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Dirk Wagner is owner of Tutorz LLC. He holds a M.S. degree in computer science and has 8 years of experience as software engineer and researcher. Dirk has tutored math and computer science to dozens of students in Southern California. You can find him on Google+, youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr, quora and pinterest.

How Would the Free Market Solve the Corona Problem?

It is a fascinating question of how the free market solve the problem of the coronavirus? While I don’t know the exact answer, I strongly believe it would not outlaw flights, travel, events, work and shopping. These are all important … Continue reading

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How the Free Market Distributes Scarce Mask and Transportation During Corona

I am currently in Europe and was caught here when corona-panic broke out. Countries like Italy, Spain, Czechia and Ukraine announced to close their borders within 2 days or so. There was a huge outcry when the airlines increased the airfare … Continue reading

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Melissa O. Now Works With Great Families

On March 4th, 2020, our elementary and special education tutor Melissa Odom surprised us when writing the following lines: Just wanted to thank you again, Dirk!I have gotten several wonderful leads because of TutorZ. I’ve also worked with great families as … Continue reading

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January 28th is Data Privacy Day: Choose Good Passwords and Hardware Wallets, Avoid Sensitive Posts

Today, January 28th is data privacy day. This day should remind us to protect our privacy, control our digital footprint and even to keep our money safe. How do we do that? For starters,  Choose Good Passwords A good password consists of … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you not yet defined your New Year’s resolutions? How about picking one or two from the Canadian clinical psychologist and self-help guru, social media star and author of the best-seller “12 Rules for Life”. Here are not the 12 Rules but 5 habits … Continue reading

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Educational Success in 2020

2019 is on its way out, the new year 2020 is coming. This is the perfect time to thank our students, parents and tutors for their strong efforts in 2019 and wish you success and a many enlightening learning thoughts … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice 2019

Today, December 22nd is winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in 2019.  Winter solstice takes place on December 20th, 21st or as this year on December 22nd. Why? Ask one of our astronomy tutors.  To my Germanic ancestors … Continue reading

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Life, Liberty and Property Day

Today, December 10th is Human Rights day. While the concept of human rights are beacon in human thought, amendments to this concept are necessary. How so? Any human right that is an expense of another constitute an aggression. For example, … Continue reading

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Saint Nicholas Day – Demre and Patara

Today, December 6th is a special day for me — Saint Nicholas Day! But this is a child’s holiday you may scream! Right you’re. Christian children would polish their boots the night before St. Nicholas Day and put them outside … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2019

The TutorZ Team wishes you a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, for this seasons in 2019. If you are a tutor then you are an inspiration to your student. If you’re a student then bless you for your ongoing hard … Continue reading

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