Book Review – Tutor Quest by Edward E. Gordon

This is a review of the book “Tutor Quest: Finding Effective Education For Children & Adults” by Edward E. Gordon

I think that Gordan has done a great service to parents and students by providing this remarkably trusty handbook. With the tools provided in Tutor Quest, especially the tutoring-quality rating scale and consumer’s guide to tutoring services students and parents have a foundation to protect them from inadequate educational services. With the tools provided in this trusty handbook students and parents alike can take an educated approach to finding a tutor that fits their needs. Gordan your book deserves a four star approval. I would have liked to see a little more evaluation on the companies listed in your services index to see which ones you thought were the most accomplished and effective. Overall a great read and reference for those looking to find an effective tutor.

As most parents and students may already know, finding the right tutor isn’t always an easy task.

Tutor Quest by Edward E. Gordon addresses the dilemmas faced when attempting to find an effective tutor.

Gordon has been a professional tutor for most of his years, he is the founder of Imperial Tutoring, and a developer of the Individualized Instructional Program, through these experiences he has gained an educated approach to effective tutoring practices and knows how to find an effective tutor.

Tutor Quest provides the tools for educating yourself about tutoring, such as; why tutoring is so popular, types of tutors and practices, and when to use a professional tutor.

Why Tutoring is so popular?
With an extensive history dating back centuries, tutoring is one of the oldest educational methods. Tutoring has remained popular because of it’s success rate throughout history. With a downward trend in public school achievements many parents are looking for something in addition to learning in the classroom. Students who have trouble with group learning can usually find a solution with one-on-one tutoring.
Privatized firms are forming an interest in the tutoring market, firms can see room for improvements and profits by molding a traditionally non-profit organization (public schools) into a privatized profitable entity. With better funding privatized educational services have the capabilities to hire better staff, implement new techniques, and develop better learning environments.

Types of Tutoring Methods?
Gordon examines many types of tutoring methods in Tutor Quest, such as, online tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, group learning, the individualized instructional program, and others. Gordon’s Individualized Instructional program is a fantastic technique that targets each individual student and focuses on what methods will most effectively reach the learning goals outlined. In addition to different techniques in tutoring there are also a variety of tutors such as, private practice tutors, community and non-profit tutors, school-based volunteers, peer tutoring, clinical tutoring, and franchised tutoring or learning centers. Each is unique could match or miss a students needs, his outline of each help the reader learn more about each type of tutor.

When to use a Professional Tutor?
Some of the educational scenarios that tutors can focus effectively are underachievement, slow learning, learning disabilities, and test preparation. These areas are perfect for one-on-one individualized learning and achieve where group learning has failed.

Tutoring-quality Rating Scale and Consumer’s Guide to Tutoring Services
After a brief education on tutoring as a whole Gordon provides a useful tutoring-quality rating scale and consumer’s guide to tutoring services. These tools are both very effective in evaluating you choices and making the right decision when looking for a good tutor.

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