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Ahmed Lodhika

MBA in Business & Applied Math · specializes in Making Math Make Sense. · 22-30 years old male

red Apple award red apple award - tutoring excellence

"Hi I’m Ahmed. And I’m going to make your math and science classes make sense for you and finally give you the confidence in your knowledge and ability that you’ve been wanting all this time so you can pass the classes you’re struggling in currently, easily and happily. Guaranteed. 💯


🏅 Voted Top Math & Science Tutors In more...

"Hi I’m Ahmed. And I’m going to make your math and science classes make sense for you and finally give you the confidence in your knowledge and ability that you’ve been wanting all this time so you can pass the classes you’re struggling in currently, easily and happily. Guaranteed. 💯


🏅 Voted Top Math & Science Tutors In Chicagoland Area For 2020 & 2021!

⭐️ 200+ Raving 5 Star Reviews & Detailed Testimonials! Ask If You’d Like To See!

💪 Over 750 Students Tutored So Far! And Counting!

🧮 Tutor All Levels Of Math From Elementary, High School, AP Classes & College

🧑‍🏫 Specialize In Stats, Algebra, Prealgebra, Calculus AB/BC, Precalculus!

🧪 Also Tutor AP Science Classes Like AP Physics A and AP Physics C & AP Chemistry!


Hi I'm Ahmed. And I'm here now to save you from your struggles in school! I'm actually lovingly known as "America's Most Wanted Tutor"! And you'll see soon enough why!

I've been blessed to have been able to inspire and guide so many kids to success at such a young age. In fact, many of my students tell me I'm the FIRST person they found who can actually make their classes MAKE SENSE to them. I specialize in working with students who have a weaker mathematical foundation and are struggling in high school or college classes. Possibly due to missing skills from algebra, geometry, trig or elementary math. Most of my students reach out to me for help with common scary math subjects like Geometry, Algebra 1 and 2, Precalculus, AP Stats, AP Calculus AB/BC, etc....and if any of these names bring out feelings of frustration or fear… Let it go, you’re going to be okay, I'm here now:)

Here's more about me: I'm an Applied Math and Business major with a focus on Math Education. Graduated in 2019 at the top of my class so as you can imagine, I know math up and down. I started my math teaching career by working as a Lead Math Instructor at The Mathnasium for 3 years. It's a math teaching center that serves mostly 1st to 8th grade children. Over there, I helped build their mathematical foundation and conceptual understanding through fun games and innovative worksheets. This included key ideas like ratios and proportional thinking, word problems, visualization, and counting/doing math operations without fingers. I worked with well over 1000 children in that setting.

I then began "Saver4Angels LLC" in 2018 which is my private tutoring company. I started off by helping students with their homework and preparing for finals. And almost 4 years later, I am proud and grateful to see that I have impacted the lives, grades AND confidence of over 700 students in a very positive way, watching them rise and grow in subjects ranging from prealgebra, precalculus, algebra, stats and probability, calculus, trig, geometry to chemistry, physics, bio and ACT Math/SAT prep. And seeing my business growing to the point I have students in almost every suburb of Chicagoland and and some have even begun referring to me as #America's Most Wanted Tutor! So Honored!

I can't wait to further discuss my qualifications with you. Please give me a call any time between M-S 3-9pm and we can see how I can help! To our success! 🤝" less...


fee: $60 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 5-10
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 30 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 5 years and 10 months
award: Red apple
references: I have been blessed to have helped SO MANY people at such a young age & the uncountable references I have is testament to my effectiveness! Some are listed below and I can provide more if needed (Please reach out to me for their contact info! ) 1) Jola P. - Helped her come back from a 32% to pass her prerequisite stats and chemistry classes which she was in danger of failing, which would hold her back a whole year because she'd have to repeat it! 2) Valeria B. - helped her daughter with Honors math and AP Calculus for 2 years and after she graduated, have now began helping her younger son with those same classes haha 3) Stacey D. - helped her son with his math classes from sophomore year to college, weekly schedule of consistent help so they know me in and out! 4) Diana R. - Helped her pass her prereq Chemistry class, which was making her stress out so much and just in time so she could start nursing school in Jan 2021!


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Education and Qualifications

school: Illinois Institute of Technology
certified: Ahmed Lodhika is a certified tutor

I graduated from the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology where I earned a rigorous math training and a Bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Math Ed.

I am currently finishing up my MBA at the Stuart School of Business with a specialization in Entrepreneurship & Marketing.

Lastly, I am an esteemed Leadership Academy Scholarship Recipient, through which I was awarded a $120K scholarship based on my demonstrated leadership abilities - I also got the opportunity to be personally mentored by high reaching Executives and Coaches like Jason Capital who was named Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House. I recently earned a certification in Leadership & Coaching Studies from this amazing organization.

Tampa, FL 33611

Subjects Tutored

General Ed
AlgebraAlgebra 1
Algebra 2Calculus
Test Prep
SAT Math
Additional Subjects
HS Chemistry & Physics

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Rating and Reviews

"smart and friendly"

Very smart and friendly. Great tutor. I highly recomend him.

"Available, Prompt and Reliable"

Ahmed is doing a fabulous job helping my son with 12th grade honor math and physics! His effort is above and beyond. My son gained so much knowledge and self-confidence because of Ahmed help. He is available, prompt and reliable! He is making a difference in my son’s life.


Ahmed is an amazing “MATHAMAGICIAN”! My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasure of being tutored in statistics by Ahmed and he was amazing. Not only were we successful in passing our coursework but we received an exceptional score on our final exams. Thanks to Ahmed we will both be starting nursing school next semester, which we would not have been able to do without passing this course (which we couldn’t have done without Ahmed). Ahmed was quick to respond to our questions and communications, easy and fun to work with and I look forward to contacting him for any future tutoring needs. I highly recommend using him! He is awesome! He made solving math problems look like magic!

"Prompt, Friendly and Patient"

prompt, friendly and patient - Ahmed has been very helpful.