3 Reasons for Studying MCAT Yourself is Better Than Registering For a Course

Did you ever feel like the top-rated MCAT courses online was a complete hoax? Do you believe your MCAT teachers were not quite good help? If yes, you must know a few things before enrolling in academic institutions for such courses. You need to understand, every summer, millions of medical students from across the globe enroll in different places for the MCAT course. The shocking thing to note about this situation is, such students are worse off as compared to those who decide to study on their own.
So whether you have plans to sit for the MCAT test again or appear in the exam for the first time, we will help you in the best possible way. If you want to self-study and prepare for this test at home, we’re glad to have you here. We believe preparing for the MCAT test at home is the best choice you will make. Here are a few strong reasons for it:

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1. Costs Less
Let’s forget everything here and talk about money. Don’t forget, the MCAT test is expensive and costs over $230. When you add the extra charges and hidden expenses, the total figure can reach up to $500. A lot of people say it’s just a little price to become a doctor. However, if you have the same amount of money in your hand, you could have done several things with it. If you are still not convinced, take a look at the Princeton’s and the Kaplan’s courses where the staggering figures fall between $1500 to $2000. Sometimes this price can be as high as $8000, giving second thoughts about being a doctor. Furthermore, as you enter an institution, they will give you costly books and resources. Contrary to this, if you decide to study at home, not only will it cut several costs but will also enable you to spend your savings elsewhere for a better reason.

2. Tailored Curriculum
Just like you wear a dress according to your body, studying MCAT at home, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a big relief from stress. The moment you know, you aren’t being controlled by any management is anyways a privilege at home. For instance, if you are weaker in a few subjects, you can prepare for them beforehand instead of putting them for the last shots. In fact, students can devote 80% of their time to the subjects they’re weak in. However, if you’re preparing through an institution, you will have to adhere to their rules and regulations. Sometimes, the worst results come out of such centers when students are given tailor-made solutions to their problems. Keep in mind, MCAT is not an easy test, so you need to be mindful enough when choosing your preparation path.

3. Best Results
The bottom line is, you will get good results by preparing at home. Create a study plan for yourself instead of giving the responsibility to the other party. This way, you will have complete control over how you’re preparing and the time it takes to be ready. You can choose the resources you believe will be best for you. Furthermore, you can also set a time table for studying different subjects. Secondly, because MCAT entails a lot of hard work and effort, you need to eat well and take frequent breaks. No academic institution will allow you to apply the 20 minutes rule and take a walk in the park. However, when you’re studying your home, the planning is your own.

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