New Year`s Resolutions or How to Make Our Life Better

Have you already promised yourself to quit smoking, drink less alcohol, eat healthy food, go to gym or start schedule your time? New Year means a fresh start. New Year just came in our doors and you should not lose the time and use it with benefits. And New Year`s Resolutions will help you to organize yourself!

new year's resolutions or how to make life better 2016

New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself to change your bad habits and improve your life for better. Actually, this tradition has deep religious roots. Greek and Romans always began the year with promising to their gods to be more diligent and hard-working. In the Medieval Era knights usually gave the promise to be loyal to the king and keep chivalric debt of honor. Many Christians also made promises during the Christmas time and prayed to God.

Nowadays, the ritual of writing the New Year’s Resolutions is wild-spread all over the globe. Majority of people crave to change their life and believe in the force of New Year’s Resolutions.

Today, I want to give you some pieces of advice of how do it right and effective. I’ve created 5 magic rules to do your resolutions list more efficient and powerful.

5 great tips in achieving your New Year’s Resolutions:

1. The quantity of written goals should be sensible. It’s better to write less points, but be sure that you are able to implement all of them. Concentrate on most urgent and desirable things in your life.

2. Don’t exaggerate and be realistic. Listen to your heart and realize what you need right now. Don’t steal your friends’ ideas, but create your individual plan. Create attainable goals (not flying to space or marry a beautiful princess). Your targets should coincide with your long-term goals.

3. Share your goals with your nearest. Your family and friends should know about your dreams and desires. They will support you in your choice and will give you a wise advice in the right moment.

4. Make a plan of realizing your aims. Every little step to your desirable result should be considered. Your just-written goals will not work until you don’t work. So make sure that you take right direction and go to your goal despite all the obstacles! In addition, getting any little victory, you can encourage yourself; it will stimulate you to climb the top.

5. Use your imagination. Sometimes dreaming is really useful! Create visual bright pictures in your mind and imagine the result of your efforts. You will definitely get a fascinating influence and desire to work hard to catch your cherished dream!

Taking into account these tips, you, for sure, will gain your super goals! With your diligence and great aspiration you will get sweeping changes in your life. To become more motivated and get inspiration, we recommend our remarkable tutors, who are very professional and successful in their fields.

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3 Responses to New Year`s Resolutions or How to Make Our Life Better

  1. Dirk Wagner says:

    Thank you for spelling it out for me. I can really can use your tips as my New Years resolutions are a bit overwhelming to me.

  2. Irina says:

    New Years resolutions really stimulate us for better work!

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