Toscars ~ Awards For The Best Tutors

It is Oscar night at TutorZ – around here we prefer to say – Toscar night. Come again?

A Toscar is a compound word which we made up by connecting the first letter of our company name T (for TutorZ) with the famous annual Academy Awards celebration in Hollywood – Oscar. Yes, you guessed Toscar is a bit of a joke. After all TutorZ does not award talent for entertainment. Instead TutorZ rewards talent and dedication in education. Therefore, the TutorZ CEO Dirk Wagner coined the term “Apple awards” for being more appropriate in tutoring industry and in congruence with the tradition of the teaching history. This is because, the apple has been a traditional children’s gift for a teacher. In Europe and in the colonial United States students would put apples on their teacher’s desk as a form of payment or recognition.

At TutorZ we put apples on the profile page of our tutors as an award​​. Only our best tutors who distinguished themselves for serving our student and parent clientele with professionalism, creditable knowledge the subjects taught and adjusting their teaching style to the student’s needs will be recognized with the Apple award.

​Mr. Wagner created 3 ​types of Apple awards: the Green, Red and Gold Apple.

green apple awardThe first award – the Green Apple award is given to those tutors who have created and activated a complete profile, and responded quickly and professionally to their tutoring jobs. Out of our 40,000+ tutors only 474 tutors carry the Green Apple award.

red apple awardListing our awards by increased value – the Red Apple award comes next. These tutors have been consistently buying or declining your tutoring jobs, communicating effectively with students and have been hired by students or their parents on numerous occasions. Currently, there are 109 Red Apple awarded tutors.

gold apple awardFinally, the Gold Apple award is bestowed upon only the most distinguished tutors. As of today, TutorZ has only 12 such decorated tutors.

“The Apple Awards have been made possible through our signal-based ranking algorithm” says Dirk. “It employs 28 signals to carefully assess a tutor’s behavior. If a tutor responds quickly to a student request, communicates professionally and receives positive feedback from the student she will go up in rank. And one more thing: Ranking and deploying signals is not just possible at Google – chuckle.”

For more information about ranking and awards check out our page Ranking and Apple Awards.

We wish our Apple awarded tutor an entertaining night and thank them for their distinguished tutoring service.

Dirk Wagner

About Dirk Wagner

Dirk Wagner is owner of Tutorz LLC. He holds a M.S. degree in computer science and has 8 years of experience as software engineer and researcher. Dirk has tutored math and computer science to dozens of students in Southern California. You can find him on Google+, youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr, quora and pinterest.
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  1. Maya Kacharava says:

    Only the best tutors can get this award!

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