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Bio and list of books: Pamela Kvilekval: Introduction Pamela Kvilekval’s background includes: Ten years as Special Education Administrator for the Andover Public Schools where she was responsible for all Special Education Programs: The Evaluation Teams; Learning Disabilities; Emotionally Disturbed and Behaviorally Disordered; Mentally Retarded; Physically Handicapped; Speech and Language Development; Psychological Services; Physically Handicapped and Health Services. Prior to that she supervised the Learning Disabilities teachers for the Newton Public Schools, Newton, Massachusetts and later Program Head for the Andover Public Schools. She has taught extensively for Universities and conducted many in-service programs for teachers in the Public School systems in the New England Area. She spent several years in Italy as a teacher and supervisor in International Schools and two years in Micronesia as a teacher and Title I Project Director in the Marshall Islands. She is now an independent consultant and Director of Special Education Services: a diagnostic and treatment center that provides a variety of special education services to the Rome International Community. In addition she serves as Adjunct Graduate Faculty and Rome Coordinator for Framingham State College (Massachusetts). She has served on the board of directors for the Italian Dyslexia Association (Associazione Italiana Dislessia) and co-directs their summer intensive training program for Italian dyslexic youths. She is the author of: A Program for Specific Language Disabilities. A training program and materials for the remediation of dyslexia. 1994 A PANLEXIA Program. Formerly known as, “The Andover Program for Learning Disablities”. Il Metodo Panlexia: La Rieducazione della Dislessia. PANLEXIA is an teacher training manual with complete diagnostic-prescriptive materials for teaching the Italian dyslexic to read, write , and spell.. This book is accompanied by a set of humorous linguistically structured story books by Nelly Meloni. Both books are Published by Edizione Scientifiche, Ma.Gi.1998 Rome, Italy Lo Screening per l’età Prescolare- Il PSS. With permission from the publishers and the assistance of highly respected Italian experts, she has developed, with Letizia Sabbadini, the Italian version of: The Preschool Screening Test, by Peter and Marian Hainsworth , published by ANICIA, 2002, Rome. Italy Um Programa para Dificuldades Específicas de Linguagem: O Método Panlexia A complete training manual and diagnostic-prescriptive teaching materials for teaching the Brazilian or Portuguese dyslexic. Curitiba, Brazil 2004 Insegnare l’inglese ai bambini dislessici:Un metodo sicuro per tutti (Teaching English to Dyslexic Children. Libriliberi 2007 Firenze, Italy DISLESSIA (The dyslexia professional journal of Italy) A regular contributor to this journal since its inception in 2004, three publications each year, writing the International News section with editorial comments. Written with other members of the Comitato Nazionale Scuola of the Associazione Italiana Dislessia- AID La dislessia raccontata agli insegnanti Libriliberi 2002 Firenze, Italy La dislessia raccontata agli insegnanti- 2 Prima elementare: prove d’ingresso e proposte di lavoro Libriliberi 2003 Firenze, Italy

Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

What is a learning disability? Learning Disability is not a specific term; it is a category containing many specificdisabilities, all of which cause learning to be difficult. The following definition of “learning disability” is used for legislative, financial, and educational … Continue reading

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