Biology, Math Tutor in Kendall Park, NJ

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Harish A. He lives in Kendall Park, NJ and specializes in math, statistics, biology, chemistry, Test Prep: ACT, PSAT, SAT.


Harish is an experienced tutor who enjoys using fun techniques like games and Continue reading

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Top ACT Tricks To Improve Your Score

If you are studying for the ACT or SAT, you already know that there are tons of resources out there (both paid and free) to help you practice section-specific questions that you may see on testing day. I would know. I write a lot of these guides for a living. A question that I often see students asking in comments or on chats is how to improve their score. They don’t understand how they’ve tested lower than expected and are concerned that their composite score will not be high enough to get into the school of their dreams.


As a result to these queries, this article is not set up to be another section-specific studying resource, because hopefully you are already following a structured studying outline either on your own or with professional assistance. Instead, I’m offering an actionable set of proven strategies and tips that will help you improve your score effectively and efficiently in addition to a structured studying plan. Continue reading

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Online USMLE Tutor

Meet our new Online Tutor Rose T. She specializes in Elementary Science, Biology, USMLE.

Rose is a current fourth year medical student from Texas. If you need help or would like to talk through certain subjects involving USMLE Continue reading

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15 Top Female Scientists Who Have Changed the World

Today I want to talk about female scientists (in no particular order) who have changed the world with their research.

science-tutorThese fabulous female scientists made a mark on the world of science and forever changed the way we look at the world. Continue reading

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Handy Math Trick They Don`t Teach You In School

Would you believe me, if I told you math isn’t as hard as you think?
Today I want to show you a small math trick. With it help you will be able to multiply double-digit numbers by 11. You will make use of this trick not only at school but also in your daily life. For instance, it can help you to avoid being overcharged.

Most of us don’t have problems multiplying by 10. And since this day multiplying by 11 will be a piece of cake for you as well. Continue reading

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7 Signs of Highly Effective Tutors

Spotting an effective tutor is not as simple as it may seem. Fortunately, there are seven tell-tale signs of such highly effective tutors:

1. Subject Mastery
2. Teaching Experience
3. Preparation of Each Lesson
4. Use of High-Quality Material
5. Monitors the Effectiveness of Her Own Teachings
6. Constant Professional Development
7. Excellent Soft Qualities

This is a list of teaching qualities only. It disregards other selection criteria such as the hourly tutoring rate, gender-preference, driving distance, age, availability or learning disabilities of the student. While these criteria are certainly important, they are outside the scope of this article. Just one more note on these needs and criteria: They are different for everyone! So, be sure to know who you are, what is your budget and on what criteria you can make compromises.


Continue reading

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Learn Armenian Online with a Great Tutor

Meet our new Tutor Mrs. Luiza. She specializes in Armenian, English as 2nd Language, Romanian, Russian.


Luiza is an experienced language trainer. Continue reading

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NASA to host a major press conference on a discovery beyond our solar system

Wow, guys! Something big is happening!

On February 22th at 1 pm EST, NASA is going to hold a news conference to announce a major finding relating to planets outside the Solar System.


The event will be taking place in Washington DC for media only, but you can watch it live on Continue reading

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11 Curious Facts about the World`s Most Beautiful Libraries

Since Medieval historical period libraries have been the holy places of knowledge and science. The visitors were not just grass-roots, but the representatives of the top-drawer. They could read and examine a lot of highly intellectual publications.


Despite the fact the libraries were the buildings aimed for personal development and education; they considered as Continue reading

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Math Tutor in Athens, GA

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Will B. He lives in Athens, GA and specializes in math ranging from the common core, to high school calculus, to college courses including linear algebra, graph theory, and vector calculus on manifolds.


Will graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He was a member of the Math Club as well as volunteering at many organizations in the Athens and Atlanta areas. He began tutoring in August of 2010, after scoring in the mid 700’s on the Continue reading

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