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Dyslexia online or in-person

Looking for a tutor for my son who’s dyslexic to continue using the the Orton-Gillingham method that he’s been successful with.

Sent by Daisy on Jan 31

Biology in Schenectady, NY

I own club z tutoring and am always hiring qualified tutors in all areas. I am currently looking for a biology tutor for a 10th grade student.

Sent by Marisa on Jan 31

home schooling online or in-person

I have two daughters that are in home schooling and they need help please!!! One is in 6th and the other is in 7th you can call me at (phone number available upon...

Sent by Mildred on Jan 31

geometry in Cocoa Beach, FL

Hello I am contacting you about my 15-year-old daughter that needs to be tutored in geometry. Please give me a call or text (phone number available upon purchase)...

Sent by Brian on Jan 31

Middle School Math online

Hello, I have a 6th grader who needs a math tutor including some help with her math homework for 1 or 2 times a week on an hourly bases.

Sent by David on Jan 31

Geometry in Basking Ridge, NJ

Hi, I’m M. N. looking for some help in Geometry (Honors) for my son.

Sent by Mohit on Jan 30

Accounting in Chandler, AZ

I would be interested in person sessions. What is your availability? I live in the Chandler area. Thanks, N.

Sent by Natalia on Jan 30

TSI online

Hi Grace! My name is J. W.. I am currently looking for a TSI tutor. Feel free to contact me from my email or my cell phone. (phone number available upon...

Sent by Josie on Jan 30

Spanish in Tualatin, OR

Good Morning, I'm looking for a spanish reading tutor for my 5th grader. He is in a spanish immersion program and is having trouble reading in spanish.

Sent by Molly on Jan 30

Adobe Photoshop in Atlanta, GA

Hello I'm looking for help to completing college assignments in person lessons are being requested at your earliest availability.

Sent by LaTasha on Jan 30

Math in Mcminnville, OR

Hi, looking for some weekly or biweekly work with my 3rd grader in math. We are located in Carlton

Sent by Alex on Jan 29

Math online

Dear Michael D. Adams, I am interested in receiving Saint Petersburg Fl Math tutoring from you. Thank you I. B.

Sent by Isaac on Jan 29

Algebra online

My son needs tutoring today. He has an important test tomorrow. Please contact me at (phone number available upon purchase).

Sent by Judith on Jan 29

Physics in Plano, TX

Hi Neha Looking for Physics teacher for my daughter who is in grade 12th. Please email or call me at (phone number available upon purchase) and we wanted to start asap.

Sent by Vikas on Jan 28

Chemistry in Chardon, OH

Looking for a chemistry tutor for my son. In person tutor. In Riverside school district. ( Painesville Township,Ohio)

Sent by Christine on Jan 28

Physics online

Please email. Need help with college Physics

Sent by Ravi on Jan 28

Algebra 1 in Sanford, FL

Hello Shak I am looking for an Algebra 1 tutor for my son Nishchay who is a 7th grade student at Sanford middle school. Can you please text me if you available...

Sent by Tejinder on Jan 28

All Dental Subjects online

Can u teach me dental subjects? For final year BDS?

Sent by Nimra on Jan 28

Fellowship USMLE after online

I need help for applying fellowships after residency. I need guidance and help with applying

Sent by Navneet on Jan 28

Conversational French in Solvang, CA

Spending 2 weeks in Provence in April and would like to brush up my high school/college French from 40 years ago. Looking for 1 or 2 sessions per week...

Sent by Rick on Jan 26

Quicken online

Dear Jim Nazokah, I am interested in receiving Quicken tutoring from you. Thank you M. R.

Sent by Mojgan on Jan 25

high school math, science in Wake Forest, NC

Tudor for my daughter 2nd year in high school

Sent by Thomas on Jan 25

NASM online or in-person

I'm looking for a tutor for my boyfriend he's failed the test 2 times.

Sent by Melissa on Jan 25


Hi Mark, I was wondering if you received my previous email. N.

Sent by Natalia on Jan 25

Final Cut Pro in Santa Monica, CA

Hi Michelle, do you work fluently with Final Cut...specifically up on all the latest special effects plugins, etc? I need some help and looking for a tutor...

Sent by Rich on Jan 24

Accounting in Chandler, AZ

Hi - I'm a S..tudent taking accounting at Grand Canyon UniverS..ity. Lately, I've been having S..ome difficulty with an intermediate accounting 1 claS..S... IS.. thiS..

Sent by Natalia on Jan 24

Math in New Milford, CT

I am reaching out for my daughter who is a sophomore in high school

Sent by John on Jan 24

Statistics , English 1102 online

Hello! I’m a college student currently taking elementary statistics and English 1102 and I would love to have you as a tutor few days out the week?

Sent by Dalayla on Jan 24

math in Newnan, GA

I really need your help ASAP

Sent by Wesley on Jan 24

English in Altoona, PA

Hi Amanda. I was reaching out to see if you worked with high school students? My daughter is a freshman currently at Bishop Guilfoyle and she has been having...

