The Easter Bunny Appreciates You, dear Teachers!

This is just a small note of appreciation to our 40,000 tutors, this Easter 2019

Thank you very much for being such a good tutor to our students. We at TutorZ know, that perfect tutors are hard to find, but for us, you are the best teacher in the world. Thank you for your wisdom and care you are giving to our students each day. I truly appreciate your hard work.

An even the Easter Bunny chimes in!

Dirk Wagner
Founder of TutorZ LLC

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Earning A Masters Degree In Education Can Help You Get Ahead In Your Career

Becoming an educator is a noble career choice that requires a passion for helping students achieve their potential and nurture their dream for a better future. There are a lot of great educators and teachers out there, and the working environment has become competitive so that these great educators and teachers can get the recognition they truly deserve.

However, to get ahead and improve your chances of getting that recognition and hopefully, a promotion, too, you need to have more than just passion. You need to further your studies and enroll in a graduate program to get a Masters Degree in Education.   Continue reading

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Dr. Ivana Kawikova Calls Job Discovery Feature Magical

Gold Apple tutor Dr. Ivana Kawikova of New Haven, Connecticut calls TutorZ’ new Job Discovery feature magical!

Dr. Ivana Kawikova wrote in response to TutorZ’ new Job Discovery feature the following email:  Continue reading

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Job Discovery Feature

New tutors enjoy the privilege to purchase any tutoring job from our job board. They can do so for their initial seven days of TutorZ membership. Thereafter, any tutor may purchase tutoring jobs through our Job Discovery feature.

Job Discovery

After signing up with TutorZ, any of our new tutoring providers can use the discovering of jobs feature. These discovered tutoring jobs were originally posted by parents and/or students to different tutors. However, these jobs match your tutoring background, location and/or lesson delivery method, thus are available for purchase. Here is how tutors can access the job discover feature.

1) Log into your TutorZ account.

2) Click on the Discover Jobs menu link

3) Chose from the filter options: In-Person or Online

Continue reading

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Press Release: TutorZ Announced Relocation To The Republic of Liberland


Port Hueneme, California, March 15, 2019-TutorZ LLC, a leading nation-wide tutoring market place, announced today the relocation of its main office to the country of Liberland.

Event though Internet businesses can virtually operate world-wide, they must be physically located in a country. The liberty-centric country of Liberland promises to be an excellent choice for online businesses to operate due to its voluntary taxation system for both business and its employees, its property minded constitution and its attractiveness to high-qualified freelancers.  Continue reading

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Pizza day and Pizza Formula V=Pi(z*z)a

February 9th is national pizza day. Me, the math nerd Dirk, is waiting for this day all year because I finally can explain the famous Pizza-Formula, or more precisely:

V = Pi (z*z)a

This formula computes the volume of a pizza. Mathematically, a pizza is a cylinder for which we can compute its volume. All we need to know the pizza’s thickness — a, and the radius — z. When we multiply the constant pi = 3.141592… with the square of the radius, that is pi*z*z we arrive at the surface area of the pizza.

A = Pi (z*z)

Now, we are only one simple multiplication away from the entire volume of the pizza. For this last multiplication we need the thickness a and arrive out our famous pizza-volume formula:

V = Pi (z*z) a

This picture visualizes the formula, thickness a and radius z.

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Federal Education Spending Fails To Prevent Dropping Skill Levels and Wage Gap

While the Federal Department of Education spends huge amounts of dollars in the national education in failed to prevent a drop in skill levels and a widening of the wage gap. In 2014, the Federal Education spending totaled a whopping $140 billion, which is a 12% of the entire federal budget or 6% of our national income (GDP). Given this substantial investment, the question is how much progress has been made in education?

Continue reading

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How to Have Fun with your Kids without Spending Money

Today, I’m here to tell you that you can have fun time without spending money.

Have you ever been in situation with your kids during break time when your kids were telling you that everybody else was going away for the holiday. This can be a real problem over the summer break. Especially if you don’t have enough money to travel.  Continue reading

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Can’t Find The Right In-Person Tutor?

Being not able to find the right in-person tutor is a common problem, especially for those living in rural areas.  In smaller towns there are only a few tutors available. And even if you’re lucky enough to live in a great metropolis, you might be out of luck if you need professional tutoring help in a highly specialized field, such as differential equations, business cycle theory, NBME or crypto currencies.

Behold, solutions present itself. In short, we can characterize these solutions as technological innovations which we will discuss in this article:

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Do You Need a Tutor for Your Teenager?

Do you want bright future of your child? Here we are going to discuss an amazing opportunity for your children to have it. When students are confused in their studies and family schedules are too saturated, then a need for a Tutor is arisen.

If you believe that your child can score extra marks while studying at home with your guidance, then hiring an expert Tutor is best option for you to adopt. Here we will discuss the benefits of tutoring process in detail. Why has this practice become so popular nowadays?

Let’s start from understanding your needs. Continue reading

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