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David G.

Bachelor in Mathematics · specializes in Math · 22-30 years old male

"I was lucky enough to study math in Russia during my first grades. I had great teachers there and from the very first grade learned that math is first and foremost logic and not rote memorization.

I have a proven track record in helping students succeed on tests and improve their class grades. I'm successful because I have a lot of experience, strong proficiency in the material that I teach and a patient and creative approach that makes math simple to understand. I love mathematics, and I love to help people learn mathematics." 


fee: $75 (for 60 min)
years of tutoring: 3-5
students tutored: 50-100
travel distance: 25 miles
meeting type: in-person (not online)
member for: 5 years and 9 months
award: apple
references: Mathnasium on Atlantic Avenue Sunrise Academy Michael Bass Lacaya Williams Vlada Soshkina


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phone: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: University of Wisconsin-Madison

I'm a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Mathematics. I work at a Mathnasium tutoring center, mostly with children of ages 5-13. I have learned a lot there; both in engaging students and math teaching methodology. It's been a fun and really rewarding experience for me.

My 6th grade student was able to improve his grades from 70s last year to 90s this year.

We started preparing for the Common Core Math test in March last year and he scored 423 out of 400 (there are a lot of advanced bonus problems on the test.)

Another student I've worked for a year now just received A- in his 2nd trimester in Precalculus. He used get Cs in Algebra 2 class last year.

I have also taught SHSAT in a classroom and have tutored for Mathcounts Olympiad, 4th-7th grade math, SAT Math, SAT Math 2, Algebra 1, and Calculus one-on-one.

New York, NY 10028
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AlgebraAlgebra 1
Algebra 2Calculus
GeometryLinear Algebra
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