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Technology has made its presence felt in almost all sectors of society. In the education sector, it has paved the way for the growth in online tutoring. It has paved the way for individualized instruction to students at a more affordable cost. However, for online tutoring to be effective, there are different tools and applications that tutors must use. With that in mind, here are some online tutoring tools that your agency or firm can use to facilitate online tutoring sessions.

White Boards

Interactive whiteboards is a necessity for online tutoring. It can make teaching much easier for online tutors. Whiteboard technology has improved day by day paving the way for more powerful and sophisticated whiteboards. The latest technology is touch whiteboards, which allows the capture and sharing of basic video, animation, and still images. Top agencies often relies on Whiteboards as an imperative tool to collaborate with students online. One such agency is SmileTutor, the #1 tuition agencies in Singapore.


Skype is being used by an online tutor to provide instructions to students. Tutors can connect to other students via instant messages, audio conferencing, and two-way video. Over the years, the number of students who use Skype has increased. This is a testament to the voice clarity and powerful features of the tool. It can also be used for sharing videos and other files.


YouTube is another important tool that is being used by online tutors. The video-sharing platform can be used to share educational resources with current students and future prospects. A well-constructed YouTube video can be an effective aid for tutors and students in teaching and learning complex subjects. Some online tutoring agencies even create their own YouTube channel and upload videos recorded by in-house subject matter experts. One such agency is Home Tuition Malaysia.

Google Docs

Google Docs can be used by online tutors for sharing lesson plans in real time. Most online tutors use this collaborative tool for creating content and editing text at the same time right in their browsers. Google Docs can be used for writing reports, creating combined write-ups, monitoring meeting notes, and others.


Zoom is one of the most powerful tools that can be used by online tutors. It is loaded with a lot of powerful features that can make the teaching-learning process more conducive. Here are some of the features that Zoom has for online tutoring:

1. Group Lessons. Zoom offers a free and paid plan for group lessons for up to 50 participants. The free plan, however, is limited to 40 minutes per meeting. The paid plan, on the other hand, offers unlimited meeting duration for group and individual lessons.

2. Screen Sharing. Although Skype also offers screen sharing, Zoom allows the tutor to annotate what’s on their screen.

3. Whiteboard. If you prefer a whiteboard than slides or a document, Zoom also has whiteboard functionality. You can even use the share screen feature so students can see the whiteboard. You can draw, add text, or do anything else that you would normally do on a whiteboard in real time.

4. Recording. Another advantage of Zoom over Skype is that you can record everything you see and hear when you are on a call. At the end of the class, the recording will be automatically saved on your PC or laptop. You can share it with your students from them to review later.

Zoom + Google Slides. Combining Zoom with Google Slides gives you total control of your online lesson. The Zoom + Google Slides functionality does not require any coding experience on the part of the teacher. It allows up to 6 integrations.

North american company, Tony Maths, uses zoom for its online tutoring lessons.


Animoto is an online tutoring tool that allows tutors to flawlessly make videos that would complement their lecture.  It has different featured video styles that can be modified into your own preferences. With Animoto, you can also add appropriate music clips, images, videos, and text for sharing with your students.


Jing offers an easy way to capture what you see on your computer screen. You can edit the screenshot and have it shared with your students. Aside from images, you can also use Jing to record actions on your computer monitor and create a fully narrated tutorial with explanations for your students.


This is another kind of whiteboard tool that online tutors can use for tutoring their students. It provides a blank “wall” that you can use whichever way you want. It is a simple but effective way of sharing anything with your students. Students can also use Padlet for building their own walls so they can monitor their progress on different projects and assignments.


iDroo is a popular online learning tool for math tutors. It has an online educational whiteboard that you can integrate with Skype. The tool can be used for organizing collaborative meetings and sessions with several participants. Tutors can draw and write their ideas or insert complex and simple mathematical equations. When used properly and creatively, it can turn your sessions into a great virtual classroom.

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