Math Tutor in Niles, IL

Meet our new Tutor Dilara A. She lives in Niles, IL and specializes in Elementary Math, Algebra, Calculus, ADD-ADHD, Geometry, Turkish, Test Prep: ACT Math, GMAT, SAT Math.


Dilara is a certified math teacher with K-12 math endorsement. Her academic background includes a Master of Science in Mathematics Education, and Bachelors of Science in Mathematics.

Dilara has 12 years teaching experience with 6-12 grade students in the classroom and have also tutored students from 1st Grade-adult. Also she taught to the student of exceptional learners who have learning disability, ADD and ADHD.

Dilara has a way of making math learning fun and enjoyable. She has funny stories for hard formulas. Dilara does free consultation at the first lesson. She assigns homework after every lesson, and provides periodic assessments. After lesson, Dilara asks for feed back, and never charges for a lesson if student or parent is not completely satisfy her tutoring.

To ensure that students have a quiet and comfortable study place in which to work with Dilara, she prefer to meet at library. However, she is open to travel to another location if that is more convenient for students.

Dilara and other Tutors at are here to help you become successful!

Maya Kacharava

About Maya Kacharava

May has graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She holds a master's degree in business administration. May worked as a teacher for MCCA for several years. She taught students management, marketing, statistics and other business-related subjects. In her free time May enjoys reading, traveling, sports, meeting people, midnight strolls... Always learning. This is May's Facebook profile
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  1. Irina says:

    Dilara teaches Math, prepares students for ACT, SAT and GMAT and speaks Turkish!

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