Importance of Early College Preparation

College preparation is extremely important to college success for students. Although many decisions are made during the senior year, it is best to begin the college process as early as high school freshman year.

Knowing this, it’s crucial for freshman students to complete these tasks before the end of the school year:

Answer the questions: How are you doing academically? How would you rate your current academic performance?

If you feel as if you are struggling, now is the time to get some help from a tutor and make sure you will be able to pass your tests.

If you are unprepared, you can fail an assignment or class, which leads to stress and hopelessness.

Get involved in a school activity. Being a member of the chess club, art club, sports, etc. is a great way to dive into your passions and interests outside the classroom. If you are having difficulty, talk to someone (teacher, tutor, or counsellor).

Make a plan for next year’s courses. Advanced classes should certainly be a part of this plan.

Choose an inspiring community service project such as collecting toys for a local shelter, planting a community garden etc.

Make some preliminary college visits. Wander around, explore the campuses, talk to students. Find out what you like and don’t like about the campuses. It’s never too early to visit colleges 😉

Maya Kacharava

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2 Responses to Importance of Early College Preparation

  1. Maya Kacharava says:

    College preparation is extremely important to college success for students.

  2. Dan Onorato says:

    If success in college determines the success in life then preparing for college is the linchpin for success in life.

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