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About Veronika Izvekova

Veronika Izvekova studied languages at the National University of Donetsk, Ukraine. She is very fond of languages; her favorites are: English, German and Russian. She also knows Ukrainian and Chinese. One day Veronika wants to travel to China, India and the Caribbean. Her position at TutorZ is in customer service and marketing.

Basics of Sailing CEO Dirk Wagner teaches the basics of sailing in this 2 video series. Video 1: Preparing a boat for sailing Readying a boat is easy. It includes basic tasks such as taking off sail cover and straps from the … Continue reading

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Spanish for Traveling Series

Spanish is the most popular foreign language learned by native American speakers. With the beginning of the 21st century, the learning of Spanish as a second language has grown significantly. Since that time Spanish has superseded French in becoming the … Continue reading

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Newsletter August 2012 is a nationwide network of tutors. We match students and parents with the best tutors for their specific needs. Summer school at meant to improve the safety and security of our customer’s information. TutorZ has deployed SSL certificates … Continue reading

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