Common Questions About Online Tutoring

TutorZ often gets a lot of question about online tutoring. Today, Alina decided to answer some of them.

Q: How old should be a child to start lessons with a tutor online?

A: It depends on a child. But I would recommend no earlier than 6-7 grade.

Q: What to do if the Skype does not work (the computer microphone is broken, etc.)?
A: To repair. There are no other options. Well, if you can’t do it, use in-person tutoring. For example, it is easy to find tutors on the website TutorZ by selecting the appropriate parameters (online or in-person tutoring, subject, place).

Q: How to pay for the services?
A: To meet in person or use electronic money or any online bank system.

Q: What is the duration of classes?
A: Duration of training is determined individually. Here we must note that studying at the computer is more tiring for some people.

Q: What is the cost of classes?
A: Depends on the tutor’s skills. WARNING! If a tutor is willing to work for a small fee (or Vice versa – the fee is very big), it is in no way related to his qualification. Here you need to carefully choose with whom to work.

Q: Where to find a tutor for online tutoring?
A:To find a tutor use, one of the best tutoring platforms.

Hope, I answered all of your questions, if you have any other – feel free to ask anything about tutoring in-person and online in comments!

Alina Donika

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Alina Donika is studying languages and literature at the Black Sea State University. Especially she enjoys Latin and German. In her free time Alina likes to read science fiction and travel books. Also she really enjoys playing piano and guitar - her favorite music band is "Panic!At The Disco". Now at TutorZ she is helping customers and writes blog articles. Follow Alina on facebook, pinterest and Google+.
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  1. Dirk Wagner says:

    Another frequently asked question is: what subjects easy to tutor online? The answer is: The easiest subjects are programming and computer subjects such as python, C++, React, AngularJS, Photoshop, Ableton, etc.

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