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English in Thiensville, WI

good afternoon teacher, I am looking for a private English teacher for my daughter reggina, we speak Spanish, we are from Paraguay, and we are living in...

Sent by Ana on Apr 30

SAT Math in Las Vegas, NV

Hi Joel, I contacted you yesterday. Please, let me know if you can do the SAT bootcamp.

Sent by Rachael on Apr 30

Latin and Russian online or in-person

We are looking for a tutor to start asap and go through the summer. The student is interested in Latin and Russian.

Sent by Christen on Apr 30

AP US History online

HI Ryan. I tried to connect with you via Wyzant and the website kept saying there was an error.I am looking to find a tutor for AP US History for my 10th grader.

Sent by Cristin on Apr 29

Dyslexia in Helotes, TX

We are looking for the tutor for my 3rd grader who has Dyslexia, We live in Helotes. Are you still offering tutor job during summer?

Sent by Tomoko on Apr 29

NAPLEX online

Dear Kumar, I am interested in receiving naplex tutoring from you. Thank you M.

Sent by Mark on Apr 29

NAPLEX online

Dear Majid, I am interested in receiving naplex tutoring from you. Thank you M.

Sent by Mark on Apr 29

SAT math in Las Vegas, NV

Hi Crystal, My name is Rachael Martin. I'm currently in high school, and I've been awarded a grant from the city of LV to organize a community service event.

Sent by Rachael on Apr 27

Medicine MBBS online or in-person

want a medicine tutor for mbbs

Sent by Afsha on Apr 27

Math Statistics online

Statistics Freshman class Final exam (phone number available upon purchase) Introduction; Study design Types of data, sampling, simple random samples...

Sent by Maria on Apr 27

ADHD online

I would like to know more about your services. I have a child with adhd entering IU in the fall and my concern is his executive function— getting work done...

Sent by Diane on Apr 26

Dirk online

I am requesting help with austrian economics the like of Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe for my resesearch paper. Are you available to consult me on my project? Regards, J.

Sent by James on Apr 26

Reading Writing online

Hi Leslie, I am looking for a OG trained reading tutor for my son. He is 7 with ADHD . He is on medicine. he is finishing first grade and is really struggling with...

Sent by Larisa on Apr 25

NASM online

I’ve been struggling to study for the Nasm cert since January on my own. I need someone to help me stay focused and keep me organized and held accountable.

Sent by Matthew on Apr 24

Geometry, World History in Parrish, FL

Hi Jessica! Looking for assistance for my 15 year old daughter. She has several assignments to catch up on over the next four-five weeks to finish out her sophomore...

Sent by April on Apr 24

Violin online

Hi Aritro, I am interested in your services. I am struggling to play Bach Double Concerto for my high school recital and I would like to improve before the concert.

Sent by Katherine on Apr 24

USMLE Crash Course online

Hey , do you do usmle crash course?

Sent by Nisha on Apr 23

abacus math in Evans, GA

Hello. I am looking for a tutor to teach in-perspn abacus for my 5 year old. Is this something you teach? Thank you!

Sent by Lucy on Apr 23

English in Lebanon, OH

My girlfriend is from Thailand and has a Masters in Computer Science. She recently moved here and needs help with english so she can go into the professional world...

Sent by Jeffrey on Apr 23

Dyslexic for Reading in Springfield, GA

My daughter's name is Cora, and she has ADHD, ASD, SLD. She is dyslexic and struggles with reading comprehension and we are hoping to get her 1 on 1 help during...

Sent by Jane on Apr 23

Database in Philadelphia, PA

Can you teach me MS Access?

Sent by Kevin on Apr 23

Ernette W in Hyattsville, MD

Hello Ernette, I saw your ad on Thumbtack and wanted to reach out. Give me a call and I can help you with your presentation. Thank you!

Sent by Jennifer on Apr 22

Microsoft Access in Philadelphia, PA

I need to learn MS Access. Can you tutor me? I am in fishtown

Sent by Kevin on Apr 22

bryce s online

Hello, I was wondering if you are still tutoring and if so, are you taking on new students? Thank you, Cher

Sent by Cher on Apr 22

Data Analysis for Psychology online or in-person

Hi Katherine. I am looking for a tutor that can help me with Data Analysis for Psychology. I took the class this past semester and I’m going to have to take...

Sent by Allyson on Apr 21

ACT prep pound in Ridge, NY

Hi Cael, I'm looking for an in person tutor for my 14 year old daughter, Moxie. Mostly ACT prep and high school work. I may be too far however as we are 40...

Sent by Douglas on Apr 21

TSI online

Hi my name is D. S., I am High School student looking for TSI tutoring 4 times a week 1 hour per day, I would like for this to be virtual tutoring over zoom...

Sent by Dulcie on Apr 21

AP Biology Teacher online

Hi Ms.Lisa, I am looking for an AP Biology tutor for my 11th grader. Could you please share your teaching style/preference and how you would do AP Bio reviews/test prep.

Sent by Grace on Apr 19

Algebra/Pre-Algebra in Madisonville, LA

Hello, I'm hoping to see about getting tutoring for our 15 child who is in eighth grade at Madisonville Junior High. Ideally once a week on Wednesday evenings.

Sent by Michael on Apr 19

neuroscience online

hello, definitely need assistance with neuroscience

Sent by Bryan on Apr 19

Dyslexia in Orlando, FL

Seeking Dyslexia tutoring in lindamood bell method for emerging 7 grader

Sent by Joy on Apr 18

GMAT Prep in San Francisco, CA

gmat tutor needed

Sent by John on Apr 17

LSAT in San Francisco, CA

do you meet in sf

Sent by John on Apr 15

Reading in Vonore, TN

Hi Cheri, I have a grandson 8 who my husband is homeschooling this year. He is way behind in reading and are looking for help desperately.

