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Easing The Stress of Taking An Insurance License Exam

Taking an insurance license exam can be stressful and placing the expectancy on yourself to pass it can add even more stress. 

Anxiety and worry may hinder the excitement of possibly passing and stepping on the path of a rewarding career, however you can conquer those negative feelings by following a few steps prior to taking the exam.


The first step to easing the stress of taking the insurance exam is knowing. Knowing what you need to study for, how many questions will be on the exam, what to expect, and which direction you want to take can give you the assurance you need to pass your exam.

Knowing which direction you want to take in the insurance field is important too. There are different types of insurance to choose from. You’ll need to choose the insurance you want to sell before taking the exam. This will also help give you a sense of direction.

Choosing What Insurance To Sell

The different insurance that you can choose to sell are: life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

Life Insurance – Life insurance policies provide for the lives of the loved ones of the person who holds the policy. Policies. The loved ones of the person who holds the policy will be provided for financially if they pass away.

Health Insurance – This insurance protects policyholders in case of a medical emergency. Health insurance policies cover hospital visits and other claims related to serious injuries, illness, and accidents. 

Auto Insurance – This insurance provides policies to protect policyholder’s vehicles and the driver themselves. 

Homeowner’s Insurance – Homeowner’s insurance covers the policyholder’s homes, property, personal belongings, and other valuable assets all under one policy in the case of a fire, natural disaster, vandalism, theft, and more.

Other insurance you can sell are long-term care insurance, disability insurance, renters insurance, and umbrella insurance.


Studying for your insurance license exam is crucial. There are resources available to help teach you the material. All you need to do is utilize those resources.


Preparing for the actual exam is essential. Each state has different criteria for the license exam and preparation.

To learn more about the insurance exam and how to prepare for it in your state, simply search your state. For example, if you live in Salt Lake, simply search “Utah insurance license exams prep” and use government or state appointed sites as your references.

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