5 Most Complicated Subjects at College Today: The Latest Investigation Results

Have you ever thought about how people determine the level of complexity of the assignment, project, or subject? 

First of all, they rely on their skills. Thus, for some students, Math is way too complicated because they are more talented in Linguistic Studies or Philosophy. For others, Creative Writing or History is much more difficult than Physics or Biology. 

As educational technologies progress, studying even the most complex concepts and notions gets easier. Students can use devices equipped with VR, AR, and AI to adjust the learning environment to their needs. 

Yet, the criteria diversifying complicated and rather simple subjects can be called subjective. Still, the latest investigation results allow making some conclusions regarding what subjects are classified as the most difficult by the majority of students.

Perceptions of subject difficulty affect student subject, major, and specialization choices. Let’s discuss the findings in brief:


All subjects related to Engineering majors are generally considered as the most complicated ones. Graduates having a degree in Engineering are most likely to find well-paid jobs. Moreover, they will be working with cutting-edge technologies. However, to achieve all these aims, students need to work hard throughout their studies.

As a very broad subject, Engineering requires knowledge of programming, math, and other disciplines. Most of them are also believed to be difficult. 

Moreover, Engineering classes also require students’ competence in Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics, Computers, and other fields.


Physics also seems to many as a difficult subject because of its comprehensive nature. This area of study tries to answer questions about phenomena that seem to be beyond people’s imagination even now. 

By doing this, physics start technological revolutions that improve living conditions and bring comfort to people’s lives.

After gaining a degree in Physics, former students are guaranteed to find jobs at reputable R&D companies, higher education institutions, military complexes, and other top scientific organizations. There, they can make discoveries and solve complicated problems for the common benefit.


Chemistry is also considered to be one of the most difficult college majors. It requires studying lots of elements as well as their characteristics and reactions with one another. 

At the same time, it is one of the most popular subject choices among students since it promises successful career opportunities. Learners will easily find a place in Pharmaceutical, Medical, Engineering, and many other industries. The role of chemical specialists and engineers in Healthcare, Construction, Clothing, and other fields is immense.

If it was not for Chemistry, people would not get the newest medications to treat the most difficult diseases. We would even fail to make our houses clean. Chemistry is everywhere, from your wardrobe to your car, and the opportunities of its application only continue to grow.

Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the most promising fields now. Indeed, further technological development and growth rely on computers. Specialists with in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software, as well as those who are good at programming, are in high demand in the global labor market. 

Studying Computer Science is difficult because different projects and assignments will take most of your time. These four years will be very tough. Still, these efforts will definitely pay off once you find a job because the future depends on computer specialists. 

Further development in Medicine, Education, Science, and other fields is only possible if computers advance.

Health-Related Subjects

Becoming a doctor is not an easy task. Studying in Med school means learning tons of information every day as the failure to do that can negatively reflect on patients’ health in the future. 

If you choose health-related majors, be prepared to study Physics, Chemistry, Medical Engineering, and Computer Science to the extent that is needed to meet the healthcare needs of your patients.

Being a doctor also means huge responsibility and accountability for every action you make. Since school, future doctors are trained to resist stress and act ethically because they work with people, not machines.

Final Words

Getting a degree is always difficult. Students are continuously under pressure because they are supposed to complete several complicated assignments per day while learning some difficult concepts at lectures and attending seminars.

However, when it comes to Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Health-related majors, the pressure is even higher. 

Studying them requires great desire and dedication, as well as a wish to make a difference. It also means commitment to spend every minute of your time learning. This way, in the future, you will be able to come up with life-changing discoveries that will improve people’s way of living. 

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