TutorZ is Just Awesome in Coordinating Things

USMLE student Sujana Vinjamuri was looking for a great tutor to help her pass the 2nd step.  In an email message to the TutorZ customer service team Sujana writes:

“TutorZ is just awesome in coordinating things”.

and is

“grateful for being the helped finding awesome Dr. Ivana.”

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Is Online Teaching for You?

Regardless of whether you specialize in the GRE or TEFL, teaching online has quickly become the new frontier for teachers looking to make more money or increase their flexibility.

Plus, with companies like online teaching behemoth VIPKID raising nearly $3 billion in funds, it’s pretty obvious that online education has gone mainstream.

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New university courses which will change the scientific world

Change happens constantly in the world we live in today. Every moment, a new update or modification is introduced into a specific industry, field or sector. These updates usually promise to boost the derivation of solutions to certain problems in that sector. As science evolves further each day, the need arises for educational institutions to review certain disciplines and courses being offered at the moment.

Education is a progressive process, which means that it can change per time. This change is dependent on a number of factors such as the advancement of the world and the appearance of earlier unknown information about a specific theme being taught. Continue reading

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5 Effective Time Management Tips for Tutors

Effective time management is a crucial skill every tutor must have. From grading exams, arranging classes, making lesson plans, and providing one-on-one mentoring to students, tutors usually have much work on their hands. But these activities are not as cumbersome as many think. The only reason they are is poor time management.

To be productive as a teacher, learn these five useful time management tips. You might even earn more money and take up more rewarding tasks that you can handle. Continue reading

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TutorZ Purchased Tutorz.Online For Its Domain Name Portfolio

You’re familiar with our tutorz.com domain name. But did you know that you can use TutorZ from a whole range of other domain names, including tutorz.co, tutorz.org and tutorz.us? In fact, TutorZ LLC owns a whole portfolio of 13 domain names which all redirect to our primary site – https://www.tutorz.com

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Five Reasons to Hire an Essay Writing Tutor

Essay academic writing is a challenging process, and there is no shame in looking for help. One of the most popular options in this regard is hiring an essay writing tutor who is capable of taking your essay writing to another level. It is not an easy task to find a suitable tutor, but often the primary question is whether to work with a tutor at all. Here you can see a modest list of reasons to hire an essay writing tutor which may influence your opinion.

Reason #1. You Strive for Excellence

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Writing a Great Tutor Resume

Check out this awesome article from our good friend Grace Carter:

Tutoring can be a very competitive job market. There are a lot of people out there applying for the same position as you, so it’s important that you have a resume that is tailored to the market and that shows off your strengths, education, and skills. Use this guide to help you write a tutor resume that will stand out.

Starting off

Before you do anything else, consider your audience, that is, who will be receiving and reviewing your resume. Are you applying to an academy where many subjects are covered? Continue reading

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TutorZ Is The Best Tutoring Project

Gold Apple tutor Habib Daneshvar says “TutorZ is the best tutoring project he has worked with”.

These are the words from a professional tutor with 33 years of teaching experience at many universities and community colleges in Pennsylvania.

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Apple Awards For The Best Tutors


Port Hueneme, California, May 3rd, 2018 – TutorZ LLC, a leading nation-wide tutoring market place, announced today the Apple Awards for its most distinguished tutors. Only those tutors who distinguished themselves through professionalism, creditable knowledge and a motivating teaching style are recognized with an Apple Award.

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Toscars ~ Awards For The Best Tutors

It is Oscar night at TutorZ – around here we prefer to say – Toscar night. Come again?

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