SAT/ACT Math tutor in Pittsburgh, PA

Meet our new SAT/ACT Math Tutor Erika. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA and specializes in biology, chemistry, math, science, test prep: ACT English, ACT math, ACT reading, ACT science, PSAT, SAT math.


Erica is currently a fourth-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh. For her undergraduate studies, Erica studied molecular biology at Princeton University and Continue reading

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Learning in the 21st Century: Are we heading towards the right direction?

Since the Internet was created and developed over the decades, the education has never been the same.

Students have changed, educators have changed, learning itself has changed. Today, there are so many ways to study anything you want! And you don’t even have to leave home anymore to learn something new. Let’s imagine you want to play Continue reading

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Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering Appreciates TutorZ` Outstanding Customer Support

Dr. Saeed Rajput holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. He has 20 years of teaching experience.


Dr. Saeed Rajput provides TutorZ with the following testimonial:Avatar of Dr. Saeed Rajput
Continue reading

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Not All Tutors Are the Same

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a guest post by Professor Abe Korn.

Professor Abe is an expert at tutoring and teaching. He has been a professor at various universities for the past 30 years.


Enjoy reading the article and let me know your thoughts in the comments section:
Continue reading

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Online USMLE/Anatomy Tutor

Meet our new Online Tutor Ayesha F. She specializes in Anatomy, Physiology, Test Prep: USMLE.


Do you need help in preparing for USMLE? Ayesha can help you. Where to focus? How to solve MCQS? She has helped dozens of students to Continue reading

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Math Tutor in New York, NY

Meet our new Tutor Dr. Thibault V. He lives in New York, NY and specializes in Algebra, Applied Math, C++, Physics, Statistics, Vector Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Probability, ACT Math, SAT Math, Linear Algebra.


Thibault has been tutoring middle school, high school and college students for the past 12 years in physics, mathematics, statistics and computer programming. Continue reading

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ACT Vocabulary – What Do You Really Need To Know?

If, for you, being tested on vocabulary means answering the exact definition of a word, then you may not necessarily be familiar with how the ACT chooses to test vocabulary. The ACT knows it’s fairly straightforward to memorize words and their meanings, so they decide to take it a step further by testing whether or not you understand how the word is being used and in what specific context.


I am a professional in the ACT preparation field and a question we tend to hear from students beginning their test prep journey is how, exactly, the ACT tests vocabulary and what students can do in terms of preparation to succeed in this area. I am going to explain how the ACT tests your understanding of words based on context and how you can prepare yourself to do well! Continue reading

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Biology, Math Tutor in Kendall Park, NJ

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Harish A. He lives in Kendall Park, NJ and specializes in math, statistics, biology, chemistry, Test Prep: ACT, PSAT, SAT.


Harish is an experienced tutor who enjoys using fun techniques like games and Continue reading

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Top ACT Tricks To Improve Your Score

If you are studying for the ACT or SAT, you already know that there are tons of resources out there (both paid and free) to help you practice section-specific questions that you may see on testing day. I would know. I write a lot of these guides for a living. A question that I often see students asking in comments or on chats is how to improve their score. They don’t understand how they’ve tested lower than expected and are concerned that their composite score will not be high enough to get into the school of their dreams.


As a result to these queries, this article is not set up to be another section-specific studying resource, because hopefully you are already following a structured studying outline either on your own or with professional assistance. Instead, I’m offering an actionable set of proven strategies and tips that will help you improve your score effectively and efficiently in addition to a structured studying plan. Continue reading

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Online USMLE Tutor

Meet our new Online Tutor Rose T. She specializes in Elementary Science, Biology, USMLE.

Rose is a current fourth year medical student from Texas. If you need help or would like to talk through certain subjects involving USMLE Continue reading

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