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Alina Donika is studying languages and literature at the Black Sea State University. Especially she enjoys Latin and German. In her free time Alina likes to read science fiction and travel books. Also she really enjoys playing piano and guitar - her favorite music band is "Panic!At The Disco". Now at TutorZ she is helping customers and writes blog articles. Follow Alina on facebook, pinterest and Google+.

77 Easy and Short Studying Tips

1. Clean the room/house, make some notes and other stuff while you have time for this, do not spend it using social networks. 2. Use fineliners, markers, and color pens, whatever you prefer. 3. If you use the “The Pomodoro Technique”, change … Continue reading

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Common Questions About Online Tutoring

TutorZ often gets a lot of question about online tutoring. Today, Alina decided to answer some of them. Q: How old should be a child to start lessons with a tutor online?

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Learning in the 21st Century: Are we heading towards the right direction?

Since the Internet was created and developed over the decades, the education has never been the same. Students have changed, educators have changed, learning itself has changed. Today, there are so many ways to study anything you want! And you … Continue reading

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7 Signs of Highly Effective Tutors

Spotting an effective tutor is not as simple as it may seem. Fortunately, there are seven tell-tale signs of such highly effective tutors: 1. Subject Mastery 2. Teaching Experience 3. Preparation of Each Lesson 4. Use of High-Quality Material 5. … Continue reading

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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing If You Want to Be a Successful tutor

Some mistakes are small and insignificant; others can cost us a lot. Simply avoid these common mistakes in order to be a successful tutor. No one is protected from mistakes. Even famous people are not perfect too. But in some … Continue reading

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4 Surprising Differences Between a Teacher and a Tutor

The profession of the tutor is the closest to the profession of a teacher. Both a teacher and a tutor are training their students, generously giving them their knowledge, skills, and education. However, these related professions have some important differences.

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4 Powerful Psychological Effects that Change Student`s Behavior

How to get “behind the scenes” of the brain? How to decrease the level of stress while studying? How our instincts influence our decisions? Next four facts will tell you secrets of the functioning of the human brain. Use them … Continue reading

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10 Habits of Happy and Successful Students

Happiness is not as unattainable phenomenon, as we often think. It can be quite simple to become a happy and successful person even if you are a stressed student with many deadlines. Here are 10 habits of happy and successful … Continue reading

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3 Best Horror Movies that I Suggest you to Watch this Halloween

We all know Halloween classics that we watch every year. We’ve watched old universal monsters, like “Dracula” and “Frankenstein”. We are tired of the 80`s slashers like “Freddy Kruger” and “Jason from Friday the 13”. In addition, your younger sister … Continue reading

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Is It Good to Be a Tutor?

Dear tutors, do you like your work? Students, how do you think, is it easy, interesting, good to be a tutor? Let`s talk about it! Usually people think that tutoring is just a way to earn money, a source of … Continue reading

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