How to Stop Being Lazy and Procrastinating?

How to do something today without putting it off for tomorrow? How to stop sharpening pencils and start doing something useful already? How to collect your will into a fist, lift yourself off the couch and go to the gym? We know the answers to all these questions and are ready to give you the top tips.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Do you know the feeling when something needs to be done right now, but you don’t have the strength to complete the task? But the longer the project is put off, the worse it will be done or not done at all. The case hanging over us makes us worry and nervous, but in the interests of our fleeting desires, we procrastinate to feel good here and now. This is the reason for procrastination.

Putting aside some things for the future, we inspire ourselves with the idea that the task will be better done (or we will be more ready to carry it out) sometime later. But it turns out that tomorrow seems to be much more today than we think. Studies show that people are not given an affective prediction at all. This means that even we ourselves cannot predict our tomorrow’s mood. Reflections on the first step towards achieving the goal is a powerful force, you just need to use it correctly.

As soon as we started the assignment, our attitude towards it changes dramatically for the better. The case no longer seems the way we saw it at the beginning – tense, complex, and unpleasant. Try to think about how you last put off something for weeks. When you finally got down to work and finished it earlier than you thought – was it amazing when you dealt very quickly with what you put off so long? 

When work has begun, you change your mind about yourself. Why? Taking on something, not even finishing the job to the end, you take a big step forward, and even, perhaps, you feel a certain impulse inside. You became more confident, learned to control the situation, and due to this, perhaps, there have been steady changes in your approach to tasks, projects, and deadlines.

Pay attention to the steps you can take to get down to business that has been delayed for weeks or seemed too complicated. As you read these lines, try to think about a specific task that you would like to start as soon as possible.

Step One: Change Your Mind About Yourself

It is easier for each person to take the habit of putting off all things for later and continue to follow it. Instead, try changing your mind about yourself. Begin to consider yourself a person who takes up the task and performs it.

Remember a couple of points from the recent past, when you did not put things off for later. Was it healthy to feel helpful and complete the plan with minimal concern? An easy way to stop putting things off is to create the following template in your head: “I am a person who brings things to the end. I take up the task and do not expect that everything in my life will happen by itself. “If necessary, say this phrase out loud (you should probably wait until no one is around).

Step Two: Inspire Yourself that You Are not Facing Such a Difficult Task

Does a huge task await you? It is worth thinking about it and saying: “I am not going to do this task. I am going to complete only a small part of it. ” And let this small part be so tiny and trivial that all this seems ridiculous. Try, for example, to say: “I’m not going to go to the gym, I just put on my tracksuit.” Then put on this costume. Thus, by cunning, you will force yourself to take small steps that will help you achieve your main goal. It turns out that work on the deferred task will begin even before you realize it.

Or here’s another thought. Come up with a big task that you are NOT going to do. Then consider the tiny step you can take right now to get things moving. For example: “I will not write this work. But I will write the final sentence right now. ” Or: “I will not finish my expense report. But now I’ll spend two minutes brainstorming to remember my last big expenses and their causes. ” Make a promise to you to do a larger task later and now complete only a small part of it.

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