How to Optimize Your Website for Google & People

How to Optimize Your Website for Google & People

Whether you want more sales or need to attract a larger audience to your website, you need to optimize it properly. Think of how you can create the ideal site that caters to Google specifications and people who want to see what you have to offer. Here are some ways to help you optimize your site for Google and people. 

Make Relevant Content

If your site is about solving math problems, you want to have a new skill for students to adopt that will help them tackle their issues on the subject. When you have content that goes with your site theme, it can help you rank higher on Google. One, you will have more authority to Google search index. Two, more spiders will crawl your site and see how deep your knowledge goes when it comes to the topic. 

Also, more people will search your site because you offer more content that can help them with their issues. Think about how you can create content that stands out and gets search engine views. However, you still have a human factor that appreciates your site as well. If you want to be more informative, have links to reputable blogs or sites to give you more weight to your posts. 

Having a Mobile-Ready Site 

Also, you have to think about your mobile audience. Many people don’t have time to stay at home and search for things on their laptops or desktops. It’s more convenient for them to use a tablet or mobile phone to do some preliminary searching. Google also recognizes this and will give your website more dominion because you have a site that functions well for mobile users. 

Simplify things so that people get to the heart of the content they want to find from information, videos, and products you intend to sell. Decrease the bounce rate so people stay on your site.

Create a Call to Action

When you have a site with a call to action, it helps keeps their attention. If they ask “how do I make corned beef and cabbage,” and your site comes up in the search results, maybe you have a full-blown recipe with pictures. Also, the video content will help them with the step-by-step process. You can have a pop-up subscription button as they scroll deeper for similar recipes. 

Maybe you can send a link to your new e-book once they subscribe. Captivate your audience by providing a reason to stay longer for a subscription or a sale. 

Improve Your Site Speed

Of course, you want incredible visuals to go with the written content. However, you don’t want to compromise site speed for dynamics. A slow-loading site is a recipe for prospective visitors to leave the page and go to a competitor. 

You want it to be easy to scroll your site so that users like they get more from your web brand. Create better success in keeping your audience wanting more when images and videos load quickly. 

Share Your Posts on Social Media 

People look at your social media posts more than going to your website. They enjoy the engagement they get from you and other people on social networks.

Other people who like your writing can share your Tweet or IG post, which gets more eyes on your content. You can also share pieces of your website in a story, retweet, and other avenues to make your site more visible to different audiences. This off-page optimization can create a larger demographic. 

Catering to Google and people can help you create a well-optimized site to reach your target audience.  

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