The 50 Biggest Tutoring Cities in the U.S. researched its database to determine the biggest tutoring cities in the United States. To accomplish this objective we compare the population of the top 50 U.S. cities with the number of requests for personal tutoring — for all subjects ranging from math, over English to essay writing. Information about personal tutor requests originates from Tutorz’ database and is bound by the years 2007 and 2010. The ranking of U.S. cities by population is based on a Wikipedia publication.

The table below ranks the top 10 U.S. cities by the number of requests for private tutors and compares it with the city’s rank by population.

City Rank by Tutoring Referrals City Rank by Population
New York, NY 1 1
Houston, TX 2 4
Los Angeles, CA 3 2
Chicago, IL 4 3
Indianapolis, IN 5 12
Atlanta, GA 6 40
Dallas, TX 7 9
Brooklyn, NY 8
Miami, FL 9 44
San Jose, CA 10 10

Not surprisingly New York is number one by tutoring requests and population. referred in New York City alone 371 private tutors to students seeking help with homework. New York is also the most populated city in the U.S. with 8.4 million citizens approximately. Also noteworthy, education is one of New York’s bigger industries facilitated by notable private universities such as Columbia University, New York University, and Pace University.

Rank 2nd, 3rd and 4th is held by Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL and Houston, TX. For these 3 cities, the tutoring rank agrees approximately with the population rank. These cities are the home of renowned universities including University of California at Los Angeles, University of Chicago and Rice University Houston).

At rank 5 we have the first big surprise: Indianapolis, IN is ranked 5 by tutoring while only the 12th largest city. This result might be explained with the number of fine universities in Indianapolis (incl. Purdue University, University of Indianapolis, and Butler University). Another attempt to explain this result is to theorize that the citizens of Indianapolis place higher value on education or have recognized the substantial benefits of tutoring. Lastly, we admit that the Tutorz’ data is biased towards areas of higher marketing activity, although no special emphasis was place to Indianapolis in past marketing campaigns.

The next surprise is Atlanta, GA being ranked 6th by tutoring. With a population of about 420,000 Atlanta scores place 40 in Wikipedia. Perhaps the Georgia State University or Clark Atlanta University has helped to boost Atlanta’s rank. But without a doubt Tutorz partner website, — a local tutoring company — has helped to let Atlanta fly high in ranks.

On place 7 we record another Texas city — Dallas, TX. The rank of Dallas agrees roughly with its rank by population (9th).

Brooklyn, NY is ranked 8th. Technically Brooklyn is a part of New York City and thus not featured in Wikipedia’s rank by population. But nice parents and students prefer to look for tutors in Brooklyn rather than New York we list it here separately. Note, if Brooklyn were a city it would be the home of more than 2 million people.

Miami, FL holds rank 9 by tutoring but is according to Wikipedia only the 44th largest U.S. city. This surprising result can be theorized with the same arguments as for Indianapolis, IN.

And finally, San Jose, CA maintains rank 10 in both the Tutorz database and Wikipedia publication.

Is your city not among the top 10? Look at the table below. It ranks the top 50 U.S. cities by the number of requests for private tutors and compares it with the city’s rank by population.

City Rank by Tutoring Referrals City Rank by Population
New York, NY 1 1
Houston, TX 2 4
Los Angeles, CA 3 2
Chicago, IL 4 3
Indianapolis, IN 5 12
Atlanta, GA 6 40
Dallas, TX 7 9
Brooklyn, NY 8
Miami, FL 9 44
San Jose, CA 10 10
Kansas City, MO 11 37
Baltimore, MD 12 21
Phoenix, AZ 13 6
Boston, MA 14 22
Sacramento, CA 15 35
Denver, CO 16 26
Philadelphia, PA 17 5
Austin, TX 18 14
Irvine, CA 19 96
Anaheim, CA 20 54
San Diego, CA 21 8
Alexandria, VA 22 177
Northridge, CA 23
Milwaukee, WI 24 28
Washington, DC 25 24
Cincinnati, OH 26 62
Fremont, CA 28 95
Encino, CA 29
Baton Rouge, LA 30 85
Cleveland, OH 31 45
Minneapolis, MN 32 48
Memphis, TN 33 20
Las Vegas, NV 34 30
Seattle, WA 35 23
Gainesville, FL 36 202
Nashville, TN 37 25
Orlando, FL 38 79
Albany, NY 39
Oxnard, CA 40 113
Tampa, FL 41 55
Detroit, MI 42 18
San Antonio, TX 43 7
Portland, OR 44 29
Fort Lauderdale, FL 45 141
Tucson, AZ 46 33
Charlotte, NC 47 17
Fort Worth, TX 48 16
Salt Lake City, UT 49 49
New Haven, CT 50 189

Overall the rank by tutoring agrees overall with the rank by population. There are a few exceptions, however.

The cities of Irvine, CA and Northridge CA are both ranked substantially higher by tutoring than by population. They hold in common that the founders of have studied at both universities and created some awareness about the Tutorz in the local population. At UC Irvine was the winner of the HiTech Octane Computing Competition and at CSUN (Northridge) Prof. Dye of the Math department became a supporter of the website.

Oxnard, CA ranked 113 by population let’s eye brows rise by being ranked 40 by tutoring. After all, Oxnard is mostly an agricultural community on a plane in California’s Ventura County. Yet again, this aberration in rank can be easily explained by the fact that is headquartered in the nearby (small) town of Port Hueneme, CA.

Finally, Cleveland, OH is ranked 14 places higher by tutoring than by population. Tutorz has targeted Cleveland, OH as one of its keywords in the SEO campaign. As we can see these efforts have paid off.

In summary, a city’s number of requests for private tutors correlates with its population size. A number of cities rank notably higher by tutoring (Indianapolis, Miami) and we are hard-pressed to provide a reasonable explanation for aberration. Other exceptional cities (Oxnard, Irvine, Northridge) rank higher due to Tutorz’ personal relationship with these locations.

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  1. Dan Onorato says:

    In order to make your results statistically more relevant it would be desirable to list the total number of tutor referrals for each city and compare its percentage from the total referrals with a city’s percentage of the total U.S. population. And if you really what to be precise prepare significance test for some of your hypotheses.

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