How Would the Free Market Solve the Corona Problem?

It is a fascinating question of how the free market solve the problem of the coronavirus? While I don’t know the exact answer, I strongly believe it would not outlaw flights, travel, events, work and shopping. These are all important and necessary things we need for our survival. 

But I can imagine that business would adopt practices aimed at reducing the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

For example if the airline were free to do so, they would institute inexpensive temperature screening before flights and deny flying to those who might carry a virus or bacteria. Today, they can’t deny passengers from boarding flights when they have a ticket or else they would sue the airlines and most like cause the loss of millions. The problem here is the monopolized legal system, but that’s the topic of future blog post.

In addition, the airlines could maintain lists of people who pose a risk, that such as people with certain conditions. But again, maintaining such “blacklists” is impossible with the current legal system. 

Because the corona-virus constitutes at its core a risk, insurances handle the job of risk/uncertainty in a free market. The price of the infectious-decease insurance premium would skyrocket during such times and would trigger the self-imposed wish to stay healthy. In practice, people would voluntarily implement practices that reduces the chances to contracting the corona-virus. This means we would voluntarily wear masks and gloves, wash our hands much more often, use sterilizers, refrain from mingling among crowds, etc.

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How the Free Market Distributes Scarce Mask and Transportation During Corona

I am currently in Europe and was caught here when corona-panic broke out. Countries like Italy, Spain, Czechia and Ukraine announced to close their borders within 2 days or so. There was a huge outcry when the airlines increased the airfare 5-fold. But being an Austrian amateur economist, I understood the wisdom in this seemingly Draconian measure.

Essentially, the free market responds to the resource shortage problem. As the governments banned flights, the remaining ones become highly sought-after. Whenever demand increases, so do prices. Those people who are in dire need of returning home would pay the airfare. Those who will not, find other means of traveling home such as railway, bus or car. Or simply, they stay where they are. In the end that a good thing because the scares resource — flights — has been optimally distributed.

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Melissa O. Now Works With Great Families

On March 4th, 2020, our elementary and special education tutor Melissa Odom surprised us when writing the following lines:

Just wanted to thank you again, Dirk!
I have gotten several wonderful leads because of TutorZ. I’ve also worked with great families as a result of the site. I will meet Quinyanna and her son on Monday!  Thanks again for your help in making this possible!  


For the past 16 years Melissa has lead leadership teams, facilitated professional development workshops and guided students academically, socially and emotionally. She has a background in elementary/special education and the Orton-Gillingham method.

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8 Hour Essay Writing Service Provided by Specialists Exists

Whenever you are looking for a rushessay writing service, you shall be confident that you are going to place your essay order with a reliable company online. Only then, you can secure yourself from late delivery and issues with the paper quality or plagiarism.

There are so many good and bad writing service providers that finding the best one is complicated indeed. That’s why we recommend checking all the companies very thoroughly to select the best one.

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January 28th is Data Privacy Day: Choose Good Passwords and Hardware Wallets, Avoid Sensitive Posts

Today, January 28th is data privacy day. This day should remind us to protect our privacy, control our digital footprint and even to keep our money safe.

How do we do that? For starters, 

Choose Good Passwords

A good password consists of at least three types of characters: lowercase letters [a-z], uppercase letters [A-Z]and number [0-9]. They are also at least 8 characters long. Visit to generate such a password, for example:


Never pick a password from this list:


Social Media

Understand that all of your posts, pictures and comments on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter is stored forever. Practically, advertisers and the government have access to this information, create profiles about you. They then can better target ads or classify you as potential security threat. Be aware of this and constrain your digital footprint to nonsensitive areas.

Keep Money Safe

If you do online backing, good passwords are crucial. Better yet, use two-factor authentication (2FA). Essentially, whenever you log into your backing account, a code is sent to an authenticator app on your phone. You must read this code and enter when logging. 

Should you be fortunate enough to own crypto currencies such as bitcoin, your private keys are of utmost importance. If you lose them, or they are stolen, then no one can help. Therefore, my recommendation is:

Hardware Wallets: Use hardware wallets to keep your private keys safe. A hardware wallet is a flash drive like device, designed specifically for storing your bitcoins. The Nano Ledger or Trezor brands are good choices. 

Remember better safe than sorry.

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The Future is Here: Blockchain & Necessary Academic Credentials

Today, education has already gone a long way compared to what it used to be several decades ago. Still, there are plenty of areas that can be improved with the help of technology. Thus, many universities and schools incorporate different innovations to take their programs to a new level. Some of these innovations are VR, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and blockchain.

Let’s focus on what blockchain is and how it can influence education.

The blockchain has gained popularity over the last several years. Now, it is spreading its influence to other areas, including education. 

The concept of blockchain was used as the basis of the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. This technology represents a continually growing chain of records (blocks), linked by cryptography. Every newly created record contains a cryptographic hash, timestamp, and specific transaction data.

In brief, it is an open, distributed database, which is used to record transactions. The most significant benefit of such a chain is that it is permanent and easily verifiable. The data once added to the chain is resistant to any modifications, which is why it can be called relevant, trusted, and secure.

With this in mind, experts assume that it can find a practical application in the sphere of education, among others. Thanks to its superior security and validity of stored data, the blockchain can be used for storing academic credentials.

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5 Most Complicated Subjects at College Today: The Latest Investigation Results

Have you ever thought about how people determine the level of complexity of the assignment, project, or subject? 

First of all, they rely on their skills. Thus, for some students, Math is way too complicated because they are more talented in Linguistic Studies or Philosophy. For others, Creative Writing or History is much more difficult than Physics or Biology. 

As educational technologies progress, studying even the most complex concepts and notions gets easier. Students can use devices equipped with VR, AR, and AI to adjust the learning environment to their needs. 

Yet, the criteria diversifying complicated and rather simple subjects can be called subjective. Still, the latest investigation results allow making some conclusions regarding what subjects are classified as the most difficult by the majority of students.

Perceptions of subject difficulty affect student subject, major, and specialization choices. Let’s discuss the findings in brief:


All subjects related to Engineering majors are generally considered as the most complicated ones. Graduates having a degree in Engineering are most likely to find well-paid jobs. Moreover, they will be working with cutting-edge technologies. However, to achieve all these aims, students need to work hard throughout their studies.

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Jordan Peterson’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you not yet defined your New Year’s resolutions? How about picking one or two from the Canadian clinical psychologist and self-help guru, social media star and author of the best-seller “12 Rules for Life”.

Here are not the 12 Rules but 5 habits you might consider as your New Year’s resolution. 

Jordan Peterson gives excellent advice to your teenage students:

1) Clean up your room. Your room is a reflection of the order or clutter in your head.

3) Eliminate habits that do no serve you, one by one.

5) Learn to write and carefully argument what you stand for.
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Educational Success in 2020

2019 is on its way out, the new year 2020 is coming. This is the perfect time to thank our students, parents and tutors for their strong efforts in 2019 and wish you success and a many enlightening learning thoughts in 2020.

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Winter Solstice 2019

Today, December 22nd is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in 2019. 

Winter solstice takes place on December 20th, 21st or as this year on December 22nd. Why? Ask one of our astronomy tutors

To my Germanic ancestors winter solstice was reason to celebrate, because the darkest time of the year will soon be over as sun rays bring more warmth to our Earth. This festival was called Yule.

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