Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

There are only a few more days left in 2017, and it’s about now that we begin to recall our last year’s resolutions and our failure to achieve them. So, what went wrong again?

Every one of us could come up with a number of explanations and excuses, but these can be actually boiled down to just a few points:

You don’t believe in yourself
A failure to act can cripple you before you leave the starting line. You have to believe in yourself. So what if you’ve failed a time or two? This year, you can try again!

Your time management skills are lacking
Managing your time effectively is not about crossing all the entries off your to-do list; it is about knowing what your priorities are and getting the right things done first. If you need some help find a life coach and work with him.

You have no social support
It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. The good news? You’re not alone! Post a status on Facebook asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. Social support can enhance quality of your life and provide a buffer against adverse life events.

You don’t monitor your progress
If you don’t track and monitor your progress in some way, how will you ever know whether you’re any closer to reaching your goal?

You are impulsive
If you want to change something about yourself or about your lifestyle don’t try to change whole thing, first pick one thing stick to it and change it.

Change is hard
We commit ourselves to changing something we really don’t want to change, or to do something we really don’t want to do. So if you’re having a hard time sticking to don’t be so hard on yourself — you’re better off making resolutions you can actually stick to, and recognizing that it’s not easy to change overnight.

Maya Kacharava

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May has graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She holds a master's degree in business administration. May worked as a teacher for MCCA for several years. She taught students management, marketing, statistics and other business-related subjects. In her free time May enjoys reading, traveling, sports, meeting people, midnight strolls... Always learning. This is May's Facebook profile
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2 Responses to Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

  1. Dan Onorato says:

    Oh, you’re so right, Maya, change is hard, we lack social support and are lack belief in ourselves.

  2. Maya Kacharava says:

    We need social support to turn to in times of need or crisis to give us a broader focus and positive self-image.

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