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Rachel S.

Associate in Biology · specializes in American Sign Language · 18-21 years old female

"I love teaching one-on-one, and I'm very friendly. I also enjoy tutoring sign language the most, and I believe the passion and excitement I have for it when I tutor passes onto my students. As of now, all of my current ASL students are doing very well in their classes. If you are interested, I would love to speak with you and teach you how to communicate with such a special group of people, the Deaf community, in their beautiful, native language, ASL." 


fee: $30 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 1-3
students tutored: 10-50
travel distance: 0 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 5 years and 1 month
award: apple
references: Jason Frank, tutor coordinator at USF athletics


email: on file
phone: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Broward College

I am a dual degree student at USF in Biomedical Science and ASL Interpreting. I have been signing for 3 years and developed such a passion for it that I decided to make it my career. I plan on becoming a medical interpreter, incorporating both of my degrees. I am currently a tutor at the USF athletics department, so I have a lot of tutoring experience. I am currently looking to expand to private tutoring as well. I am taking Structure of Sign Language now and have previously taken ASL 1-4 and American Deaf Culture. I will enter USF's interpreting program in Fall 2015. I spend a lot of time with the Deaf community, making friends and developing my language skills, so I have learned from natives both inside and outside the classroom.

Tampa, FL 33620
full address is on file

Subjects Tutored

Spanish (basics)
Sign Language