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Port Hueneme, California, May 3rd, 2018 –¬†TutorZ LLC, a leading nation-wide tutoring market place, announced today the Apple Awards for its most distinguished tutors. Only those tutors who distinguished themselves through professionalism, creditable knowledge and a motivating teaching style are recognized with an Apple Award.

The term “Apple Award” connects TutorZ with a tradition in the teaching field. In Europe and the colonial United States students would put apples on their teacher’s desk as a form of payment or recognition. Piggybacking on this idea TutorZ has created 3 ‚Äčtypes of Apple Awards: the Green, Red and Gold Apple.

The first type – the Green Apple award is given to those tutors who have created and activated a complete profile, and responded quickly and professionally to their student request. Out of the 40,000+ TutorZ tutors only 474 tutors carry the Green Apple Award.

Listing our awards by increased value – the Red Apple award comes next. If a tutor has been consistently buying or declining your tutoring jobs, communicating effectively with students and have been hired by students or their parents on numerous occasions then take home the Red Apple award. At the time of writing, there are 109 Red Apple awarded tutors.

Finally, the Gold Apple award is bestowed upon only the most distinguished tutors. As of May 3rd, 2018, TutorZ has only 12 such decorated tutors.

“The Apple Awards have become possible through our new signal-based ranking algorithm” says Dirk Wagner, founder of TutorZ LLC. “This algorithm employs 28 signals to carefully assess a tutor’s behavior. Quick and professional responses to a student’s request along with positive feedback from the student will make a a tutor rise in our ranks.”

For more information about ranking and awards check out our page Ranking and Apple Awards.

About TutorZ operates a marketplace for students and parents to find qualified private and online tutors. Since its inception in 2006 TutorZ has successfully matched 250,000 students with its over 40,000 tutors nationwide.

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