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Dr. Rabail A.

MD degree · specializes in Medicine · 22-30 years old female

"I am Dr. Rabail Aslam working at RUSH Medical University Center.

I tutor for USMLEs step 1, 2 (CK & CS) & 3. I keenly help my students understand, learn and reproduce knowledge properly. I also help them plan and workout a study schedule.

I am available for tutoring online and in person in Chicago.

Please contact me especially if biostatistics is giving you a hard time. :)" 


fee: $30 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 1-3
students tutored: 50-100
travel distance: 20 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 5 years and 6 months
award: apple


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Chicago, IL 60657
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"Biostatistics is her strong subject. Her concepts are crystal clear."

God bless her! Her concepts are crystal clear!
Rabail is very knowledgeable and true that Biostatistics is her strong subject. Her style of teaching is what I always wanted. She has this wonderful ability to teach in a very simple way. She’s very passionate about teaching & makes sure that we understand the concept and only then move on. Her policy is to keep things simple so that you are never burdened by it. It’s rare that you get people who has the ability to fill up the dots and make you feel that medicine is fun to learn. And the best part is that she always keeps you motivated!!! I highly recommed her!!!

"Her Passion For Teaching Stood Out"

I highly recommend Rabail as a tutor for biostatistics and epidemiology. Rabail is well prepared and her command of the concepts is very effective. Her teaching strategies are easy to follow, and you will be able to replicate her concepts during your own study time. We worked together for 6 weeks and during that time her passion for teaching stood out. She was thoughtful and mindful of my weakness. I would encourage you to give Rabail the opportunity to assist you with your biostatistics and epidemiology concepts and applications.

"Everything Rabail Went Over Was On My Exam "

Rabail is a great tutor. She helped me with step 1 and step CS. For step 2 CS. Everything she went over was on my exam so I felt highly prepared for the exam. Practicing with her gave the confidence I needed. For step 1 she really explained topics that I was struggling with with such ease. Her way of explanation is simple and easy to understand. She will be patient with you until you get the concept and test you until you blindly get the answer. I would highly recommended her if preparing for USMLE. :)

"Highly recommend her. :)"

Charu is a wonderful tutor, and mentor! She will explain concepts until you can reproduce them in your own words, and will give you proper guidance at every step of the way! Definitely a tutor to keep you on track! Highly recommend her. :)

"A great tutor!"

She is a great tutor! Very nice and her concepts are spot on:) She makes a well planned out schedule and explains all the high yield topics.