The best ways to entertain your kids this summer

Hi, everyone! Meet a new series of posts about the best ways to entertain and educate your kids during summer break.

I think everyone who has experience with raising kids would agree it’s a tricky job entertaining your kids especially during summer month. When the school is over and they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

So, we come up with this set of fun and simple ways to make your kids happy and amused. Here is the first idea:


Set up a backyard camp.

Kids just love outdoor activities like picnics and ball games. If you have a family tent, you could set it up in your backyard. Invite your neighbors kids and those of friends. Grab some marshmallows, homemade treats and refreshments.

You can consider even sleeping outdoors: gaze at the stars, tell scary stories to the kids and if you can sing songs together.

Spend quality time with your family in your own backyard!

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