Top 7 Useful Tips for Essay Writing


Writing an essay can be more challenging than it looks in this technology-driven world. This is why it can be a lot intimidating for people these days. However, if you are looking to counter problems like these, below are seven useful tips for catering essay writing needs.

Choose a topic

The first and foremost thing to do before initiating your essay is to select the topic on which you desire to write. It may be possible that you already have been assigned a topic to write on, which can be more challenging than choosing your own. This is because when you decide to write on the topic of your liking, you write it with full dedication as you have your heart in it. Although, if you are imposed a topic to write on, you do that work with hesitation as you do not have your will in it. It is human nature that nobody likes to bossed around by someone and that they work optimally in their terms and conditions. The perks of choosing one’s topic do not end here. If the essay subject is of your own choice, you probably would have selected it for a reason. For instance, you might have already mapped out the ideas you will include in your essay. Maybe you already know the internet websites to visit in helping the specific topic you choose for the essay. For example, there are several paper writing websites all over the web to help your essay achieve perfection. After choosing your topic or not, emphasis upon what kind of essay is required. There are four different types of essay:

  • (1) A narrative
  • (2) A convincing
  • (3) An explanatory
  • (4) An expressive

Stressing upon the type of essay is of great significance as it will not deviate you from what kind of writing tone you have to use as all these require different. Remember, you have to be very subtle in choosing your topic because if the topic is not of your interest, it will be tough to write on it fluently.


One of the leading essay writing rules is to prepare an outline to guide you through the essay. An outline is an informal method of organizing your ideas. Constructing an outline can be very beneficial if you want to prepare a top-notch essay. Please take a moment and think about it yourself. For instance, you have a college essay to complete with a deadline of ten hours hovering over you. What do you do? You decide to take a piece of blank paper and start to write your essay without a plan. This would be a total failure because an essay without a plan is doom to fail inevitably. The time of ten hours is sufficient for preparing your essay. Don’t rush and start slowly by first drafting your plan, which would be your outline. The outline can be written or drawn roughly in the form of a diagram. If you prefer listing down your ideas instead of drawing a diagram, write the main topic of your essay on the top of the page. This would help you remain aligned with the requirements of the essay’s topic.


How to write an essay? A question frequently asked by peers. I often reply to them with the answer to constructing a thesis statement. Many people usually do not agree with the fact that writing a thesis statement comes under the category of useful essay writing tips. A statement comprising of the thesis gives the reader the central idea of your essay. When constructing a thesis, split it into two parts. The first should include the headline of your essay, and the second part should comprise of the points you are going to express in the essay. Try to write a remarkable thesis. You can do this by stating such points which would support your ideas in the essay.

Main body

The body of your essay is of great essence. This is why when you get to this point of the essay, try being more careful than before. The function of the essay’s body is of great significance as it is used for entirely preparing the idea of your essay’s argument which you wrote in the outline. Every paragraph in the essay supports a single essential fact in the development of the entire argument. The top fact shall be written in great detail so that the evidence could be backed up in your thesis.  Remember that each paragraph of your essay shall contain identical body shape. The next thing in line is to write your thoughts while staying under the required sentence structure. Keeping in mind all these things can be a little exhausting for newbies in essay writing. This is why sites like CustomEssayOrder provide a lot of custom essays.

Initiating introductory part

How to write an effective essay? A question that has many different answers, but if you ask me my opinion would be to write a bomb introduction. After you are done with the foundations of your essay, proceed towards starting it by writing an eye-catchy introduction. First impressions are the last. You need to prepare this part in such a manner that the reader stays engaged with the rest of your essay. Start the essay by dialogue, a personal story or even a quote. Just make sure that the reader does not get bored and not even bothers to read the whole paper.


A conclusion must contain three to four concrete sentences. Make sure that these sentences sum up the overall idea of your essay. Before you start writing your ending, go through your main ideas written in the essay. This way, it will make your conclusion work easier.

Final touch

Now your essay is complete. You sit back while feeling confident about your work that it has achieved perfection. You are mistaken.  Remember, there is always room for more improvement. Recheck your essay several times before submitting it to your teacher. If you find omissions, make amends to it. Please review the instructions of the essay, because every one of them has different requirements. Then, in the end, proceed with the submission process.


What matters at the end of the day in writing essays is your practice. Who knows, maybe next time you do not get to choose your topic of the essay. So it is better to practice often as it is known that it makes a man perfect.

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