Reasons for the Popularity of Online Tutoring

Though the education system produces many great young talents, it is undeniable that the system is highly demanding and it’s all about producing a generation of “21st century competencies”. Unfortunately, many students find this to be stressful and because of this competitive nature and restrictive space, education is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be. The bitter truth is that children are compelled to bite off more than they can chew. The kind of education provided is of high quality but the pace and the rigour are too challenging for students in general. Above all this, the academically weaker students may feel like they are lagging behind and a feeling of helplessness will start shrouding them. 

Many students seek external help as what is being done in schools seems insufficient; this is probably one of the predominant reasons for the boom in the tuition industry. Tuition teachers in general work tirelessly to guide students in as many ways as possible because they are aware of how education system is evolving and how the corporate landscape is making a huge transition rapidly.

To be more specific, online tuition is gaining popularity and significance over the past five years or so, now that everyone owes digital devices and can access internet easily at any time of the day. 

There are a few reasons why online tuition has gained popularity and it is an option that many students are looking towards in order to improve their grades. 


The traditional way of learning as we all know is sitting in a classroom among forty other students and this has become somewhat boring and it is the usual. Students long for more interesting ways of learning and this is what will spark their interest and keep them motivated. 

There is often a lack of a conducive environment for interesting and engaging lessons inn general and hence it’s probably the reason why many students underperform; which is not a justification for their capacity and capability. Online learning is certainly much different from that of traditional classroom learning where there is no teacher who is physically present to teach. This encourages independent learning as well and hence it is something that many parents seem to prefer. 


Books teach us a lot but when it comes to the online platform, there is easy accessibility and lots of time gets saved since information can be retrieved from the internet very quickly. Outside of class, students watch videos and other online materials which give detailed explanations of abstract concepts which is something like how a teacher would explain during a lecture or a tutor during tuition sessions.

With online tuition, tutors on the other end can share lots of online resources related to the topic or concept being taught and this is much more convenient and effective as compared to printing and distributing physical copies. Online quizzes and tests are great ways in which online tutors can gauge student’s understanding as well. 


There’s a lot to learn and one can never be done with learning. The online learning space creates the opportunity to explore and identify what one’s strengths and weaknesses and learning gaps. One should gain knowledge in different ways and not just by underlining keywords in lecture notes or by blindly completing assessment books or mock papers without truly understanding what the concepts are all about or what questions demand from candidates. The online platform is a good opportunity to widen one’s horizon and take a look beyond textbooks. 


Teaching a large group of students, as compared to tutoring one child is at either ends of the spectrum. Tutoring one student requires the tutor to study, analyse and comprehend the student’s learning pace, learning capacity, and the areas of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, etc. All this analysation then translates into a more customised teaching which will help the student to excel easily. 

Every student is unique in his or her own way; some students grasp concepts quickly while others lag behind and require extra coaching and visual representations for them to comprehend those same concepts. Through online tuition, tutors can teach accordingly to fulfill their student’s unique learning needs. 


This can be done from the comfort of one’s own home and this is one of the key reasons why online tuition has gained in prominence. Students are always on a tight schedule running from one commitment to another and there is a lot of travelling time that goes to waste and it causes students to lack rest and sleep. By opting for online tuition, a lot of time and energy can be saved, and the best part it is that most students regard online tuition as equally as effective as private tuition or group tuition. 


This method teaching has numerous benefits, especially so, since it is beneficial because it adapts to the changing times. Technology is growing in prominence every day and its crucial for the education system to evolve and adapt.

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