With so many new possibilities opening up through university and so many courses to take, students who are not prepared can find themselves being overwhelmed. This can then lead to poor grades, which will only make matters even more stressful. If a person is feeling overwhelmed by the transition into university life, it is important to make sure that this person knows the best way to help themselves out. There are many solutions to the common problems people face in university. Some people focus on planning out their days hour by hour, while other people rely on an essay writing service to take the bulk of the work away so that they can focus on other subjects. These are just a few ways that a person can make their university life go a bit more smoothly.

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1. Stay Healthy, Physically and Mentally
It should go without saying that when a person is not at their best health, both mentally and physically, it is going to affect that person’s ability to get university work done at their best potential. This can lead to being distracted during lectures, missing classes, doing poorly on assignments, and so on. Nobody wants this to happen to them during university. The best way to make the most out of university life is to make sure that people are taking care of themselves mentally and physically. Taking breaks every so often, making time for socialization, and simply taking a walk if needed can be enough to improve one’s performance.

2. Focus on Time Management
If a person is not able to manage their time well, then there’s a good chance that there will be a plethora of missed classes, late and overdue assignments, rushed work, and so on. This can severely impact the quality of the work that is being turned in, which is not good for anyone. If one finds that he or she is having trouble sticking to a routine, then it might be time to consider putting some more effort into time management skills. Whether this means loosely managing plans each day to enforce end-day goals, or it means that everything is planned out hour by hour, there’s a good chance that it will help a person get everything done on time.

3. Make Connections with Friends and Professors
Of course, it is important to socialize with other people. Humans, by nature, are pack animals and thrive off of social relationships. By connecting with potential friends, classmates, and professors, one can create a support network to fall back on if things are becoming overwhelming at university. From having a regular study group for a particular class to being able to discreetly ask the professor a question about the assignment at hand, making sure that one has these connections to both classmates and professors alike will make many things just a little bit easier in life. Besides, there is also the added benefit that sometimes, friends made in university can end up being friends for life.

4. Ask for Assistance
While people might feel hesitant sometimes to ask for assistance, sometimes it is the best way to find the solution to a problem. Asking for assistance can be as simple as asking questions in a study group or finding a tutor who can assist people in figuring out a particular subject. Sometimes, though, the assistance that someone might need could go beyond just asking questions or working with a tutor. For some people, especially people whose planned majors have nothing to do with essay writing, the assistance needed might be in the form of an essay writing service. These services will often have a professional write up essays on just about any topic, proofread individual essays, and even explain how certain problems were solved. Relying on one of these services can take the stress of an entire class or two away.

5. Plan Recreational Time
In the end, everyone needs time to relax. Spending all day, every day, focusing on studying, cramming coursework, handling projects, and scribbling out essays is going to wear someone out. There is no doubt that the university is a stressful time for just about everyone. Because of this, it is important to make sure that, at least every so often, it is okay to have some recreational time to relax. Of course, this time needs to be factored in to avoid classes, but for many people, it can help give the reset and rejuvenation of energy needed to come back to university more motivated than ever before.

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3 Reasons You Should Hire A Tutor For Your Child

Every parent wants their child to be as academically-gifted as possible. But even the brightest child can struggle with their education sometimes. Hiring a one-on-one tutor for your child offers a number of benefits, here are three of the most important.

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Make Sure That They Don’t Slip Behind In Their Studies

The most common and perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a tutor for your child is to ensure that they are keeping up with their studies and not falling behind. As the parent of a child who is in education, if you take your eye off the ball for even a moment, then things can quickly fall apart.

Children are not always great at motivating themselves, and this doesn’t always change once they hit puberty. As a result, a gentle push in the right direction from their parents can be invaluable for some students. The right tutor can make a real difference to your child’s academic performance and could be the difference between them passing or failing their admissions test.

Help Them Get Into The Right School

Many parents already know exactly what pathway they would like their children to take through their education journey. If you have already gone to the trouble of picking out the ideal schools for your child and you know that they are capable of getting into them if they apply themselves, then a tutor can help to ensure that your child’s education proceeds as planned.

There are even tutors out there that can assist your child in getting into specific schools or passing specific exams. For example, if you are determined to get your child into a Catholic college, there are tutors out there who specialize in helping kids with Catholic college prep. Similarly, there are tutors out there that specialize in helping kids get into colleges that are focused on sciences and arts.

Make Their Education More Personal

Teaching children is always challenging. Even the most skilled teacher has their work cut out for them if they want their students to achieve their full potential. Teaching is even more complex and difficult when there are a large number of students who need to be taught simultaneously. It doesn’t matter how good the teacher is, as long as their prowess is being spread across an entire class of children, there is only so much that any individual child can benefit from.

