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Nap After You Learn Something!

It’s fairly well-known that quality sleep can help your brain “file” the information that you’ve absorbed during the day. Sleep is the powered-down time that gives the brain a chance to

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7 Signs of Highly Effective Tutors

Spotting an effective tutor is not as simple as it may seem. Fortunately, there are seven tell-tale signs of such highly effective tutors: 1. Subject Mastery 2. Teaching Experience 3. Preparation of Each Lesson 4. Use of High-Quality Material 5. … Continue reading

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5 Most Effective Techniques for Learning Without Memorizing

Learning is a perplexed and consequential process. If you are involved in many various activities, your brain generates peculiar details of given information. We therefore can state that your capacity is sophisticated with accumulation of knowledge. When you are trying … Continue reading

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A Child Learning to Walk Falls a Thousand Times

“As a child learning to walk falls a thousand times before she can stand, and after that falls again and again until at last she can walk, so are we as little children before God.” An inspirational message by a … Continue reading

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