Dr. Ivana Kawikova Calls Job Discovery Feature Magical

Gold Apple tutor Dr. Ivana Kawikova of New Haven, Connecticut calls TutorZ’ new Job Discovery feature magical!

Dr. Ivana Kawikova wrote in response to TutorZ’ new Job Discovery feature the following email: 

Hi Dirk

Thank you for the magic touch on “Discover jobs”! Things are now good and I am receiving jobs. 🙂

Kind regards, Ivana

Dr. Ivana is MD-PhD physician-scientist with interdisciplinary background in pediatrics, pharmacology, immunology and neuroscience. She tutors primarily USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK, Step 2 CS and Step 3 at TutorZ. Ivana has received TutorZ’ highest honor — the Gold Apple Award

Dirk Wagner

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