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Not All Tutors Are the Same

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a guest post by Professor Abe Korn. Professor Abe is an expert at tutoring and teaching. He has been a professor at various universities for the past 30 years. Enjoy reading the article … Continue reading

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15 Top Female Scientists Who Have Changed the World

Today I want to talk about female scientists (in no particular order) who have changed the world with their research. These fabulous female scientists made a mark on the world of science and forever changed the way we look at … Continue reading

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7 Signs of Highly Effective Tutors

Spotting an effective tutor is not as simple as it may seem. Fortunately, there are seven tell-tale signs of such highly effective tutors: 1. Subject Mastery 2. Teaching Experience 3. Preparation of Each Lesson 4. Use of High-Quality Material 5. … Continue reading

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11 Curious Facts about the World`s Most Beautiful Libraries

Since Medieval historical period libraries have been the holy places of knowledge and science. The visitors were not just grass-roots, but the representatives of the top-drawer. They could read and examine a lot of highly intellectual publications. Despite the fact … Continue reading

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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want to Be a Successful tutor

Some mistakes are small and insignificant; others can cost us a lot. Simply avoid these common mistakes in order to be a successful tutor. No one is protected from mistakes. Even famous people are not perfect too. But in some … Continue reading

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4 Surprising Differences Between a Teacher and a Tutor

The profession of the tutor is the closest to the profession of a teacher. Both a teacher and a tutor are training their students, generously giving them their knowledge, skills, and education. However, these related professions have some important differences.

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Economists Say Bitcoin is Genuine Money

To be sure, not all economists would agree that bitcoin is money. But in this article we ignore all those politically motivated economists and focus on facts and invoke reason. And it is good day to think about whether bitcoins … Continue reading

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5 Most Effective Techniques for Learning Without Memorizing

Learning is a perplexed and consequential process. If you are involved in many various activities, your brain generates peculiar details of given information. We therefore can state that your capacity is sophisticated with accumulation of knowledge. When you are trying … Continue reading

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Is It Good to Be a Tutor?

Dear tutors, do you like your work? Students, how do you think, is it easy, interesting, good to be a tutor? Let`s talk about it! Usually people think that tutoring is just a way to earn money, a source of … Continue reading

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What Defines a Modern Library?

If it was allowed to drink tea and wrap myself in a blanket in the library I would definitely live there! Do you like to visit libraries and get new ideas? I hope so, I definitely do! But do we … Continue reading

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