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Ms. Conner H.

Bachelor in Early Childhood/Elem · specializes in Elementary Math/reading · 51-60 years old female

"When I retired in 2016 I thought I would sub for a little extra money. I found I wanted to work with students who needed some individual attention. I have worked with one boy for 2 and half years. He has improved so much in that time. The 7th grader raised his math MAP score 28 points in 11 weeks and his math grade 10 points. The 5th grader raised his reading MAP score in 8 weeks. My goal is to help your child improve his or her work and grades. I also want them to enjoy their time with me. I have room for more ." 


meeting type: in-person (not online)
member for: 4 years and 11 months
award: apple


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Education and Qualifications

school: Erskine College

I taught second ,third, fifth, and sixth covering 29 years. I currently sub in three districts (Spartanburg 5 and 7 and Greenville.) I work with three boys (3rd grade, 5th grade, and 7th grade) each week. I have experience in balanced literacy, guided reading, and additional math and science programs.

Lyman, SC 29365
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Elementary & Junior High School
ElementaryElementary Math
Elementary ReadingElementary Science
Home SchoolingLanguage Art
ReadingStudy Skills
General Ed
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