Sent by Allyson on Apr 15

reading much needed in Warwick, NY

Good day! I am interested in your tutoring services for my son who is in the 6th grade. We live in Warwick, NY. The area of need is reading, specifically...

Sent by Sally on Apr 15

English and math in Park Forest, IL

Hello, Hope all is well. I have an 8 year old daughter who needs tutoring. She is having troubles with the sounds of certain words and putting them together which...

Sent by Ibrahim on Apr 14

Reading/biology in Bedminster, NJ

Hi, Are you available to tutor my son with reading comprehension? Thank you P.

Sent by Patricia on Apr 13

DMV online

Hello , I need a tutor to help me pass the written test at the DMV

Sent by Treneria on Apr 12

Math in Providence Forge, VA

Hi Julie, I sent you a message yesterday but I think there may have been a technical problem. I have grandson who is a Sophomore here in Providence Forge.

Sent by William on Apr 12

Math in Providence Forge, VA

Hello Julie, I have a grandson who is struggling with Sophomore math. We live in Providence Forge. Would you be interested in helping him?

Sent by William on Apr 12

Algebra in Chantilly, VA

Please I need help with my daughter!!

Sent by Natalia on Apr 12

Math in Providence Forge, VA

Hello Julie, my grandson is a sophomore here in New Kent High School. We just moved here from Colorado. He is a very smart boy and has good grades but he has real...

Sent by William on Apr 11

Quickbooks online

i need help navigating Quickbooks enterprise. I want to better understand payables, receivables, and organizing P&L and BS

Sent by Bob on Apr 11

Series 10 online

Good morning, Retaking my series 10 in 2 weeks. Scores have improved since I took the S10 on 3/19 but looking for some additional insight.

Sent by Jake on Apr 11

Powerpoint in Austin, TX

Hi Kyle, I am retired, and started doing some presentations at local high schools.on how to work a certain calculator. A friend helped me get up...

Sent by Dean on Apr 10

calculus online

Hi Mr. Michael, are you available to speak briefly on Zoom to see if you are a good match? I am struggling in Calculus III.

Sent by cindy on Apr 10

Probability and discrete online

Hi Syed I would like to know where you located ? I need help with my class work for discrete mathematics and probability . It’s a college level .

Sent by Mahesh on Apr 9

photography photoshop online

Hi Cirus, I upgraded to Photoshop Elements 24 a few days ago. Since then my prints are coming out awful. They no longer match whats on my screen as they did before...

Sent by Peter on Apr 9

Vocals, voice for musical online

Anastasia, I am looking for a voice teacher for my ten yr old son. He has been learning the musical theater genre ( and some opera) for some time now...

Sent by Avi on Apr 9

Computer Science Theory online

Hi Garrison, I'm a student at CU that is interested in getting help with my CS Theory class. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thank you, L.

Sent by Louis on Apr 9

Math online

Hi Nikhita, I would like to connect with you for Math SAT. Thank you

Sent by Vihangi on Apr 8

USMLE online

need tutor for step 1

Sent by Anila on Apr 8

English, writing, reading in Jacksonville, FL

I'm looking for a tutor/homework help for my 13 year old 7th grade son. He needs help breaking projects down into smaller chunks, and rethinking what is being asked.

Sent by Kathleen on Apr 8

cryptography online

Hi Garrison, I'm taking a course about introduction to cryptography. It includes topics such as Secret-Key Cryptography, AES, MAC, hash functions, etc.

Sent by Arturo on Apr 7

accounting online or in-person

Hi Subha I am trying to reach you on Wyzant but unable to conatct cold you email me with your contact or email. I am looking for 1:1 tutor for Accounting

Sent by Sai on Apr 6

Math online

Hi Samarjeet I woulf like to speak to you regarding tutoring opportunities in my company. Please message me on WhatsApp (phone number available upon purchase)

Sent by Sadia on Apr 5

Algebra 2 in Burbank, CA

Hello Stephanie, I am currently looking for a tutor for my son Cristian who is currently in 11th grade and needs help with Algebra 2. Do you possibly have any...

Sent by Vivian on Apr 5

Reading in Hazel Crest, IL

Need tutor for reading and math for 7th grader male student in special ed classes. I am the great grand mother.

Sent by Joyce on Apr 4

Cell and Molecular Biology online

Dear Tyler DiMario: I am requesting a cell and molecular biology tutoring from you.

Sent by Laila on Apr 3

ASL online

Hello Carolyn, I'm just checking to make sure you received my previous email?

Sent by Dana on Apr 2

Quicken online

Hi Lisa -- I am wondering if you have a solid working knowledge of quicken to train me to a higher level of functionality on basics AND/OR if you can work remotely...

Sent by Deborah on Apr 2

1st Grade in Pooler, GA

Hello Ms.Amy, Are you located in the Pooler,GA area ?

Sent by Tanisha on Apr 2

ASL online

Hello! I live close to Green Bay in Shawano, WI. I took ASL lessons 2 1/2 years with online tutor from California. I watch Youtube ASL videos almost every day and go...

Sent by Dana on Apr 1

geometry online or in-person

Hi Jade, I have a son who is in 8th grade Geometry. We are looking for someone who could tutor him ideally in person (perhaps at the library), but online is ok too.

Sent by Julie on Apr 1