Five Reasons to Hire an Essay Writing Tutor

Essay academic writing is a challenging process, and there is no shame in looking for help. One of the most popular options in this regard is hiring an essay writing tutor who is capable of taking your essay writing to another level. It is not an easy task to find a suitable tutor, but often the primary question is whether to work with a tutor at all. Here you can see a modest list of reasons to hire an essay writing tutor which may influence your opinion.

Reason #1. You Strive for Excellence

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Writing a Great Tutor Resume

Check out this awesome article from our good friend Grace Carter:

Tutoring can be a very competitive job market. There are a lot of people out there applying for the same position as you, so it’s important that you have a resume that is tailored to the market and that shows off your strengths, education, and skills. Use this guide to help you write a tutor resume that will stand out.

Starting off

Before you do anything else, consider your audience, that is, who will be receiving and reviewing your resume. Are you applying to an academy where many subjects are covered? Continue reading

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TutorZ Is The Best Tutoring Project

Gold Apple tutor Habib Daneshvar says “TutorZ is the best tutoring project he has worked with”.

These are the words from a professional tutor with 33 years of teaching experience at many universities and community colleges in Pennsylvania.

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Apple Awards For The Best Tutors


Port Hueneme, California, May 3rd, 2018 – TutorZ LLC, a leading nation-wide tutoring market place, announced today the Apple Awards for its most distinguished tutors. Only those tutors who distinguished themselves through professionalism, creditable knowledge and a motivating teaching style are recognized with an Apple Award.

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Toscars ~ Awards For The Best Tutors

It is Oscar night at TutorZ – around here we prefer to say – Toscar night. Come again?

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5 The Worst Advice About Writing Article Critique

Check out this awesome article from our good friend Laura Buckler:

The review has a head, neck, body, and tail. The head is the title of the text. It should be bright, noticeable, and at the same time be related to the subject of the book. The neck is the lead, two or three dense introductory lines that set the tone and describe the topic of conversation. Body is the actual text of the review. The tail is the conclusions of the reviewer, his resume. Without a tail, the report has a lively and bulky look, do not hurt the poor!

Article critique is a review, analysis, and evaluation of the artistic (literary, theatrical, musical, cinematographic, etc.), scientific or popular science; a genre of literary criticism and journalism. More stringent requirements also apply to the form of a review. Unlike a report or essay, it is always written according to a particular plan. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Writing an Essay You Cannot Afford to Miss

If you don’t have a lot of experience in essay writing, it can be hugely intimidating. A thousand words! Do you know how many letters that is? How am I ever supposed to put that many of them together into any kind of a cohesive story without spending a huge chunk on my life on it or running the risk of slitting my wrists?

You’ll be happy to know it’s entirely possible. Students around the world do so regularly and without any risk of suicide. To do so, they will often use a number of tricks that make the whole process a great deal easier. Let’s look at some of the best ones here. Continue reading

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6 Key Study Tips for the MCAT

Studying for the MCAT is no easy feat and requires months of studying, at the minimum. Read accounts of any perfect scorer on the MCAT and you’ll discover that creating a solid study plan and dedicating a solid chunk of your day towards MCAT prep on a consistent basis is the key to yielding a high score. You may see articles online that can get you prepared for the MCAT in under a month, but be cautious about such bold claims. To do well on the MCAT, you must cover all the MCAT material before taking the test, and there is enough material on this marathon of a test to keep you busy studying for well over a three to four-week period.

I write about the MCAT as well as create study guides for standardized tests and I want to share with you some of the top study tips that I have come across for the MCAT. Read on if you want to know how to do well on the MCAT by utilizing the most proven and effective study methods available. Continue reading

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California University Student Rescued by TutorZ

Student of the University of California at San Diego, Matthew Abbott, thanked TutorZ by exclaiming:

“You guys are really pulling me out of the frying pan!”

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12 Tips and Tools for Students Who Want to Enhance Their Education

As an educator, I consistently hear and engage in conversations with students who want to progress their level of education beyond what they’re already performing at.

It’s safe to say that countless schools across the US, and the rest of the world, are full of bright pupils who are ready to shine brighter. Continue reading

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