5 Most Complicated Subjects at College Today: The Latest Investigation Results

Have you ever thought about how people determine the level of complexity of the assignment, project, or subject? 

First of all, they rely on their skills. Thus, for some students, Math is way too complicated because they are more talented in Linguistic Studies or Philosophy. For others, Creative Writing or History is much more difficult than Physics or Biology. 

As educational technologies progress, studying even the most complex concepts and notions gets easier. Students can use devices equipped with VR, AR, and AI to adjust the learning environment to their needs. 

Yet, the criteria diversifying complicated and rather simple subjects can be called subjective. Still, the latest investigation results allow making some conclusions regarding what subjects are classified as the most difficult by the majority of students.

Perceptions of subject difficulty affect student subject, major, and specialization choices. Let’s discuss the findings in brief:


All subjects related to Engineering majors are generally considered as the most complicated ones. Graduates having a degree in Engineering are most likely to find well-paid jobs. Moreover, they will be working with cutting-edge technologies. However, to achieve all these aims, students need to work hard throughout their studies.

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Jordan Peterson’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you not yet defined your New Year’s resolutions? How about picking one or two from the Canadian clinical psychologist and self-help guru, social media star and author of the best-seller “12 Rules for Life”.

Here are not the 12 Rules but 5 habits you might consider as your New Year’s resolution. 

Jordan Peterson gives excellent advice to your teenage students:

1) Clean up your room. Your room is a reflection of the order or clutter in your head.

3) Eliminate habits that do no serve you, one by one.

5) Learn to write and carefully argument what you stand for.
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Educational Success in 2020

2019 is on its way out, the new year 2020 is coming. This is the perfect time to thank our students, parents and tutors for their strong efforts in 2019 and wish you success and a many enlightening learning thoughts in 2020.

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Winter Solstice 2019

Today, December 22nd is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in 2019. 

Winter solstice takes place on December 20th, 21st or as this year on December 22nd. Why? Ask one of our astronomy tutors

To my Germanic ancestors winter solstice was reason to celebrate, because the darkest time of the year will soon be over as sun rays bring more warmth to our Earth. This festival was called Yule.

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Life, Liberty and Property Day

Today, December 10th is Human Rights day. While the concept of human rights are beacon in human thought, amendments to this concept are necessary. How so?

Any human right that is an expense of another constitute an aggression. For example, article 25 of the human rights declaration grants “Adequate Living Standard”. In other words, if my living standards are “inadequate” – it is impossible to precisely define “adequate living standards — you will have to be taxed. This will lower your living standard and raises mine — given that during the wealth distribution there is no leakage of funds. Do you think this is fair? Of course not, me forcing you — usually by means of a powerful state — to pay for my rent, my food and my Internet is an aggregation against your life, liberty and property.

Thomas Jefferson writing his famous sentence “pursuit of life, liberty and property.”
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Saint Nicholas Day – Demre and Patara

Today, December 6th is a special day for me — Saint Nicholas Day! But this is a child’s holiday you may scream! Right you’re.

Christian children would polish their boots the night before St. Nicholas Day and put them outside their rooms. Next morning, St Nicholas came leaving them filled with cookies, candies and toys.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2019

The TutorZ Team wishes you a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, for this seasons in 2019.

If you are a tutor then you are an inspiration to your student. If you’re a student then bless you for your ongoing hard learning work. If you’re a parent then thank you all the caring for your child and choosing the best teachers and tutors for your student.

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Assignment Help for Students Is Available Any Time

Are you a student? If yes, you might be already tired of people who insist that you have an enjoyable life. Well, nobody is telling that you are suffering, but handling all those homework amounts is not easy. Especially when it comes to writing tasks, you might struggle with managing all of them on time.

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November 8 is National STEM Day

Today, November 8 is National STEM day. November 8th is an important day in our education sector as this day showcases the importance of our work educating future generations of scientist, developers, engineers and researchers.

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Oct. 5th is World Teacher’s Day

Today, October 5th, 2019 is World Teacher’s day. For us educators, it is a special holiday. 

Every morning us teacher run to work, only to worn out by the demands of our profession. But when you see shining eyes and hear sincere words of gratitude, realize the heart that you live and work needlessly. 

So, happy holiday, dear colleagues!  I wish all and every love their work, inspire and inspire, and the main thing is never to regret that the year, five, ten, thirty years ago you chose exactly this profession – Be healthy and Be sure to truly happy! 

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