By contrast, a tutor only works with individual children in a one-on-one setting. This enables them to focus their efforts on the child in front of them and to ensure that they are receiving the best instruction possible for their learning style. Working one-on-one also enables tutors to modify their teaching materials and approach to suit the students before them. This is something that a regular teacher cannot do in their classroom.

These are just some of the benefits of hiring a tutor to help your child through their education. If you want your child to have the best shot at success possible then a tutor will be an invaluable tool for helping them achieve their potential.

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77 Easy and Short Studying Tips

1. Clean the room/house, make some notes and other stuff while you have time for this, do not spend it using social networks.

2. Use fineliners, markers, and color pens, whatever you prefer.

3. If you use the “The Pomodoro Technique”, change the length of the intervals and breaks from time to time.

4. Use a glider. Let it be small. Take it with you everywhere and use every free minute to repeat some materials.

5. Find out what time of day you think and learn better.

6. If you have some problems with your subjects take some time to catch up on what you do not understand. Fortunately, now there is a huge amount of resources to do this (use Coursera or YouTube videos, for example). You can also use the services of a tutor. Do not consider it shameful.

7. Also, do not be ashamed to use the help of a tutor. Today it is very easy to find a professional tutor online (use online tutoring platforms like, for example).

8. You can use the phone as a glider. But the best choice is to have both: electronic and paper.

9. Do not worry if you failed the test or something like that. Look back, find your error and fix it!10. If during class you want to be distracted, to have something to do, then write these things on a separate piece of paper. After you’re done, you can do all these things. (More to come on when you practice at home)

10. If during the class you have a new idea in your mind but you do not want to be distracted, write these things on a separate piece of paper and do them later.

11. In the breaks between classes eat something healthy, not too sweet or fatty.

12. Try to write down the questions that arise during the lectures.

13. Try to answer questions that arise in the process of reading of a paragraph. Do it without any teacher’s help.

14. Read the information on a particular topic outside the classroom. It may even help you in the classroom. The teacher will know that you are interested in a subject, in the studying. But do not forget about the basic homework that you are asked to do.

15. Don’t sit far away, try to find a comfortable place to sit to hear a teacher and see a blackboard well.

16. Try to fall asleep before midnight.

17. Or count sleep cycles ( for example, use the website or any other app).

18. As soon as you wake up, get up out of your bed and workout a little bit.

19. Work hard from the beginning of the year. After all, almost all of people wait for success “later”, but real success comes to those who work every day, from the very beginning.

20. Take some snacks and drink a lot during or in between classes. Drink preferably water. You can add some fruit, mint or lemon.

21. Make notes on little pieces of paper. Limit the number of sheets for each topic in order to write only the most important and needed information.

22. To avoid stress, learn at home no more than two hours without a break. You can study all day long if you take regular breaks.

23. It is also good to allocate one day off to have some rest.

24. Do not write a schedule for a week or more ahead. Always be ready that your plans may change.

25. Remember that when you feel really tired or sick, it is useless to study.

26. Do as much as possible at school to relax then at home. For example, you can make notes on the topics when you have some free time at school, and then revise them at home.

27. Put priorities in your studying. For example, if in any subject you already have some good knowledge, then you can study it less and focus on another subject.

28. Make flashcards only if you do not understand something or if the information is very important. Again, priorities, do not sit all day, doing only the notes.

29. Use the Internet, but do not overuse it. You can find some good words for your essays, but don’t write off all the writing.

30. Print the most important information if you have it in electronic form.

31. Curriculum to help! Be sure to write down all dates, tests, and inspections. Teachers usually tell them at the beginning of the semester.

32. Experience a little stress or fatigue – it is okay. Just do not turn this into something bigger.

33. Allocate time before the exam so that you have some time to prepare.

34. Do not use a pill that will help you not to fall asleep for a long time or something like that.

35. Do not listen to others saying how much they study. In most cases that is not true.

36. Choosing additional electives, focus exactly on what you like. Don’t you want to spend your time interesting?

37. Take notes of what the teacher says. They do not have to be neat so you will be able to fix and rewrite them.

38. Use a folder to collect some papers in one place.

39. Keep To-do list and schedule together. It can be as an app on the phone or a notebook.

40. If you are sick and skip a lot of classes at school, be sure to ask classmates to record lessons on the most important subjects, for example, on tape. If you cant, ask for a minimum of notes and homework.

41. Remember we talked about a convenient place in the class? Get yourself a few of those. If your is busy, you will be able to find another. The main thing is to understand where it is comfortable and good to sit, and where it is not.

