Accounting/Statistics tutor in Snellville, GA

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Ben H. He lives in Snellville, GA and specializes in accounting, statistics, business administration, business management, communication skills, financial markets, FINRA series 6, investing, management skills, marketing.

Ben is good at relating new topics to things students already understand. To date, he has taught over 110 students (roughly 60% Undergraduate, 30% Graduate, 5% High School, 5% Career) with appx 80% online & 20% in-person.

For many, studying accounting has become a very rewarding career decision. But certain aspects of accounting can be complex. So why not hire a tutor who would  help you learn the subjects and concentrate on improving your weak points.

Don’t wait! Contact us if you want to understand and retain the difficult concepts that you’ll need for exams or homework assignments.

Maya Kacharava

About Maya Kacharava

May has graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She holds a master's degree in business administration. May worked as a teacher for MCCA for several years. She taught students management, marketing, statistics and other business-related subjects. In her free time May enjoys reading, traveling, sports, meeting people, midnight strolls... Always learning. This is May's Facebook profile
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