How to Have Fun with your Kids without Spending Money

Today, I’m here to tell you that you can have fun time without spending money.

Have you ever been in situation with your kids during break time when your kids were telling you that everybody else was going away for the holiday. This can be a real problem over the summer break. Especially if you don’t have enough money to travel.  Continue reading

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Can’t Find The Right In-Person Tutor?

Being not able to find the right in-person tutor is a common problem, especially for those living in rural areas.  In smaller towns there are only a few tutors available. And even if you’re lucky enough to live in a great metropolis, you might be out of luck if you need professional tutoring help in a highly specialized field, such as differential equations, business cycle theory, NBME or crypto currencies.

Behold, solutions present itself. In short, we can characterize these solutions as technological innovations which we will discuss in this article:

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Do You Need a Tutor for Your Teenager?

Do you want bright future of your child? Here we are going to discuss an amazing opportunity for your children to have it. When students are confused in their studies and family schedules are too saturated, then a need for a Tutor is arisen.

If you believe that your child can score extra marks while studying at home with your guidance, then hiring an expert Tutor is best option for you to adopt. Here we will discuss the benefits of tutoring process in detail. Why has this practice become so popular nowadays?

Let’s start from understanding your needs. Continue reading

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How To Get More Students Visiting Your TutorZ Profile

Many tutors ask how to get more students visiting their TutorZ profile. This is a very good question which we love to answer. Moreover, it is January — the best month to tackle to this type of strategic task.

To most tutors is well understood that the more students visit their profile the higher their chances of receiving a new tutoring request.

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Thank Our Tutors For Great Lessons in 2018

We’d like to thank our tutors for all the great lessons they have conducted in 2018, thank you to all students in search for help who have contacted TutorZ and all the reviews and comments we received in 2018.

Going into 2019, let’s make more of the good work together!

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Merry Christmas To All Tutors, Students and Parents

Ho ho ho, a merry Christmas to all tutors, students and parents in the world! The TutorZ team wishes you a delightful 2018 Christmas holiday —  a wonderful time with your loved ones and a good rest from all the learning. May this Christmas be a time for making new great memories with your family and friends.

The TutorZ Team

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Winter Solstice Math Puzzle

Today, December 21, is not only the shortest day of the year — Winter Solstice — but also Crossword Puzzle Day.

As a twist I have a cross-math puzzle consisting of numbers, penguins, balloons, bows and minions.

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Professional And Made Me Feel Comfortable

Today, December 13th, 2018, Rola F., a USMLE step 3 student of our tutor Dr. Kyle V. wrote the following wonderful lines to Dirk Wagner:

“Dear Dirk,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am really impressed with your professionalism when you email me Dr. Kyle’s contact information.

I really felt comfortable when you give me his contact information before asking me for my credit card.

He got back to me and we will talk tomorrow to discuss my step 3 study further.

Thank you and much appreciated



Rola is now being tutored by Dr. Kyle V. – Doctor of Medicine, Certified ECFMG, Lead author: KISS Biochemistry

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Common Questions About Online Tutoring

TutorZ often gets a lot of question about online tutoring. Today, Alina decided to answer some of them.

Q: How old should be a child to start lessons with a tutor online?

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Leadership Qualities in Child Raising

TutorZ’ ambassador Andrey Van Wassenhove discusses leadership qualities in child raising:

Raising a child is very valuable and it varies according to the circumstances and the child’s personality.

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