42. Do not study in your bed. Remember that this place is just for sleeping.43. 

43. Do not drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks.

44. Listen to the teacher🙂 Surprisingly, isn’t it?

45. Open a window in the study.

46. Try to help classmates if they do not understand something. In the future they will be able to help you.

47. Use several study techniques. Develop your visual and auditory memory.

48. Seriously… Listen to what the teachers say!

49. Set yourself realistic goals.

50. Read aloud the information that you need to learn.

51. Study in more comfortable clothing, especially if you are at home.

52. Do not abuse your workplace.

53. Do not waste your time trying to make notes as good looking as possible.

54. Know your methods of motivation. At a time when you don’t want to prepare for a very important test, motivate yourself to do it.

55. Try not to skip classes.

56. Always be busy with something so that your day will be more productive. Later you will thank yourself for it. When you will have deadlines, you will be able to do everything in advance.

57. Reward yourself with something for some excellent results.

58. Always think about the consequences.

59. Do not forget to have breakfast.

60.And lunch at school.

61. Do what you want, not what is in trend now.

62. Make a habit out of the process of studying. If you are going to do something every day, even for 20 minutes, you will feel the progress.

63. Diversify it.

64. Do not be afraid to ask teachers for help after the classes if you do not understand something. Ask if they have any pull-up exercises.

65. Look at the types of questions on the test you failed.

66. Always leave some room for something extra in your bag, do not overload it.

67. If it works for you, then study with your friends.

68. Do not spend all your free time on the social networks.

69. You should not panic if you do not know all the answers to the test. It is fine, you are studying!

70. Sleep a lot (but do not sleep more then 9 hours a day).

71. Eat a healthy diet.

72. Eat more nuts, fruit, vegetables.

73. Do not forget about protein and meat.

74. Listen to audiobooks while you are going to or from the school.

75. Overlook the test when it is done. Maybe you made a mistake?

76. Be sure to pay attention to the details.

77. Estimate how much of these tips you already use and try to use others. Enjoy!

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How Would the Free Market Solve the Corona Problem?

It is a fascinating question of how the free market solve the problem of the coronavirus? While I don’t know the exact answer, I strongly believe it would not outlaw flights, travel, events, work and shopping. These are all important and necessary things we need for our survival. 

But I can imagine that business would adopt practices aimed at reducing the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

For example if the airline were free to do so, they would institute inexpensive temperature screening before flights and deny flying to those who might carry a virus or bacteria. Today, they can’t deny passengers from boarding flights when they have a ticket or else they would sue the airlines and most like cause the loss of millions. The problem here is the monopolized legal system, but that’s the topic of future blog post.

In addition, the airlines could maintain lists of people who pose a risk, that such as people with certain conditions. But again, maintaining such “blacklists” is impossible with the current legal system. 

Because the corona-virus constitutes at its core a risk, insurances handle the job of risk/uncertainty in a free market. The price of the infectious-decease insurance premium would skyrocket during such times and would trigger the self-imposed wish to stay healthy. In practice, people would voluntarily implement practices that reduces the chances to contracting the corona-virus. This means we would voluntarily wear masks and gloves, wash our hands much more often, use sterilizers, refrain from mingling among crowds, etc.

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How the Free Market Distributes Scarce Mask and Transportation During Corona

I am currently in Europe and was caught here when corona-panic broke out. Countries like Italy, Spain, Czechia and Ukraine announced to close their borders within 2 days or so. There was a huge outcry when the airlines increased the airfare 5-fold. But being an Austrian amateur economist, I understood the wisdom in this seemingly Draconian measure.

Essentially, the free market responds to the resource shortage problem. As the governments banned flights, the remaining ones become highly sought-after. Whenever demand increases, so do prices. Those people who are in dire need of returning home would pay the airfare. Those who will not, find other means of traveling home such as railway, bus or car. Or simply, they stay where they are. In the end that a good thing because the scares resource — flights — has been optimally distributed.

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Melissa O. Now Works With Great Families

On March 4th, 2020, our elementary and special education tutor Melissa Odom surprised us when writing the following lines:

Just wanted to thank you again, Dirk!
I have gotten several wonderful leads because of TutorZ. I’ve also worked with great families as a result of the site. I will meet Quinyanna and her son on Monday!  Thanks again for your help in making this possible!  


For the past 16 years Melissa has lead leadership teams, facilitated professional development workshops and guided students academically, socially and emotionally. She has a background in elementary/special education and the Orton-Gillingham method.

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8 Hour Essay Writing Service Provided by Specialists Exists

Whenever you are looking for a rushessay writing service, you shall be confident that you are going to place your essay order with a reliable company online. Only then, you can secure yourself from late delivery and issues with the paper quality or plagiarism.

There are so many good and bad writing service providers that finding the best one is complicated indeed. That’s why we recommend checking all the companies very thoroughly to select the best one.

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