Sent by Laura on Jan 23

Special Needs in Beverly Hills, CA

Are you currently a credentialed teacher? Thank you

Sent by Jessica on Jan 23

Reading, Writing, Math online or in-person

Are you available in person?

Sent by Jessica on Jan 23

Special Needs, reading in Beverly Hills, CA

Dear Katie B.: I am requesting special needs tutoring.

Sent by Jessica on Jan 23

CJBAT, criminal justice online

I am looking for a CJBAT tutor for my son. It would have to be online since since we live in Miami unless you have a local tutor that is willing to come to our house.

Sent by Stephanie on Jan 23

Finra Series 26 online

26 license

Sent by Nakia on Jan 22

special education in Beverly Hills, CA

I am interested in discussing tutoring for my son. Thank you, Jessica

Sent by Jessica on Jan 22

credentialed teacher in Los Angeles, CA

Do you have experience working with dyslexic students? Thank you

Sent by Jessica on Jan 22

Math online

I am only getting started with my USMLE step1 prep. Can you be of help to me?

Sent by Dirk on Jan 22

Physics in Fox Chapel, PA

Hi ElisaB., My daughter is taking AP physics this semester, and I am looking for a tutor for her. She wears hearing aids and sometimes doesn't understand...

Sent by Beth on Jan 22

physics online

I need tutoring help with conceptual physics, in the Rocklin area. Thank you.

Sent by Olga on Jan 22

Math in Queens Village, NY

Hello Matthew. My 17 year old son is already struggling with his Algebra 1. Are you available on weekends? Do you teach online or in person?

Sent by Lorelei on Jan 21

Step 1 online

Have step 1 exam soon, needing tutoring. looking for someone available near 5am-9am Cairo time

Sent by Luvleen on Jan 21

Medicine online

Can u please atleast teach me medinine Final year

Sent by Ayesha on Jan 21


Hi Debbie, do you only instruct females or males also. I want to get some basic dance instructions. I am no spring chicken but I would like some lessons

Sent by Tommy on Jan 20

Reading and Math in Midland, TX

My name is A. and I am looking for a Reading and Math teacher for my 5 years old daughter. She will enter kindergarten in Aug 2024 and i want her to pick up reading...

Sent by Annisa on Jan 20

USMLE step 2 online

Hi. Can u please teache me for USMLE step 2

Sent by Ayesha on Jan 20

USMLE Step 1 online

Hello i am looking for usmle atep 1 tutor online one to one. Please let me know if you are available Thanks

Sent by Dr on Jan 19

Reading in Ludington, MI

Hi I was wondering if you tutor 5th grade student with reading. Thanks

Sent by Kristina on Jan 19

math online

Can u teach me maths? I'm a 10th class student

Sent by Amna on Jan 19

Math in Lebanon, IN

Hello, we are looking for a tutor for my step son. What all can you help with

Sent by Ashley on Jan 18

NAPLEX online

Hello, My name is Z.. I graduated from University of Kentucky CoP. I’ve taken the naplex twice and can’t seem to figure out how to memorize all the drug facts.

Sent by Zoe on Jan 18

Electrical - Online Course online

Hi , I am currently advising an online professional training startup. We currently need help to develop an online Continuing Education course to meet the 4 hours of...

Sent by Sajan on Jan 17

LSAT in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lynn, I am taking the LSAT in April and would like to have a tutor. Please contact me either by email or (phone number available upon purchase) cell.

Sent by Aaron on Jan 17

Molecular and Cell Biology online

Hello Ramin, I hope this message finds you well! I am in search of a tutor for Molecular and Cell Biology (1st year of the 4-year MD program).

Sent by Anastasia on Jan 17

Computer Science in Monroe Township, NJ

Hi Jason- do you teach computer science? I live in monroe

Sent by Raj on Jan 16

Chemistry in Allison Park, PA

Interested in tutoring for my 10th grade son who is at Hampton High school. Only interested in in-person tutoring for Chemistry. He is really struggling.

Sent by Amy on Jan 16

Cardiology Board Exam Help online

I am looking for help with the Cardiology Board exam. Thank you.

Sent by Jonathan on Jan 16

Writing Regents Exam online

Hi Ms. Maria👋 I would really appreciate if you would help my niece learn some of the foundational basics of geometry and Algebra 2. First, if possible...

Sent by Raquel on Jan 16

Higher Math and Readinh in Canton, OH

Dear Tomas B., I am interested in receiving Higher Math and Readinh tutoring from you. Thank you A.

Sent by Angela on Jan 15

AFOQT online

Hi Erin, My name is V. S., I'm planning to take the AFOQT next month and I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare. If you are available for a consultation...

Sent by Val on Jan 15

reading online

My granddaughter is eight years old and in the second grade. She is struggling with learning how to read.

Sent by Kristie on Jan 13

Romantic Literature online

Just saw your profile on Bumble 👍 It's been ages - when are we going to get together? (Sigh) you are as difficult to court as you are desI.

