Math Tutor in Seattle, WA

Meet our new Tutor Mr. Steven X. He lives in Seattle, WA and specializes in Computer Basics, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Science, Test Prep: ACT Math, GRE, PSAT, SAT.


Steven has designed complex spacecraft systems and rocket engines throughout his early aerospace career. He is able to use this expertise to tackle even the toughest of mathematics and physics problems.

Steven has an passion and commitment to helping others learn about math and science. He wants to distill his personal knowledge and experience down to his students. His strategy for teaching is to break down the problem into smaller steps and explain the process behind why it is needed.

Steven supplements with drawings and diagrams as required. He follows up with the student by asking questions about what they have learned. If that does not work, he explains the problem in a different point of view or approach the problem with a different solution.

Steven and other Tutors at would be glad to work with you to bring back the joy in learning challenging subjects.

Maya Kacharava

About Maya Kacharava

May has graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She holds a master's degree in business administration. May worked as a teacher for MCCA for several years. She taught students management, marketing, statistics and other business-related subjects. In her free time May enjoys reading, traveling, sports, meeting people, midnight strolls... Always learning. This is May's Facebook profile
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