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Dr. Divesh

MD in Medicine · specializes in Usmle Step 2 CK/ Step 1 · 31-35 years old male

red Apple award red apple award - tutoring excellence

"Finish USMLE STEP 2 CK/Step 1 in just 30 days! I guarantee full success. I am a highly experienced USMLE STEP 2 CK TUTOR. We have a company in the name of USMLE global llc. and we provide the best USMLE Coaching for USMLE Step 1/comlex level 1, USMLE Step 2/comlex level 2 and USMLE Step 3/comlex level 3.

We teach USMLE in groups (50 day course) and also one-on-one (30 day course) through more...

"Finish USMLE STEP 2 CK/Step 1 in just 30 days! I guarantee full success. I am a highly experienced USMLE STEP 2 CK TUTOR. We have a company in the name of USMLE global llc. and we provide the best USMLE Coaching for USMLE Step 1/comlex level 1, USMLE Step 2/comlex level 2 and USMLE Step 3/comlex level 3.

We teach USMLE in groups (50 day course) and also one-on-one (30 day course) through Gotomeeting.

I will give you notes/slides which will cover almost all major books so you don't have to waste time reading too many books for USMLE. We will be practicing around 2000 questions including NBME and CMS questions

For further details for USMLE tutoring please contact me.

Dr. Divesh


USMLE global LLC." less...


fee: $30 (for 60 min)
years of tutoring: 10 and more
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 0 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 8 years and 6 months
award: Red apple
references: Ximedus Dr Rowley; Step 2 IT Dr. Jacob; NY CS Prep; Dr. Vivek Kesar Gastroenterologist NY; Dr. Garcia Family Practiotioner Los Angeles California


email: on file
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website: on file
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Education and Qualifications

school: baylor college of medicine
certified: Divesh Wadehra is a certified tutor

MD medicine

experience of more than six years of teaching usmle step 1/ Step 2 CK and STEP 3

Houston, TX 77054
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Test Prep
Additional Subjects
Usmle Step1/step2/step3

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Rating and Reviews

"One Of The Best Usmle Tutors"

Dr. Divesh is one of the best Usmle tutors and I joined his 3 month step 2 Usmle prep course. I found his course relevant to the topics needed to know for the exam and he is very detailed. He provides his own notes which will be helpful as a study guide for the exam. I liked his practice questions after every topic which helps clarifies the topic and helps us approach the questions effectively. He cares for all his students and is a dedicated tutor. I recommend his usmle preparation course.

"Very Knowledgeable"

Very Good. Very Knowledgeable. Recommend Dr. Divesh

"Highly experienced Usmle Step 3 Tutor"

I am a first year psychiatry resident and we need to clear Usmle step 3. Because of my busy schedule I couldn’t clear step 3 in my earlier attempts. But after I took coaching from Dr DIVESH I passed with 212. I know it’s not a great score but I just needed to pass and move forward. Dr DIVESH is a very good USMLE tutor. He gave me his own notes, we practiced lot of questions which are different from Uworld. He finished almost whole syllabus and also guided me how to utilize my time to crack this exam. Without his help I couldn’t have passed this exam. His individual one on one approach was excellent. So finally I got 212. Thank you Dr DIVESH.

"Very Good USMLE Step 2 Tutor. "

Dr DIVESH is a highly experienced and dedicated Usmle tutor. He has in depth knowledge and goes for every topic in detail. I remained with Dr DIVESH for three months for my Usmle step 2 tutoring. I earlier had attempts so was almost fed up with these exams. I joined group sessions with Dr. Divesh. He provides his own notes which are of much help. He practices lot of questions after every topic which helps clarifies the topic. I never had such easy understanding of step 2. My nbme score improved a lot after joining his sessions. He is infact the best Usmle step 2 tutor. Thank you Dr. Divesh for such great tutoring services.

"Very helpful and experienced USMLE Tutor"

I joined Dr. Divesh’s sessions for usmle step 1 tutoring. I joined his one on one sessions. He went through every topic in detail and moved slowly because I have difficulty in understanding English. He provided me his own notes and also slides of his lectures which were very helpful. I definitely recommend him as a Usmle tutor. Thanks.

"Dedicated and Clear; Boosts our Confidence"

Dr. Divesh is a dedicated and clear instructor. He is able to summarize highly difficult concepts to the basics and help you understand. His lectures really boosted my confidence.

"Very caring"

Dr. Divesh is very caring. And he wants the best for his students. Through your connection then he called me back promptly.

"Very Dedicated to Each of his Students"

Dr. Divesh is helping me to prepare for my step 2CK that I will be giving shortly. So far from attending his small group sessions I have gained more clarity to as in how I should approach questions and apply the background knowledge that Dr. Divesh has added to my base. The notes and tips he gives are key to answering the questions correctly. He is very dedicated to each of his students and seeing their success!

"Like First Aid for USMLE Step 1"

I attended Dr. DIVESH's lectures and they are of great benefit. The notes are just like first aid for step 1. I find UW questions very simple after reading his notes. Also he has a fixed timetable and not like other tutors who just teach from some book. He has huge collection of slides and also an online q bank which helps the students a lot. Dr. Divesh is a very dedicated,well organized,and effective teacher. I would say, his delivery, his commitment and his approach to students is commendable. He makes sure, the students are attentive to his lecture. He takes classes for a group or one on one depending on the students situation which helps us in a big way. The questions bank he has covers a wide range of topics helping us to do Uworld. His notes are very effective and useful. He makes us do lots of questions and follows his class timings and he is very punctual and committed. I would highly recommend Dr.Divesh to any USMLE aspirant to take advantage of his teachings as it will definitely impact the scores and helps in building the confidence. He is a great motivator and understands the students situations and helps accordingly.

"Very Good Teacher"

Dr. Divesh is very good teacher, i like his way to teach, his notes, specially i really like his qs section. i am learning a lot.

Thank you dr:divesh

"Excellent Teacher"

Dr. Divesh is an excellent teacher. He has both group and one on one sessions with wide range of discussions. So a student has huge choices as to what course to pick as per his needs. He is indeed a good teacher. I had multiple attempts and was thinking of quitting usmle but I got my confidence back once I joined Dr DIVESH's classes. He practiced lot of questions including CMS and NBME questions which raised my score. He always made sure that I knew the concepts and then only moved forward. I got 225 in UWSA2 and got 238 in usmle step 2 CK.

"Fantastic Notes & Interactive Sessions"

I would strongly recommend Dr. Divesh's classes for anyone trying to take CK exam. His notes are fantastic, sessions are interactive and one gets to discuss a lot of questions.
I wish I had found out about the classes earlier- has been a big help in my preparation. Thank you very much, Sir! I finally got 227 in usmle step 2 CK.

"You Can Trust Dr. Divesh's Lecture"

I took several courses for step 2CK & I had several attempts. I struggled to pass. Dr Divesh course helped me pass. Trusting his lecture and his notes are enough and key to pass the exam and score well. Thank you Dr Divesh