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In its October 12 issue, SmartMoney magazine features in its article “Behind America’s Tutor Boom – How a cottage industry became a $100-an-hour juggernaut.” by Missy Sullivan. We at are thrilled to be recognized by SmartMoney as one of the tutoring companies that shape the American education industry.

Specifically, Sulllivan says about “…leading site…, a California start-up, offer(s) an eBay-like marketplace where tens of thousands of tutors are treated as independent contractors;”. She goes on by saying “ CEO Dirk Wagner says his company used to call references for each tutor who wanted to list on the site but that the method isn’t cost-effective; now the firm monitors early e-mail interactions between tutors and students for keywords that indicate trustworthiness and professionalism, using algorithms to score the tutors accordingly. ‘We find our statistical methods are almost as good as manual screening,’ says Wagner.”

If the details interest you read the full article onĀ Americas Tutor Boom.

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