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Public Health in Folsom, CA

my nuumber is (phone number available upon purchase). rae you good in teaching public health courses in folsom

Sent by Sai on May 31

writing in Flossmoor, IL

Dear Darius P.: I am requesting writing tutoring from you. Would you be able to meet with me and my family to discuss?

Sent by Mary on May 31

Ms Word in Monsey, NY

Dear Mary M.: I am requesting ms word tutoring from you.

Sent by Ella on May 30

4th-grade reading in Holly, MI

Tutor needed for reading. 10yr old just now completing 4th grade

Sent by Rose on May 27

math in Frenchtown, NJ

I am looking for a summer tutor for my 10 year old son who struggled in math over the school year.

Sent by Brenna on May 27

Summer Teacher Opportunity in Long Beach, CA

Summer Teacher Opportunity for six weeks, teaching 6-10 elementary students in Signal Hill, Monday-Friday from 8am-12:00pm.

Sent by GW on May 26

Adobe Photoshop in Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I need someone who is skilled in photoshop. I’m starting an Iris Photography business and have never used it. I have video instructions however not...

Sent by Cathryn on May 25

elementary subjects in Long Beach, CA

Hello, I'm searching for tutors and have not received email to verify receipt of requests? Thanks

Sent by GW on May 24

French in Lorton, VA

I speak French reasonably well but only have the opportunity to speak the language every two years or so for a week or two. I would be interestied in getting...

Sent by David on May 24

statistics online

Hi Amal, I just started a nurse practitioner program and my first class is statistical analysis. I haven't taken stats in 17 years and am struggling a bit...

Sent by Erika on May 23

algebra in North Scituate, RI

Hello Abigail, I am looking for an algebra tutor for my 15 year old daughter. She took algebra 1 this year as freshman and current has a "C".

Sent by Alicia on May 23

Math in Jefferson City, MO

Hi Arpin I would like to know if you are interested in tutoring our daughter for the IB Mathamatics AI Standard level. We live in Jefferson City so if...

Sent by Danny on May 21

Vuejs online

Hi D., I need help with my vuejs project. Are you available? James

Sent by Dirk on May 21

reading and writing in Johnstown, NY

Please need your help asap. I have a granddaughter named Addison. Who is in second grade and has a kinder garden, reading and writing level.

Sent by Marilyn on May 20

algebra in Oceanside, NY

Regents review for 9th grade algebra - test on 6/4. Looking to get lessons in asap

Sent by Jessica on May 20

algebra online

Hi Kent, call me , we live close to great mall milpitas. Thanks, (phone number available upon purchase)

Sent by Rahul on May 19


Hi Lila, I'm looking for an in person MCAT tutor and I came across your page. I live in Berwyn, PA. I've been studying for the MCAT on my own but the scores...

Sent by Lauren on May 18

final cut pro tx online

Hey Rame , we chatted awhile back about your help making my husband a video for his 60th bday in August . Actually now I would like to work w my 8 year old son and...

Sent by Lance on May 18

Excel and Basics in Mason City, IA

I am 61 years old and not to good with computer basics. I have the book Microsoft Windows for seniors😊 And my boss wants me to learn excel which I am totally not...

Sent by Candy on May 17

Construction online

Was hoping you can assist in construction estimating - looking at plans and figuring out labor costs etc.

Sent by Joshua on May 17

Elementary Math in Irvine, CA

Hi Dear Farzaneh, I have a girl in first grade, and I am looking for a tutor to help her start over with all the first-grade math.

Sent by Shahrzad on May 17

reading in Mamaroneck, NY

I need some assistance with my 7 year old son who has reading difficulties. I suspect he has dyslexia

Sent by Ana on May 16

English and Geometry in Santa Clara, CA

Hello, My 15 year old needs help preparing for English and Geometry final. She attends Notre Dame HS in Belmont. She has ADHD dx but works well w/tutors.

Sent by Jennifer on May 16

vocabulary and test prep online

Hello- looking for vocabulary and test prep help for my two middle school/high school aged kids. We are in Point Breeze.

Sent by Joyce on May 15

Trig/precal online

Hello, looking for a Trig and Precal tutor for my son. He is in dual enrollment hs/college program. He is preparing for a trig final retest (next wk) and...

Sent by Carolina on May 15

Algebra 2 Teachers in Saugus, MA

Please let me know your availability to teach my granddaughter Algebra II during this summer. We live in Saugus MA.

Sent by Frederick on May 15

Stock Market in Los Angeles, CA

Dear AsheK... Hossain, I am interested in receiving StocK... tutoring from you. ThanK... you K.... K...

Sent by Kathy on May 15

Autodesk Revit online

Hi, I'm looking to get a better understanding of revit, I took a revit course a few years ago it, was one of those 40 hr courses and didn't retain that much.

Sent by Vincent on May 14

ADHD dyslexia math in Mendota, IL

Hello! I'm looking for a tutor for my non-binary child. They are immensely struggling in school, especially with math. They are SDD w/ psychosis and I'm pretty...

Sent by Hannah on May 13

Elementary in Randolph, NJ

Hi - I'm looking for an in-person tutoring for my 5yr old son. He's in kindergarten. we live in Randolph, NJ. Please contact me with your availability.

Sent by Minal on May 13

Geometry online

Dear Shefali Pandit: I am requesting geometry tutoring from you.

Sent by Maarij on May 12

Louisville, CO

Lindsay - Would you be able to do a biology tutoring session for my son in the coming week (before finals)? He is in 10th grade.

Sent by Martin on May 11

HISET online

My son needs help in hiset language art reading test. He took the exam twice but unfortunately he didn't pass. He needs tutoring in his third and last attempt.

