Life coaching as a career: Why should you choose it?

Few careers allow a person to uplift others. Life coaching is one of such careers where a person can help others reach their potential. A life coach helps individuals in

  • (1) assessing their lives,
  • (2) determining their goals,
  • (3) understanding what motivated them,
  • (4) and helping them improve relationships.

Hence, a life coach plays an instrumental role in improving your life and helping you make the most of it.

What does a life coach do?

Like a psychologist or therapist, a life coach meets with clients individually. They help a person reach their personal and professional goals by developing skills. Few essential skills that every person should develop are communication, leadership, networking, and confidence. You can learn these skills with the help of a life coach as well. Every client has different goals. Some may seek help for achieving short-term goals, while others may seek help for long-term ones.

In addition to this, a life coach conducts a personality assessment to guide a client better. A personality assessment helps in determining the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and align their goals accordingly. Likewise, a life coach aids a client in understanding their thoughts and emotions so that they are in a better position to achieve their goals. A life coach helps a client build their future through efforts in the present time.

Life coach training and education

You require training and education to become a life coach. Although a person with a high school diploma can become a life coach, many clients prefer if a life coach has a bachelors’ degree. It is especially true for companies that hire life coaches for career development. For this, a bachelor’s degree in business, psychology, and other disciplines is appropriate.

Several institutions, including The Life Coaching College, offer training for people who aim to become life coaches. Hence, you can take additional courses from reputable institutions to earn a certificate and diploma. Not only does it provide necessary training, but it can also help propel your career as well.

There are various certificates associated with a life coach. The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers various certificates for life coaches. ICF is an internationally recognized organization that provides certificates for life coaches. You need to pass assessments to obtain these certificates. Moreover, you need to complete a particular number of coaching hours to be eligible for these certificates.

Life coach vs. therapist

A life coach is different from a therapist because the former focuses on offering advice to help build a future. On the other hand, a therapist provides insights into the past of a person. They help the client come to terms with their past life. It focuses on introspection and allows them to make amends.


Since a life coach deals with people, they must have great interpersonal skills. They must be people’s person and should have great empathy. These qualities can help you become a life coach.

A life coaching career is a fulfilling career for a lot of people. There are many ways to help your people and community, and this career is one of them.

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