Selecting a Musical Instrument for a Child

Passion for playing musical instruments is widely spread among children now. There are lots of television competitions, such as American Idol, X Factor, America’s Got Talent, that offer everybody to win a recording contract, valuable prize or to become extremely popular within several minutes just by presenting talents for singing, dancing, playing violin, guitar or any other instrument. There are also numerous TV shows and movies about popular music bands. All newspapers and glossy magazines bristle with stories about luxury life of pop idols. Of course all these stimulate children’s interest in music. That is why many parents are looking for opportunities to realize the creative powers of their kids.

By means of needed equipment it is easier to cope with vocal or choreographic abilities as it requires just to find a dancing or a vocal school or an individual tutor. However, if a child craves for becoming a famous musician it is necessary to choose and purchase a musical instrument for a start. Parents should take this question most seriously as the wrong choice may wreck all dreams of a young artist.

The good news is that there is no need to buy a very expensive instrument for a child. Almost all producers of a music equipment have special lines of instruments for beginners at a affordable price. Some of them also offer reduced variants of instruments for kids. Medium-priced instruments are made of less expensive materials but it does not mean their low-quality. The most popular instruments are guitars and keyboards.

There are three main kinds of guitars – electric, acoustic and bass. The beginners may start with the basic level guitars by Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Gibson or G&L. After a pupil mastered the basic skills and obtained some experience as a guitarist he may need a more advanced instrument. The prices of that kind of guitars start from $1,500. These instruments are made of high-quality materials and accessories, have better sound and more sophisticated design and can be used for big stage performances and studio records.

For those who prefer keyboard there is a wonderful universal instrument – an arranger keyboard. The arranger keyboards have an electronic teaching system and they are equipped with state-of-the-art effects, may serve as a songwriting station and intuitively easy-to-use. These keyboard will entertain a child and can implant a strong interest in music. But for a serious mastering of an fortepiano skills a piano is needed. Digital piano does not take much space and it weights only about 20 kg that allows to keep it in a wardrobe and transport without problems. Besides, it is possible to adjust the level of volume and to connect headphones that makes music lessons silent and comfortable for the people around. The most famous producers of the keyboards and digital pianos are Yamaha, Casio and Korg.

No matter what musical instrument the future musician prefers, digital piano or acoustic guitar, this choice is purely individual. Take a child into a music store and let him select an instrument that can bring him real inspiration. Music may become an exciting hobby or a mission in life. Anyway a junior will get a lot of benefits from this occupation, new interests, new friends, development of an art potential. When the choice is done you need to find a tutor who will guide the rising music star on the way. offers a wide choice of tutors offering the music lessons – piano, keyboard, guitar, violine, trombone, drums, flute, saxophone, tuba or any other musical instrument.

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