TutorZ Purchased Tutorz.Online For Its Domain Name Portfolio

You’re familiar with our tutorz.com domain name. But did you know that you can use TutorZ from a whole range of other domain names, including tutorz.co, tutorz.org and tutorz.us? In fact, TutorZ LLC owns a whole portfolio of 13 domain names which all redirect to our primary site – https://www.tutorz.com

Here is the entire TutorZ domain name portfolio:

tutorz.com (primary domain)

On May the 25, 2018 Dirk Wagner purchased tutorz.online. This domain name has a special purpose. Instead of forwarding to https://www.tutorz.com it will forward to an landing page for online tutoring searches within the primary domain. Because tutorz.online is short and contains the word “online” it provides added SEO value for online tutoring search.

Note, the country domain names tutorz.org.uk and tutorz.de, that is United Kingdom and Germany respectively.  Given the fact we own these 2 countries domain names, the UK and German would be good starts for our internationalization plans.

Also, note that the TutorZ domain name portfolio contains the three seasteading domain names – seastead7.com, seastead7.org, seasteadseven.com.

While not being related to tutoring these domain names show our interest in seasteading – the concept of living and working on the sea outside the realm of harmful jurisdictions. Who knows, one day TutorZ may operate on a seastead!

Dirk Wagner

About Dirk Wagner

Dirk Wagner is owner of Tutorz LLC. He holds a M.S. degree in computer science and has 8 years of experience as software engineer and researcher. Dirk has tutored math and computer science to dozens of students in Southern California. You can find him on Google+, youtube, facebook, twitter, tumblr, quora and pinterest.
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  1. Dan Onorato says:

    My favorite new domain name is http://www.tutorz.online :))

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