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Dr. Femi A.

MD degree · specializes in Usmle, Path, Physio, · 31-35 years old male

gold Apple award gold apple - highest honor bestowed to best

"Hi Everybody! Am AJ, a Pathology Lecturer with over 5 years experience in preparing students for USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS. I have completed USMLE step 1 and Step 2 CK with competitive scores and USMLE step 2 CS with higher performance. Medicine and tutoring are my passion. I have studied the board over the years and I know how to best prepare students for these exams. I understand that we all learn at different pace but I have a unique way of tailoring my teaching to each student which help them to understand the material with ease without actively memorizing. I can also assist with drafting a study plan. Please feel free to contact me." 


fee: $30 (for 60 min, negotiable)
years of tutoring: 5-10
students tutored: 100 and more
travel distance: 30 miles
tutoring method: in-person and online
member for: 10 months
award: Gold apple


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Education and Qualifications

MD ECFMG Certified Associate Pathology Lecturer

Elysburg, PA 17824

Subjects Tutored

CardiologyCell Biology
MicrobiologyMolecular Biology
Neurology Neuroscience
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Rating and Reviews


I have been through a lot of tutors and I can honestly say Dr. Femi is an exceptional tutor. First thing I told him after my demo session was I wish I had met you along time ago, as I had wasted time and resources with other tutors. First aid is a very condensed material but Dr Femi goes through it thoroughly while making connections with other concepts covered in step 1. After completing a topic from first aid with Dr Femi, approaching uworld question on that topic becomes a breeze. Also I like that he is constantly quizzing his students on high yield points and as we all know repetition is key! I could go on and on about his tutoring, but I would like to add one more thing about him, which is that Dr. Femi is More concerned about his students success than the money, he understands each students need and pace and he is able to work with you, and if you are the type that get lazy and burnt out along the way, Dr. femi knows how to help his students strike the balance and keep them in track. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a good tutor. I totally enjoy his tutoring sessions.

"Very patient, Makes things easy to grasp."

Femi is great! My biggest concern was having enough time for a tutor given my very hectic work schedule but Femi was amazing about working with me to make it work!! Very patient and was able to help me connect different concepts together that I may have never connected by myself. Makes things easy to grasp so I can better work my way through practice questions, which means EVERYTHING for test day! Highly recommend!

"I am so grateful to learn from him!"

Dr. Femi is amazing!!!! He has so much patience for questions (silly or otherwise) and clearly explains any reasoning until he see's that his student understands what he is talking about! I contacted his references, before working with him and his previous students ALL had GLOWING references for him. He has really helped me to connect the dots regarding all of the content for STEP 1, so I have a clear picture of what is happening. He also incorporates his experience of STEP questions when we review, tying lots of concepts together (HIGH YIELD concepts), to help the student better answer what the question is really asking! I am so grateful to learn from him! I absolutely recommend his tutoring to anyone looking to understand medicine...and to anyone looking to improve their test taking abilities!!!!