Sent by Amr on May 11

ASVAB in Pompano Beach, FL

Hi I would be interested I will be interested in working with you to help my son pass the asvab.

Sent by Mirlande on May 10

Cheyenne, WY

Hi Kittie, We're looking for a tutor for our 9 yr old. He is on an IEP and continues to struggle. He's been going to summer school but never seems to catch up.

Sent by Jessica on May 9

7th grade subjects in Forestville, CA

hi i am looking for a summer tutor for my 11 year old sun summer school is not avalible in our area and he has fallen behind. i hope he can gain ground with...

Sent by Kira on May 9

control systems engineering in Jurupa Valley, CA

I need tutoring in control systems engineering for guidance navigation and control and autonomous vehicle engineering

Sent by Demetrius on May 8

NAPLEX in Chicago, IL

Naplex exam prep starting June 15, 2024

Sent by Robin on May 8

tutor for summer in Frankfort, IL

My Daughter is a freshman at East and is struggling. She has a IEP and looking for a steady tutor for the summer and the next school year.

Sent by Matthew on May 8

Oceanside, NY

Hi, I’m looking for a math tutor for 8th grade regents preparation for my daughter. (phone number available upon purchase)

Sent by Jessica on May 8

Blender 3D animations online

Hello, I'd like for you to teach me Blender 3D animations. There are multiple reasons why I want to 3D animate. Multiple reasons.

Sent by Luis on May 7

ARDMS anatomy physiology online

Hi! I am looking for a new tutor due to time not working out with other tutor. I am needing a tutor available around 5-5:30 in the afternoon MST online.

Sent by Stacey on May 7

Java and Python online

Hi John, I am a high school student looking for Java programming coaching. Would you be able to help. Thanks, A.

Sent by Abhi on May 7

Finite Math in Ashland, VA

Needing tutor for finite math - college level asap

Sent by Joelle on May 7

executive functioning online

HI judy , desperately looking for an executive functioning tutor for my son who will be a senior at IU bloomington. Where are you located? He does not have a car

Sent by Sheri on May 6

French in Pasadena, CA

Hi Eliane O., My name is V., and I found your tutor profile via searches for tutors as requested by my boss who is hoping to learn FrencH.

Sent by Van on May 6

Reading and Writing, English in Baldwin, MI

Do you have any experience with autism or dyslexic kids.

Sent by Wendi on May 6

DMV Exam in Tampa, FL

Checking to see if you could help my 22 yr old son, who has a learning disorder, study for the DMV written test. He has a low reading level and has not been able...

Sent by Carolyn on May 5

Logic Pro online

Hello, I need tutoring in setting up Logic Pro X with my Auturia mark II 88 and Macbook Pro with various software, and then choosing the right video sync software...

Sent by David on May 4

Statistics online

I am currently in the home-stretch for my college class in statistics. All of my work is due on Monday and I am really struggling to make sure that I have...

Sent by Karaline on May 4

PRAXIS in Howell, NJ

Hi Rae My name is D. B. and I am looking for a tutor for my two other Amanda. She is working as a paraprofessional in the elementary school right now.

Sent by Donna on May 4

Applied Microeconomics online

hey Mr.jesse i need help reviewing for my Microeconomics exam

Sent by Ben on May 3

USMLE in Madison, MS

Hi! I’m a 4th year medical student attending the American University of Antigua college of medicine and I currently live in Madison, MS.

Sent by De’Anna on May 3

1st Grade Reading Needed in Eagle, ID

Hi Stephanie, My family and I just moved to Eagle ID, and our daughter is in 1st grade and will be 7 years old next month. We're looking for a tutor weekly...

Sent by Elizabeth on May 3


Do you tutor stats this weekend and next week Monday to Thursday and financial accounting week of May 13 to June?

Sent by Maria on May 3

Airplane in Glen Cove, NY

Looking for someone to teach my boss and his nephew how to fly a hobby zone plane they purchased. In glen head LI tomorrow?? (phone number available upon purchase) ...

Sent by Lauren on May 3

LPN online

Dear Tamika Rice, I am interested in receiving LPN Tutor tutoring from you. Thank you A. W.

Sent by Aja on May 2

DMV written test online

I need help with my North Carolina driving writing test

Sent by Walter on May 2

Quicken in Pittsford, NY

I'm looking for someone to help setup Quicken for home & small business (1-person company for education from home, no payroll, has invoices and expenses).

Sent by Amar on May 2

Optical Engineering online

hey are you familiar with engineering optics , i would like some tutoring help,

Sent by John on May 2

Chess in Los Angeles, CA

I the I already emailed u. am interested in chess lessons for my 92 yr old husband. I want in person. he does have short term memory loss but is playing chess...

Sent by Patrica on May 2

java in Berkeley, CA

Hey i need help with my exam...are you willing to do it? It is an in-person

Sent by Mahesh on May 2

Algebra online

Hi Dirk, my daughter is in need of help with her algebra 2 class. She’s in a charter school and really struggling to get through it.

Sent by Erika on May 1

Algebra in Carlsbad, CA

Hi natalie, my daughter is in great need of some assistance with her algebra 2 class. Feel free to contact me by phone (phone number available upon purchase).

Sent by Erika on May 1

Science Project in Ozone Park, NY

I want help with science project for 2nd grade

Sent by Akshma on May 1

Need Help with Pre Nursing in Norwich, CT

Hello Rolinsay, Looking to take some science prerequisites and need your help. Also need to Prep for the TEAS Exam. I would like to have a virtual meet and greet...

Sent by Philhemina on May 1

Computer in Broomall, PA

Hello Caleb My son Lucas needs help in basic networking & programming. My address is 1 Arbordale Lane, Broomall, Pa 19008 Please give me a call @ (phone number...

Sent by David on May 1