Georgia`s Black Families Replace Schools With Tutors

Georgia’s black families now gravitate to tutoring and homeschooling. This fact is surprising because in the 1960, they fought a hard battle to gain access to the public school system. Today, this hard-won victory appears to be in vain as more and more black families leaving public schools and turn towards tutoring and homeschooling.


One of these parents is Nikita Bush, former public school teacher, now homeschooling mom. She explains:

“Despite the promises of the civil rights movement, ‘people are starting to realize that public education in America was designed for the masses of poor, and its intent has been to trap poor people into being workers and servants. If you don’t want that for your children, then you look for something else,’ she says.”

This sentiment is statistically supported by a poll conducted by the Leadership Conference Education Fund which concluded: “Nine-out-of-ten African Americans and 84 percent of Latinos disagree that students today work hard enough and instead believe that students should be challenged more to help ensure they are successful later in life.”

In another study the reading, math and language scores of black home-schooled and tutored students in Georgia was compared with back public schooled students. In all three categories students who received tutoring at home outperformed their counterparts by a large margin.

Why are black students in the state of Georgia so successful?

Cheryl Fields-Smith, a professor of education at the University of Georgia, knows the reason: Georgia has less bad regulations. Fields-Smith explains, “While most states prohibit homeschooling parents from tutoring anybody except their own children, Georgia has no such restriction. That has given rise to co-ops, where, in essence, groups of parents serve as rotating tutors, based on their own skill sets, talents, and fortes.”

It is surprising how this relatively small piece legislative easement can give rise to better educated black students. Moreover, Georgia’s excellent tutors support this positive fact, many of whom now work on TutorZ.

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  1. Dan Onorato says:

    Good news from Georgia: “While most states prohibit homeschooling parents from tutoring anybody except their own children, Georgia has no such restriction.”

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