Sent by Ira on Jan 13

ADHD, ELA, math in Kinston, NC

Hi Brianna, my son is diagnosed ADHD and has struggled in school immensely. He is not able to tell us what he doesn’t understand which makes it difficult to help him.

Sent by Tonisha on Jan 12

English in Richmond Hill, GA

I would like to do english tutor in person for my kids.

Sent by Ju on Jan 12

Kindergarten in Davenport, FL

Hi, My son is in Kindergarten and he needs help with reading, writing , sounding out words and basic math. Please reach out to me either by email or text (phone...

Sent by Jessica on Jan 12

Bio and Algebra online

Dear Jeet Patel: Hello! I found your name on the UW website. Our kid is in 9th grade and asked for support with algebra and biology. Thank you! ahlay

Sent by Alexandra on Jan 11

Shsat online

Hi Jade! My name is K., I am the Outreach Coordinator for ibidPREP, a tutoring and test prep company on the Upper West Side. We are currently hiring tutors your...

Sent by Kelly on Jan 10

Math in Harpers Ferry, WV

Good evening, I am interested in tutoring for my daughter for her math 1-8 class. Thank you, L.

Sent by Lana on Jan 10

8th Grade Math Science in Albany, OR

Hi, Have 8th grader in need of tutoring in Math, English and Science. He has some ADHD and needs some help. We are in Albany, OR but could maybe meet at Salem Library?

Sent by Dan on Jan 10

Math in Huffman, TX

My son needs tutoring for 6th grade math, he is in SPED. - Resource Math at Huffman Middle School.

Sent by Erin on Jan 10

Chinese in Bethesda, MD

Hi I am looking for a Chinese tutor weekly for my son. He is in 5th grade and loves Chinese. He needs help with his homework and lessons given to him by his school...

Sent by Arleen on Jan 10

Physics in Lynnfield, MA

My daughter is a senior in high school. She is in Honor Physics and really wants to get an A on her midterm next week. She is looking for 1 - 2 hour of review for...

Sent by Craig on Jan 9

HISET in Spencertown, NY

Hi I am enrolled in adult education to get my GED I am 16 years old and am interested in getting a tutor for my courses I am available Any time after 1 pm

Sent by Isabella on Jan 9

Autodesk Revit online

Buenas tardes Hugo. Quisiera ponerme en contacto contigo para sesiones de ayuda en Autodesk 3D max. Por favor llamame / whatsapp al (phone number available upon...

Sent by Richard on Jan 8

English in Temecula, CA

Hello from the international Office of Linfield Christian School. I am compiling a list of Temecula-based English teachers for international students who struggle...

Sent by Lydia on Jan 8

ADHD, study skills, reading in Williamston, MI

Looking for a tutor for my 15 year old son who is a sophomore in Williamston. He has ADHD, and really struggles with organization skills, prioritizing assignments...

Sent by Elizabeth on Jan 8

EMT online

I am trying to NREMT train online on my own. I need completed so I can test the national exam by March. I was on chapter 9 but Jones and Bartlett system glitched...

Sent by Bunnie on Jan 8

nursing in Grand Rapids, MI

My son is a first year nursing student through the university of Detroit Mercy nursing program at Aquinas College. He has ADHD, has a high level of intelligence.

Sent by Margaret on Jan 6

USMLE Step2ck online

step2 ck tutoring available?

Sent by Hem on Jan 5

math, English, reading in Lyndhurst, NJ

Hi Samuel I have to kids one in 9th grade other 3rd grade

Sent by Diana on Jan 5

Spanish in Jupiter, FL

Do you tutor adults? We have a trip to Spain soon and want to improve our Spanish skills. We prefer in-person classes. We live in Jupiter but will meet...

Sent by Richard on Jan 4

Creole online

Hello Reimsky. I'm interested in fluency in creole. I am second generation Haitian with limited vocabulary. My preferred method of learning is virtually as I live...

Sent by Joanna on Jan 3

Construction online

Hi, I am looking for assistance in building a schedule, estimate, budget, and RFPs for a construction project.

Sent by Justin on Jan 3

NAPLEX online

I am searching for NAPLEX Tutor ASAP.. Please call me or email me ASAP.. contact number +923557307121 or (931) 308-8339

Sent by Sajid on Jan 3

Algebra 2 in West Des Moines, IA

Hello, I'm looking for an Algebra 2 tutor to help son, goes to school at Valley.

Sent by Jacqualine on Jan 2

Physics online

Hi Sunil, We are looking for support in Physics and Maths A level Edexcel board for my daughter. Please let us know if you are providing 1-2-1 tutoring for A level...

Sent by Shirin on Jan 2

Cardiology online

Good Morning, My name is E. O.. Despite my best efforts, I have failed the ABIM Cardiology boards twice. The first time I failed Day 1 and passed Day 2. This past...

Sent by Eze on Jan 2

Geometry in Bethesda, MD

Hi. My daughter is taking geometry and needs help. Please contact me through email or at (phone number available upon purchase) Thanks R.

Sent by Rob on Jan 1