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Algebra 1 in Jamaica Plain, MA

Linda, my daughter is 13y.o. and needs help with Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Are you available for tutoring during the summer? thank you -J.

Sent by Jane on Jun 30

Russian online

Hello, do you Teach Russian to 10-year-olds? Do you also teach piano?

Sent by Jerome on Jun 29

FTCE online

I am registering soon for the FTCE exam Elementary K-6. Id love help to study for the exam before I take it.

Sent by Josephine on Jun 29

Adobe Photoshop in Atlanta, GA

Hi : I am an ametur photographer. I used to know photoshop pretty well I have been out of photography for five years. Some of the changes that have taken place...

Sent by Bruce on Jun 28

NAPLEX Math online

I need a math Tutors specifically for naplex

Sent by Barbara on Jun 27

Reading/math in Windber, PA

Hi! I'm looking for someone to tutor an 11 year old boy in reading and some math. He's a great kid who wants to learn. Please reach out to me for the details.

Sent by Wendy on Jun 27

Math online

I need this tutoring to get ahead and improve in my math.

Sent by Emberlyn on Jun 27

Calculus in Los Angeles, CA

Dear Andy Z.: I am requesting tutoring from you for Calculus 1 and I'm in need of help asap. my first exam is this Wednesday. Please let me know if your available.

Sent by Charles on Jun 25

ACT English in Bryant, AR

Hey I am looking for ACT English tutoring. I am trying to bring my ACT English score up from a 24 to around a 28.

Sent by Adam on Jun 24

ACT English online

Hey I need some tutoring for ACT English I’m looking to bring it up from a 24 to around a 28 to bring my superscore 28.

Sent by Adam on Jun 24

International Law online

Hello Bibi, I am reaching out in regards to my partner Chloë. She is taking the French bar exam in September. I thought it might be helpful for her to have...

Sent by Francesca on Jun 24

Initial Meeting to Review online

Hello Alisha! I am A. H., the managing partner for Pivot.Technology. My company has been tasked to find a person for a very unique position that may be...

Sent by Adam on Jun 23

Statistics online

Hey there Alexander, I'm going to take Hon Statistics next year at Christopher Columbus High School, I was wondering if you could give me some classes in July...

Sent by Luciano on Jun 22

USMLE Step online

Are you able to tutor for step 2 this summer ?

Sent by Ari on Jun 22

essay writing online

need your tutoring for college application essay

Sent by Fan on Jun 22

Statistics in Newburgh, NY

My wife needs help in statistics asap this her 2nd year trying to pass it.please Mr douglas..please contact me

Sent by Mike on Jun 21

NBME CCSE online

Hello I am getting ready for my CCSE exam, I am looking for a tutor.

Sent by Arezoo on Jun 20

Erie, PA

Good mornings, My 9 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with: Convergence Insufficiency Tracking issues Peripheral vision problems I am looking for...

Sent by Amanda on Jun 20

Orton Gillingham in Cottage Grove, MN

Hello Kara, My name is A. H. and I have a son, Andersen, who will be a 2nd grader at Grey Cloud Elementary this fall. Andersen was diagnosed with ADHD...

Sent by Abby on Jun 19

Math in Scarsdale, NY

Hi Caroline, my wife and I are looking for a math tutor for our daughter Jasmine. She attends the Ursuline school and will be an eighth grader in September.

Sent by Manish on Jun 19

Adobe Photoshop online

Hi McKenzey, I want to make a catalogue using publishing software and or adobe, with a page turing effect and thumbnail options. I have the PDF ready.

Sent by Isaac on Jun 18

Microsoft Windows in Tacoma, WA

My Comcast email accounts are all at or close to storage capacity. One solution would be to download photo attachments to my PC, but there still does not seem to be...

Sent by Edward on Jun 16

microsoft windows online or in-person

My Comcast email accounts are all at or close to storage capacity. One solution would be to download photo attachments to my PC, but there still does not seem to be...

Sent by Edward on Jun 16

Accounting in Birmingham, AL

Hi Taffy! My son is finishing his sophomore year at Florida State and he is taking his second Accounting class called Managerial Accounting.

Sent by Kelley on Jun 15

SAT online

Rita, how have you been? Not sure where you are in your life but we should talk and maybe get together. B. (phone number available upon purchase)

Sent by Baron on Jun 15

creative writing in San Diego, CA

I havel two assignments back to back where I supposed to write, I supposed to make up a paragraph or two of a fiction on story with like three actions...

Sent by Steve on Jun 14

English in Gardendale, AL

My wife is looking for an English tutor both for written and verbal testing. She is from Peru and speaks good basic English. She wants to learn more both verbally...

Sent by Jon on Jun 14

Math Algebra Fractions in Cave Junction, OR

My son needs help with fractions and algebra critical math thinking. Trying to raise his score on the asvab

Sent by Lance on Jun 13

Python online or in-person

I jave unttil Sundsy to finsh a couple very basic.

Sent by Steve on Jun 13

college chemistry in Bellmore, NY

Looking for a tutor for chemistry for my college aged son. He attends Adelphi university...

