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Christian H.

Bachelor degree · specializes in SAT And PSAT Test Prep · 22-30 years old male

"After scoring a perfect 2400, I spent the next 4 years exclusively focused on SAT prep - tutoring it, teaching classes, and writing books on it - and now my team of tutors and I continue to dominate the SAT and make it more fun and comfortable than anyone else in Austin.

Our advice is free, so please e-mail or call us today for our expert input on your particular situation.

We specialize in taking the pain out of SAT prep and making it fun, enjoyable, and productive for you and your student.


Tutoring rates can vary seasonally and discounts may be available. Please contact us for more details!" 


fee: $75 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 3-5
students tutored: 50-100
travel distance: 0 miles
meeting type: in-person (not online)
member for: 9 years and 2 months
award: apple
references: Rates begin at $75/hr. Package-discount rates available. Books and practice tests included. Reserve spots ahead of time! *Sign up early - there is often a waitlist*


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Education and Qualifications

certified: Christian Heath is a certified tutor

Christian (the lead instructor) has received multiple perfect 2400s and taught hundreds of students in thousands of SAT-dedicated lessons. After his business grew exponentially based on word-of-mouth about his great tutoring, Christian began training additional instructors to help all our students. All tutors at Love the SAT! started among the highest-percentile scores and have incredibly great attitudes towards test prep, and all of us enjoy beating the test and sharing our wisdom with students at all levels! We know everything about the SAT and aren't afraid to say so. If you're contacting anyone else in Austin, you're making a mistake! Get in touch with us today!!

Austin, TX 78759
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Subjects Tutored

Test Prep
SAT MathSAT Reading
SAT Writing