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Mr. Thomas

Masters in English · specializes in English & Philosophy · 41-50 years old male

"I'm a philosopher who also happens to be an English teacher. I love both subjects, and am excellent at teaching both.

Ethics, logic, reason, critical thinking, realism, objectivity. These, and more are the things I teach my philosophy students. If you wish to have the tools of the mind that help you to better understand reality, then I'm your man.

Before coming to China I was an more...

"I'm a philosopher who also happens to be an English teacher. I love both subjects, and am excellent at teaching both.

Ethics, logic, reason, critical thinking, realism, objectivity. These, and more are the things I teach my philosophy students. If you wish to have the tools of the mind that help you to better understand reality, then I'm your man.

Before coming to China I was an English teacher in America. That means that I’m a certified public school teacher in my home country. This is no small thing. Teaching in America is very different than teaching in China, and becoming certified as a school teacher in America takes not only a Masters Degree in the subject you’re teaching, but it also requires at least 1 year of working as an assistant teacher, and passing a great many tests. As I said, becoming a certified public school teacher in America is a little different than becoming a teacher in China.

I received my Masters Degree in English, and education. I didn’t study something other than English. No. I studied English, and how to teach it properly. I then became high school teacher in America where I taught for 10 years. I did not come to China for fun, or to teach so I could pay for a long vacation. Teaching is my career. I love what I do, and I take it very seriously.

Don’t settle for a someone who wasn’t a teacher before coming to China. Don’t hire someone who doesn’t have a degree in English. Don’t let someone teach you if they’re not a trained teacher. Don't pay good money to only learn oral English.

"What is Oral English?"

Oral English is when you and your teacher spend the entire class talking, and the only teaching they do is to occasionally correct mistakes you make. That isn’t teaching, that is just talking, and anyone can do that.

Oral English classes are not enough if you want to master the English language, and certainly not if you are paying someone money to "teach" you. An English teacher must also be able to teach grammar. That’s something most native English teachers in China can’t do effectively, as doing so requires a lot more education, and training on the subject than most of them have. In addition to this an English teacher must also be able to teach. Proper teaching requires proper training, and experience.

It’s because of this lack of ability that most Chinese consider the average native English teacher in China to be fake teachers. Sadly this is true. Most western English teachers living in China don't have the proper training, education, or experience required to teach English correctly.

Now I would like to ask you, the student an important question. Why would you want you, or your child to be taught by someone who isn’t qualified? Why would you want to hire a teacher whose only qualification is that they’re white, and happen to speak English? Don't you want someone who has benefited from the proper training, and has the experience required? Of course you do.

I teacher grammar. I also teach reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, and proper usage. I am also a published writer, and learning to write is a part of my class. As a professional writer I don’t just teach English, I also teach how to "write." This means that I can help you become a better “writer.” Writing well requires more than knowing how to use a specific language well. It’s a skill that, once learned can be applied to any language you may know. Even Chinese.

In addition to teaching writing skills I also offer subject based lessons. What is a subject based lesson? A subject based lesson is when I teach something about a subject like science, or art to a student. The purpose is to keep the student interested, while at the same time use the subject being taught as a way to teach English at the same time.

In addition to subject based lessons I also ,depending on the age of the student of course, will play games with them. Of course my games have a purpose, and are not a waste of time. No. I take a lesson I wish to teach, and can make it into a game, so as to keep things, fresh, fun, and interesting for the student. As a professional teacher I must use my imagination to keep the student interested, and engaged. You see it’s not enough to only teach. You must also make it fun. Otherwise students will lose interest after a time. Especially very young students. My lessons are always fun and interesting.

I also teach more specialized English lessons for people in the following situations.

People who wish to study abroad. People who need help preparing for a visa interview so they can travel to a foreign country. People who need to prepare for the TOEFL. Preparation for job interviews with English speaking companies, or for interviews with University or MBA programs. I have a great deal of experience in all these areas, and more.

Choosing a teacher for yourself or your child can be difficult. There are many choices out there. If you’re searching online for a native English teacher them I’m sure you’ve seen many attractive pictures of foreigners. Some were preobably dressed in suits, and ties. Most try to look as professional as possible, but what are they professionals in? I can tell you this. Most of them are not professional teachers, and don’t have a background, or an education in teaching

I’ve worked hard to make my lessons, and my style of teaching as simple as possible. The more complex something is the more things that can go wrong with it. I believe in the KISS principle, which means "KEEP IT simple stupid." I do my best to apply the “KISS” principle to all of my lessons.

No time is wasted in my classes. I make sure of this by testing my new students in 30 different areas of English. This is very important, since I can’t teach someone if I don’t know where to begin, or where their strengths and weaknesses are. Once I know what my student knows I’ll create lessons for them, and them alone.

Everyone is different, and we all learn in different ways. I pay attention to the different ways in which my students learn, and I teach them based upon those differences.

Private, one on one lessons should always be tailored to the individual. However, the majority of usually teach everyone the same way. Teaching students based on their own personal needs is a lot harder than using the same method for everyone. However, most native English teachers only know how to use one method. This is because they are not real teachers, and don’t know anything the many different teachings methods there are. They certainly don’t know how to design lessons custom tailored to the students needs.

Creating lessons that are personalized, and focus on the needs of the individual student is the most difficult form of teaching there is. It’s also the best way to teach anyone, regardless of what you’re teaching.

Don’t fooled by the many attractive pictures you see online of foreigners who are advertising their services as English teachers. Foreigners with blond hair, or blue eyes. Please, don’t be fascinated by these things. Them having an exotic appearance doesn’t make them qualified to teach you English.

A good English teacher is someone who has trained properly. A good teacher will be educated in teaching, and will have many years of experience in their profession.

I’ve been teaching English for most of my adult life. I love my job, and that love comes across to the students I teach. If you want a teacher who truly cares about their job, takes it seriously, and is a "real" professional in their field, then I’m the teacher for you.

Whether you wish to learn real, practical philosophy that's actually useful, and can help you improve all aspects of your life, or you want to improve your English I'm the teacher for you.

I promise you will not be disappointed in my work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.


Tom" less...


fee: $35 (for 60 min)
years of tutoring: 10 and more
students tutored: 100 and more
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meeting type: online (only)
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Education and Qualifications

school: Western Maryland College

Masters of English. 10 years working as an English High School teacher in America. 12 years working in China as a school teacher, and private tutor.

Essex, MD 21221

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
English Language Arts
General Ed
English as 2nd Language
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