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Rick V.

Bachelor in Business Administration · specializes in MS Office And Adobe CS6 · 36-40 years old male

"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique.

"Good teachers join self, subject, and students in the fabric of life because they teach from an integral and undivided self; they manifest in their own lives, and evoke in their students, a capacity for connectedness. They are able to weave a complex web of connections between themselves, their subjects, and their students, so that students can more...

"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique.

"Good teachers join self, subject, and students in the fabric of life because they teach from an integral and undivided self; they manifest in their own lives, and evoke in their students, a capacity for connectedness. They are able to weave a complex web of connections between themselves, their subjects, and their students, so that students can learn to weave a world for themselves."

–Parker J. Palmer, founder and Senior Partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal

It is in this weaving activity – where you as my student are empowered to learn and use what you learn; not only the 'how,' but also the 'why,' combined with the desire and willingness to act on that knowledge – it is here that I find the most joy.

As a seasoned professional in the fields of graphic design, training, and business management, I've taught classes ranging from coaching, negotiating, and time management, to the core of both of the well-known Adobe Creative and Microsoft Office suites.

I was a top-scoring trainer (both in-house and on-sight classes) for these applications: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. And I have years of real-world experience consulting, doing design and marketing projects for clients as an entrepreneur, as well as part of a team.

I'm driven by both the passion for learning and the shear joy of helping my students bridge their knowledge and skills to attain goals. Interestingly, my exposure to so many students and business settings over the years has given me great insight in to the various scenarios learners bring to a session. Whether it is overcoming personal obstacles with the software, maybe using Photoshop or Excel for the first time, or learning a best method to get particular tasks done effectively so that your workload seems significantly reduced– in either case, I respectfully meet you where you are at.

When it comes to one-on-one training or tutoring, instead of teaching from a book, I make it a point to learn what your expectations are and evaluate any special areas of interest or goals. If you have courseware you need help with, we'll do a thorough overview of the syllabus and any outlines to determine where best to focus our time. If on the other hand you have a work-related project, I make sure to focus on the tools and skill-building necessary for you to get started. When asked to do the work as a separate contract, which does happen in some cases, I make sure to keep the learning time separate for the sake of clarity.

Through a personal approach, keeping things fun and engaging, I regularly check in and make it a personal goal to ensure the web we weave between technical knowledge, skill-building, and tangible examples, is indeed strong enough to hold the material.

That being said it will forever be up to the a student to apply the knowledge as soon as possible in order to retain it. We are busy little people on this planet! And it's easy to get sidetracked and forget the most important step to the learning process– application!

That is why I engage each of my clients with questions about how they will go about applying what they have learned, and when necessary, assignments for practice." less...


fee: $65 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 5-10
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 20 miles
meeting type: either in-person or online
member for: 9 years and 9 months
award: apple
references: >>Gary Dunsworth, former Operations Manager at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. >>Karal Fesenmeier (formerly Karal Thompson), former Training Supervisor at New Horizons. >>Ralph Severino, current Training Supervisor at New Horizons. >>Connie Rooney, President and Training Director Kinetic Technology Solutions. >>Mary Davis, PCC CLIMB - Professional Development Executive.


email: on file
phone: on file

Education and Qualifications

school: Inter-American University of San Juan, Puerto Rico
certified: Rick Vazquez is a certified tutor

Business, Graphic Design, Training, Consulting, Professional and Office Settings with Groups, One-on-One in-home

Microsoft Office Suite.

Adobe Creative Suite.





Digital Lifestyle.



General Computer Management.

File Management.

Qualified Professional Trainer with 8 years classroom experience.

Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign.

In addition to my business degree, I have most of a second bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Portland. I have many years of design experience, freelance, in office environments and in consultative roles– assisting designers with workflows.

I first started using Adobe products for fun back in the late '90's, then as a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Portland in 2001 where I also tutored fellow students. There I truly came to know and love InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and … tutoring. :)

I taught the majority of the Creative Suite applications at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers for 2.5 years (June 2009 to December 2011), and since then to private clients, then again more recently at Kinetic Technology Solutions in Portland, OR (since April 2014), and beginning October 2014 at PCC CLIMB (mostly Microsoft Applications and business skills classes on the agenda thus far).

During my employment at New Horizons I also taught several business skills classes such as Negotating, Coaching, Time Management, Proposal Writing, and more.

There, too, I acquired an ACE in InDesign – Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign CS4, 2011.

I use the Microsoft Office Suite for business and daily life all the time, not to mention training. Same goes for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator – all used on a consistent basis not only as a trainer, but for freelance design work. I have worked for individual business startups, and larger organizations both as a production artist and workflow consultant.

Products I am most familiar with:





some Access.

The following applies to the Adobe Creative Suite from CS/CS2 to CC/Creative Cloud applications:




some Dreamweaver.

Be it MS Office Suite or the Adobe Creative Suite I am comfortable on both PC and Mac and have taught in the classroom and one-on-one on both systems.

I have a very strong knowledge of both PC and Mac operating systems, cell phones, tablets, etc., and I have the ability to help most anyone gain an understanding of how to use their devices comfortably. In this way I not only offer software skills training but Digital Lifestyle training.

File management.

Backup and maintenance.

Basic computer hardware and software performance upgrades.

File naming conventions.

How to work with email.

How to organize email and files.

How to move your entire email/persona/files from one account to another.

I can help with all these things and more on both PC and Mac.

I have a home office or can meet at a convenient location for you.

Portland, OR 97202

Subjects Tutored

Elementary & Junior High School
Computer BasicsHome Schooling
Study Skills
Business ManagementCommunication Skills
Interviewing SkillsNetworking
Presentation SkillsProject Management
Public SpeakingResume Writing
SpeechStart-up Business
Time ManagementTyping
Computer & Internet
Adobe IllustatorAdobe InDesign
AppleComputer Graphics
Desktop PublishingHTML
Macintosh-OSMicrosoft Excel
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft Windows
Microsoft WordPhotoshop
Word Processing
Digital Arts
Additional Subjects
Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Rating and Reviews

"Worked Well for our Needs"

We will meet in several weeks. Rick gave us lots of good preparatory information by phone. We are confident he will work well for our needs.