First Year Anniversary Beach Party

First Year Anniversary Beach PartyTutorz Celebrates its First Year Anniversary with sun, food, and fun.

Port Hueneme, California, July 18th, 2007. Re-released March 9th, 2011. The first year anniversary was a momentous occasion for all Tutorz stakeholders. The Saturday event not only marked a milestone in the companies development it also gave employees an opportunity to socialize in a casual setting outside of the office.

The afternoon began with a wonderful presentation by Dirk Wagner, founder and CEO, that focused on site functionality and usage statistics. Mr. Wagner highlighted Tutorz’ success in saying: “In one short year Tutorz’ has become the largest tutor referral site on the web indexing well over 10,000 tutors nationwide.” In addition to the educational lecture, appetizers, prepared by Dhammika, Human Resources Director at Tutorz, were a tasty treat for the audience.

Shortly after the presentation everyone gathered for a group photo, squinting in the sun, most of the guests managed to keep their eyes open in what turned out to be a great photo, “thanks Tutorz Family.” Following the photo many guests enjoyed a walk on the Port Hueneme pier, which was full of fisherman that particular afternoon. A great fishing spot, everyone observed as fisherman baited hooks and dropped lines in hope of a meal for the evening. Lucky for the Tutorz Family their host had already caught our fish at the local grocer and was preparing a spectacular meal as they enjoyed the scenic stroll. Youth at the event had some fun as well and got a chance to show off their athletic abilities at the pier. Anthony, a middle school student in attendance, ripped up the surf on his sponge as others from the Tutorz Family watched and cheered him on.

No celebration could be complete without a wonderful feast to round out the evening. Everyone bellied up to the table after the walk to enjoy a delicious Barb-B-Que complete with salmon, chicken, corn, and other goodies. Leaving the event with a happy belly and a sense of greater accomplishment Saturday evening the Tutorz Family is excited and motivated for the future. Looking forward to another year of success, employees are focusing on changing the way people think about finding a good tutor in their area.

We would like to thank those who made this year such a success for Tutorz. Specifically we would like to extend our gratitude to: Natalya for her professional tutoring experience and knowledge, she was a inspiration in establishing Tutorz; Nick for professional hardware expertise and staging server setup contributions; Shahan, for his professional advice on domain name selection and additional advisory contributions; Namol’s “through the grapevine” feedback and support for logo (color) and front page design; Kristin’s professional writing expertise and contributions, creativity, and honest feedback, a former teacher, we are fortunate to have her on our team; Prianka, thanks for enduring the traffic on the 101 just to be there and support us, we think your parametric extraction algorithm would be a marvelous contribution to the site, “wouldn’t it?”; Ira and Chumlung for providing the Tutorz office with a gorgeous view, “it’s a great working environment”; Paul Ng, for his professional engineering advice and networking configuration expertise; Michael Probstel, for his professional business advise and expertise; Shirley for “owning the crawlers, they run like clockwork, thanks,” we are looking forward to another spectacular development in Shirley’s Email Manager; Sameer and Eric for their contribution to the business plan competition and hiTech Octane competition, “Eric we are still smiling whenever we watch your Oscar winning performance on the Tutorz commercial”; Dhammika for her professional Human Resources advice; and Bryan for his Marketing and Advertising consulting efforts and other contributions. We would also like to congratulate Michelle who recently started her own apparel business ( and thank her and Brian for attending.

Dhammika, Bryan and Ryan thanks for preparing the event, without your help it wouldn’t have been such a great success. Especially Dhammika for taking charge, planning, organizing, and preparing the Barb-B-Que, appetizers, and other delectables, thank you.

We would like to thank everyone again that came to celebrate, prepared, and played an active role in Tutorz’ First Year Anniversary and made it such a joyous occasion and we look forward to the Second Year Celebrations. We have many useful developments and programs in store for our tutors, students, parents as well friends and family.

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