Sent by tara on Jun 12

USMLE online

Hello Dr, Hope you're doing well. I need some guidance and tutoring for usmle

Sent by Salman on Jun 12

English online or in-person

I am seeking an English teacher immediately because I have to take the Foundation of Reading exam on June 24th. Do you still offer tutoring services?

Sent by Andrea. on Jun 11

writing, English, history in Waterville, ME

Hi have a question. Do you travel to Freedom Maine to tutor? I have a granddaughter living on a farm who would need tutoring. Thank you

Sent by Debra on Jun 10

Microsoft Word, Microsoft 10 in York, ME

Hi, Are you "fluent" in Microsoft 10? I use primarily use Word.I have transitioned to it from Microsoft 7 & am struggling. I am a fine art appraiser.

Sent by Tannye on Jun 10

French online

Good morning Janette, Please contact me directly, thank you, KK

Sent by Katherine on Jun 10

GED online

i'm looking for a tutor for my son He will be able to take the GED in a year and a half But I need somebody to start prepping him now..

Sent by Sarah on Jun 10

tutoring in Sparks, GA


Sent by Vantasia on Jun 10

Adobe Photoshop online

John, I’m interested in covering some basic areas in Photoshop relative to a personal project I’m working on - not work related.

Sent by David on Jun 9

elementary in Gilberts, IL

Would like to have tutoring for my daughter who is 8 and will be going into 3rd grade.

Sent by Christopher on Jun 9

writing in Amherst, MA

Hi Maegan, I have a 17 year old daughter who really struggles getting her thoughts and ideas out on paper and with writing in general.

Sent by Lisa on Jun 8

SAT in Arlington, VA

Hello Jocelyn, Our daughter is finishing 11th grade and needs help preparing for the SAT test at the end of August (mostly math), college applications...

Sent by John on Jun 8


I broke my old phone , you should have received a overnight letter from me by 6:00 pm if it didn't make it there by then I get my 30.

Sent by James on Jun 7

Computer in Edmonds, WA

I need basic instruction on how to use a lap top. I pay cash. I learn quickly. Please call (phone number available upon purchase). M.. Thanks.

Sent by Marc on Jun 7

Mechanical Engineering in Crofton, MD

Hi, My son is a Mechanical Engineering Major at UGA. He is taking a summer class, Strength and Materials and is looking for a tutor.

Sent by Karen on Jun 7

Math ,science , social in Ardsley, NY

Hi, I live in Ardsley. I'm looking for a teacher who prepares for the 7th grade girl math, science, social studies school test. Thank you.

Sent by Kyungmin on Jun 7

Math online or in-person

(phone number available upon purchase) contact me need help on math

Sent by Nate on Jun 6

USMLE online

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I came acreoos your profileand wanted to know if you offer tutoring for residents preparing for Family Medicine boards. Thank you

Sent by Naveen on Jun 6

Biology & Medical subjects in Lewistown, PA

Are you available to tutor in-person in State College? Thanks!

Sent by Tracey on Jun 6

Dissertation Thesis online

Good afternoon. I am finalizing my PhD in Finance at EDHEC Business School (French University). I am struggling to provide an assertive message and trying...

Sent by Robert on Jun 5

Math and English in La Verne, CA

Dear Isabel K., I am interested in receiving Math and English tutoring from you. Thank you N. G.

Sent by Naju on Jun 4

reading and writing in Jerseyville, IL

Hi Riley! I am interested in your services for my son. He struggles in reading and writing. Please feel free to reach me at (phone number available upon purchase)

Sent by Tara on Jun 4

elementary subjects in Sewell, NJ

Dear Danielle K., I am interested in receiving tutoring from you. Thank you C.

Sent by Cherie on Jun 3

French in Colebrook, NH

I am self-teaching elementary French in preparation for an upcoming trip to France. I took French in high school (60 years ago), and feel I need practice speaking...

Sent by Bearor on Jun 3

Geometry in Conroe, TX

Dear Kevin D., I am interested in receiving Geometry tutoring from you. Thank you M. S.

Sent by Mona on Jun 3

4th grade math worksheets online

Hi, How much would you charge to complete about 20 4th grade math worksheets? They most cover things like area, basic algebra, and rounding off division numbers.

Sent by Chris on Jun 3

Biology in Hauppauge, NY

Hi, I am looking for 2-3 sessions for my 7th grade daughter who will be taking the biology regents. She is a good student, just want a little extra prep and ways...

Sent by Laura on Jun 2

Neuroscience online

Laura, Good evening. I am looking for an online tutor to help me with improving my grasp on the terminology and fundamentals of neuroscience for an online course...

Sent by Megan on Jun 2

Excel in Houston, TX

I need assistance with excel task

Sent by Abed on Jun 1

English, Reading, Spelling in Salado, TX

My daughter lives in Salado with her mother. She is 10 years old. I am looking for someone to work with her on reading and spelling for the summer.

Sent by Cloy on Jun 1