8 Tips to Get Your Kids to Cooperate

If you have kids at home, bickering tends to happen. Of course each parent, kid, and family is different. But I think each of us sometimes feels that we are stuck in a cycle of yelling because our kids are going to drive us crazy by arguing all the time.parenting-tutoring

To avoid this you need to teach your kids to cooperate with you and each other. But how to get them to cooperate without nagging or shouting.

Here are some effective tips for better cooperation:

– First and the most difficult is – Be an example. As with other skills, kids are constantly watching and learning from us. So, make sure that you are actively showing them how to cooperate with other people.

– Engage your kids in conversation and allow them to make simple decisions. For instance, during grocery shopping let them choose what cereal to buy.

– Explain your reasons for limits and requests.

– Do chores together starting at an early age.

– Praise their efforts. It will make them feel appreciated and valued.

– Point out the advantages of cooperating. “Look how fast we washed the car with you. Now we can play”.

– Keep your kids occupied by asking for their help.

– Change the atmosphere and end the debate with redirection and distraction.

Be very patient. It’s important to rememberĀ that learning to cooperate, like learning the any skill is a process that takes time. And what works for one, may or may not work for another. So, experiment, use different approaches to develop your own parenting style. If you need some help ourĀ Nannies and Tutors are here for you.

Maya Kacharava

About Maya Kacharava

May has graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She holds a master's degree in business administration. May worked as a teacher for MCCA for several years. She taught students management, marketing, statistics and other business-related subjects. In her free time May enjoys reading, traveling, sports, meeting people, midnight strolls... Always learning. This is May's Facebook profile
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3 Responses to 8 Tips to Get Your Kids to Cooperate

  1. Irina says:

    Praise children’s efforts is the best advice. People around always need to hear somebody’s approval.

  2. Dirk Wagner says:

    In a nutshell: Be an example, allow them to make simple decisions, explain your reasons for limits, do chores together, praise their efforts.

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